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Judy Holliday Essay - Born Yesterday

The Irresistible Bulldozer: Judy Holliday’s Brief Comic Swing

“Holliday’s persona is one of shrewdness in the face of unrelenting condescension; she perfected the art of playing the outwardly ditzy blonde who lulls those around her into taking her lightly.”

Araya Movie Essay - 1959 Margot Benacerraf Film

A Film Arising from the Sea and the Sand: ‘Araya’ at Cinema Rediscovered

“Given Araya’s small-scale origins in a country without a major film industry, it remains a fascinating testament to both the lives of the peninsula’s inhabitants and the film’s own creation.”

Raymond Rea Interview - Collecting Movies

Collecting Movies with Raymond Rea

Raymond Rea Interview: Greg Carlson and the filmmaker/educator discuss movie collecting.

Hugo Fregonese Movie Essay - Black Tuesday Film

Vagabond Noirs and Tramp Westerns: The Films of Hugo Fregonese at Il Cinema Ritrovato

“Hugo Fregonese is a director ripe for rediscovery.”

Plan 9 from Outer Space Interview - 2021 Katharine Coldiron Book

An Interview with ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ Author Katharine Coldiron

‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ Interview: Andrew Wyatt discusses the 1957 Ed Wood movie with author Katharine Coldiron.

Company Man Movie Essay - Patterns

Nine-to-Five Fellows: The Company Man Comes Home

“The generation that had fought the war was confronting the generation that had overseen it, staging a sub-rosa assault on entrenched power.” – D.M. Palmer on ‘Patterns,’ ‘The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit’ and ‘The Apartment’

Gauguin Guernica - Vague Visages

‘Gauguin’ and ‘Guernica’: Alain Resnais Comes Unstuck

“If ‘Gauguin’ and ‘Guernica’ shine a light on their respective subjects, they also present a key part of Resnais’ own development as an artist.”

Orquil Burn - Margaret Tait

By the Rivers of Babylon: Structure and Setting in Margaret Tait’s ‘Orquil Burn’

“In ‘Orquil Burn,’ an internalised inquiry meets external spaces with a quiet yet insistent beauty.”

On Dangerous Ground Movie Film

Beat Cops: Police Brutality and Film Noir

“Otto Preminger’s ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ and Nicholas Ray’s ‘On Dangerous Ground’ gesture towards the difficult conditions under which police labor while turning a critical eye on the brutally violent detectives who abuse their power.”

Disaster Movie - Airport

The Disaster Area: From ‘Airport’ to ‘Airplane!’ – Part One

“It is during the 70s that the disaster film’s most pure and admirable entries were made, bookended by two significantly different stories involving air travel fiascos.”

50s Hollywood Essay - Sunset Blvd.

Hollywood Confronts Itself: Cynicism and Self-Doubt in the 50s

“A sense of restlessness began to be addressed tentatively, and was confronted with increasing boldness as the decade progressed. Battles were being waged on multiple fronts of this unacknowledged war, claims were being sought from historically neglected constituents.”

12 Angry Men 1957 Movie - Sidney Lumet Film Essay

12 Angry Films: Sidney Lumet on Justice #1 – ’12 Angry Men’

“Spaces are key to Lumet’s vision of the justice system; the ideas that bind it together must play out in physical spaces, and in them, Lumet finds the embodiment of all its flaws and virtues.”

House of Bamboo Movie Essay - 1955 Samuel Fuller Film

Shattering Orientalism Through Noir: Samuel Fuller’s ‘House of Bamboo’

“The gritty and hard-nosed film noir genre is rife with actors and directors that helped to not only change conversations about American cinema, but also the nation’s consciousness.”

The Searchers Movie Essay - 1956 John Ford Film

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: John Ford’s ‘The Searchers’

“‘The Searchers’ has moments of low-brow comedy and moments of penetrating tension, its interconnected themes involve love and guilt, and its visual and spiritual essence falls somewhere in the realm of poetic melancholy.”

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Alexander Mackendrick’s ‘Sweet Smell of Success’

“‘Sweet Smell of Success’ seems to exist somewhere beyond auteurist canonization or even the traditional Hollywood studio stock.”

The Wages of Fear Movie Essay - 1953 Henri-Georges Clouzot Film

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Henri-Georges Clouzot’s ‘The Wages of Fear’

“Just because ‘The Wages of Fear’ is dire and pessimistic, that doesn’t make it any less perceptive or accurate. Quite the contrary: the virulent truth only makes it that much more engrossing…”

Human Desire Movie Essay - 1954 Fritz Lang Film

War and Domestic Violence in Fritz Lang’s ‘Human Desire’

“In ‘Human Desire,’ the train tracks carry its hero into the sunny paradise of the American Dream, not the depths of noir’s endless night.”

Summer with Monika Movie Essay - 1953 Ingmar Bergman Film

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Summer with Monika’

“Undeniably the central focus of ‘Summer with Monika,’ Andersson’s overt sex appeal somewhat minimizes her remarkable range in the film, her seamlessly oscillating moods and subtle facial intimations.”

La Pointe Courte Movie Essay - 1955 Agnès Varda Film

The Anti-Romance of Agnès Varda’s ‘La Pointe Courte’

“The married couple’s conversation in ‘La Pointe Courte’ is a spellbinding predecessor to Richard Linklater’s ‘Before Trilogy’ and further proof that no great film needs ‘action’ to be great.”

Baby Doll Movie Essay - 1956 Elia Kazan Film

Of Love and Other Demons: ‘Baby Doll’ Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

A Column on Love and Erotica in Cinema by Justine A. Smith