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Edwin Miles

The Last of England Movie Essay - 1987 Derek Jarman Film

In a State of Exile: ‘The Last of England’ in 1987

“If ‘The Angelic Conversation’ portrays a time where loving affection could be found amongst the rubble of industrialization, then ‘The Last of England’ shows how affection, love and hope are lost qualities of a paradisal past.”

Jesus of Nazareth Movie essay - 1977 Franco Zeffirelli Film

They Know Not What They Do: The Passion of the Christ in Franco Zeffirelli’s ‘Jesus of Nazareth’

“‘Jesus of Nazareth’ is precisely a film of moments, and Zeffirelli depicts them with expert technique.”

Orquil Burn - Margaret Tait

By the Rivers of Babylon: Structure and Setting in Margaret Tait’s ‘Orquil Burn’

“In ‘Orquil Burn,’ an internalised inquiry meets external spaces with a quiet yet insistent beauty.”

Jubilee Movie Essay - 1978 Derek Jarman Film

The Past Dreamed the Future Present: Derek Jarman’s ‘Jubilee’

“Jarman’s mix of time, history, memory, fantasy and dreams in ‘Jubilee’ is ultimately a hopeful warning for the future.”

Inland Sea Documentary Observation Humility

The Ten Commandments: Observation and Humilty in Kazuhiro Sôda’s ‘Inland Sea’

“By focusing on three elderly Ushimado residents, Sôda has unconsciously managed to both comment on the present and the past, as the subjects seem like relics or museum articles that have come to life through monochromatic photography.”