Category: 2022 Horror Reviews

White Noise Review - 2022 Noah Baumbach Netflix Movie Film

Conspicuous Consumption: Noah Baumbach Takes on ‘White Noise’

“Admirers of Baumbach will smile at the ways in which ‘White Noise’ embodies his longtime preoccupations and simultaneously points toward bold new possibilities.”

Blood Relatives Review - 2022 Noah Segan Movie Film on Shudder

Review: Noah Segan’s ‘Blood Relatives’

“‘Blood Relatives’ is constantly in conversation with past vampire works without feeling the need to signpost its references. Segan is confident in the material, both onscreen and off.”

White Noise Review - 2022 Noah Baumbach Netflix Movie Film

London Film Festival Review: Noah Baumbach’s ‘White Noise’

“At its best, Noah Baumbach’s impressive and thoroughly decent adaptation of ‘White Noise’ interestingly discusses people’s relatable ownership of secrets yet complete inability to internalize them.”

Halloween Ends Review - 2022 David Gordon Green Film

Review: David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween Ends’

“‘Halloween Ends’ succeeds or fails on the strength of Campbell’s performance, and the young, relatively new performer is a revelation.”

Deadstream Review - 2022 Shudder Movie Film

Review: Joseph and Vanessa Winter’s ‘Deadstream’

“‘Deadstream’ is an inventive, unpredictable and hugely charming found footage horror film, but it’s also a clever indictment of internet culture with a gripping, vanity-free lead performance from its co-writer/director.”

Speak No Evil Review - 2022 Christian Tafdrup Movie Film

Review: Christian Tafdrup’s ‘Speak No Evil’

“‘Speak No Evil’ is a horror-comedy of manners, and the performances are solid throughout, particularly from the children, but the movie’s cynical, meaningless and utterly contrived conclusion feels like a cheat after everything that’s come before.”

Nope Movie Review - 2022 Jordan Peele Film

‘Nope’: Jordan Peele Goes West in Imaginative Genre Mash-Up

“One of the most refreshing dimensions of ‘Nope’ resides in Peele’s willingness to trust viewers to follow him into unexpected territory.”

He's Watching Movie Review - 2022 Jacob Estes Film

Practical Magic for the Family: Jacob Estes’ ‘He’s Watching’

“‘He’s Watching’ is a practical and efficient horror film in the style of Rob Savage’s ‘Host’ (2020), but its brilliance lies in Estes’ subversive funhouse mirror approach.”

American Werewolves Movie Review - 2022 Seth Breedlove Documentary Film

Review: Seth Breedlove’s ‘American Werewolves’

“‘American Werewolves’ takes itself seriously but doesn’t fully engage with Western Kentucky prank lore or Native American traditions that could help explain Dogman sightings.”

You Are Not My Mother Movie Review - 2021 Kate Dolan Film

Kate Dolan Debuts with Effective ‘You Are Not My Mother’

“‘You Are Not My Mother’ lives at the fringes of folk horror, but the underlying family melodrama drives a story more interested in generational trauma than a supernatural fairytale.”

Crimes of the Future Movie Review - 2022 David Cronenberg Film

A Sharp Scalpel: David Cronenberg Cuts ‘Crimes of the Future’

“‘Crimes of the Future’ doesn’t offer the same opportunities of mid-2000s highlights like ‘A History of Violence’ and ‘Eastern Promises,’ but Mortensen balances the ridiculous and the sublime like few others.”

Watcher Movie Review - 2022 Chloe Okuno Film

Review: Chloe Okuno’s ‘Watcher’

“Okuno makes excellent use of text and subtext to explore a range of ideas that unmistakably double as commentary on the commonplace experiences of women everywhere.”

Men Movie Review - 2022 Alex Garland Film

Review: Alex Garland’s ‘Men’

“‘Men,’ Garland’s latest, will draw the filmmaker’s faithful, but the modest environs, esoteric posture and open text most likely won’t translate to massive financial success.”

Cordelia Movie Review - 2019 Adrian Shergold Film

Review: Adrian Shergold’s ‘Cordelia’

“‘Cordelia’ is generally easier to appreciate for what it’s trying to do rather than what the film actually achieves.”

Master Movie Review - 2022 Mariama Diallo Amazon Film

Mariama Diallo’s ‘Master’ Calls Out the Horrors of Racism

“‘Master’ certainly won’t be collecting an Academy Award for Best Screenplay, let alone a nomination. Even so, the film is worth a look.”

Hatching Movie Review - 2022 Hanna Bergholm Film

‘Hatching’: Hanna Bergholm’s Fledgling Feature Takes Flight

“Hanna Bergholm’s feature debut ‘Hatching’ is a satisfying creature-feature delight.”

Fresh Movie Review - 2022 Mimi Cave Hulu Film

Horror Fans Will Devour Mimi Cave’s ‘Fresh’

“Throughout ‘Fresh,’ Cave shows a sophisticated command of the screw-turning suspense in the material and the milieu.”

Hellbender Movie Review - 2021 Adams Family Film

That Feeling When You’re Hellbending (and Evolving)

“The Adams Family continues to evolve as a DIY filmmaking unit… In 10 years, ‘Hellbender’ will probably be viewed as the hit before THE HIT.”

King Knight Movie Review - 2021 Richard Bates Jr. Film

Review: Richard Bates Jr.’s ‘King Knight’

“‘King Knight’ isn’t terribly substantial overall, with much of the central premise built on being weird for weird’s sake.”

Hatching Movie Review - 2022 Hanna Bergholm Film

Sundance Review: Hanna Bergholm’s ‘Hatching’

“An old-fashioned tale given a wonderfully disgusting makeover, ‘Hatching’ is a promising feature debut from Bergholm.”