Netflix Review: ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ Season 1

Netflix's Godzilla Singular Point is the latest animated reimagining of the classic Kaiju franchise, and doesn't make a turbulent splash into viewers’ homes like the shoreward migration of Toho's Godzilla to cinemas in 1954. The legendary behemoth's cartoon relatives have never proven buoyant. As readily apparent in the first episode of Godzilla Singular Point, the story is far too adrift, and the pacing is stagnant. Godzilla Singular Point commences in the city of Nigashio. The year is 2030 and paranormal disturbances are coming from inside a mansion that overlooks the city’s cape tunnel. Do-it-all Otaki Factory dispatches its two most diligent workers, Yun Arikawa (Johnny Yong Bosch) and Haberu Katō (Stephen Fu), to investi
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