Category: 2017 Music Reviews

Album Review: WHIMM ‘A Stare Ajar’

“This is a trio dwelling on the sharp, atonal edge of post-punk”

Album Review: Melkbelly ‘Nothing Valley’

“Melkbelly is hard to pin down; their songs flaunt a flagrant disregard for what many would consider indie rock or punk or post-punk.”

Album Review: O.R.B. ‘Naturality’

“The first two songs on ‘Naturality’ prove O.R.B.’s members have clearly got the chops to do something different with their doom-inspired template.”

Album Review: Wand ‘Plum’

“Perhaps ‘Plum’ represents the incarnation of what Wand fans didn’t know they were looking for until they heard it.”

Ty Segall Goes Acoustic at Toronto’s Night Owl Festival

“As Segall’s self-assurance increased, so did his funny banter.”

Album Review: Frankie Rose ‘Cage Tropical’

“The transformation of 1980s synth pop from a frequently mocked fad into a respectable modern genre has been glorious to behold.”

Album Review: Male Gaze ‘Miss Taken’

“Anyone who claims that most new music is terrible probably isn’t trying hard enough.”

Album Review: Dead Heavens ‘Whatever Witch You Are’

“It’s less macho than stoner rock, but more elegant than garage punk.”

Album Review: INVSN ‘The Beautiful Stories’

“INVSN may not make the music that flawed people deserve, but it’s definitely the music that we all need right now.”

Album Review: Animal Youth ‘Animal’

“There are few things more frustrating to a music critic than wanting desperately to love an album but never quite getting there.”

EP Review: Ultrviolence ‘Forty Knives’

“Throughout ‘Forty Knives,’ Jespersen’s voice betrays his emotions and listening to him sing often feels like sneaking peeks at his diary.”

Album Review: Jen Gloeckner ‘VINE’

“Even though Gloeckner recorded ‘VINE’ in her Dubuque, Iowa bedroom, there is nothing bare bones or lo-fi about it; her passion for her art is obvious and impressive.”

Album Review: CFM ‘Dichotomy Desaturated’

“Based on the music from ‘Dichotomy Desaturated,’ I’d say he’s destined for greatness.”

Album Review: Blood and Glass ‘Punk Shadows’

“While ‘Punk Shadows’ may not evoke the well-worn clichés of mohawks and safety pins, it does offer listeners a bracing dose of originality in the form of nine wildly eclectic tunes.”

Playlist Review: Drake ‘More Life’

“By taking the pressure off himself, Drake has freed himself up to produce his most spry, self-assured work yet.”

Album Review: The Shins ‘Heartworms’

“Even if Mercer never ends up creating his ‘Pet Sounds,’ he seems to be settling nicely into his ‘Sunflower’ years.”

Album Review: Sleaford Mods ‘English Tapas’

“They are the band Britain needs at this moment in time.”

Album Review: Temples ‘Volcano’

“‘Volcano’ is overflowing with lyrics that are evocative and often alluringly nonsensical.”

Album Review: Ryan Adams ‘Prisoner’

“The songs on ‘Prisoner’ seem shackled to the chains of (unrequited) love.”

‘Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood’: Some Thoughts from a Mark Kozelek Fan

“Kozelek is present, combative and always original. He forces you to listen to his music on its own terms.”