Category: 2017 Interviews

2017 Vague Visages Interviews

The Ideology of Kinko’s: A Conversation with ‘Lady Bird’ Cinematographer Sam Levy

Devika Girish Interviews Sam Levy

‘Tormenting the Hen’ Director Theodore Collatos on the Use and Misuse of Language

Tanner Tafelski Interviews Theodore Collatos

Devious Dialogues: An Interview with ‘Darkest Hours’ Author Mike Thorn

‘Darkest Hours,’ Genre and Writing: A.M. Stanley Interviews Mike Thorn

Cinema of Secrets: An Interview with Philippe Garrel

Julia Yepes Interviews Director Philippe Garrel

Interview with Eleanor Coppola, Director of ‘Paris Can Wait’

Interview by Marshall Shaffer

‘Take Me’: Director-Actor Pat Healy and Editor Brian Scofield on Comedic Kinks and Cinematic Hijinks

Interview by Demi Kampakis

Coffee and Cinephilia: A Conversation with Richard Peña

Alejandra Rosenberg Interviews Richard Peña

Coffee and Cinephilia: A Conversation with J. Hoberman

Alejandra Rosenberg Interviews J. Hoberman