Category: World Cinema Project by Jeremy Carr

A Vague Visages Film Series by Jeremy Carr

World Cinema Project - Pixote and Memories of Underdevelopment

World Cinema Project: Permanent Impermanence — ‘Pixote’ and ‘Memories of Underdevelopment’

“‘Memories of Underdevelopment’ shares with ‘Pixote’ a cautious destabilization, a sense of how long can this last, of tipping points, radical reform and the capricious aftermath.”

World Cinema Project The Housemaid Insiang

World Cinema Project: Behind Closed Doors – ‘The Housemaid’ and ‘Insiang’

“One of the great joys in viewing the films amassed under the World Cinema Project banner is discovering the richness of a nation’s cultural and scenic backdrop.”

World Cinema Project Trances Redes

World Cinema Project: The Sights and Sounds of a Nation – ‘Trances’ and ‘Redes’

“As with the underlying creed of Trances, the unambiguous intent of Redes’ communal message resonates in its country of origin and around the world, communicating the pleas for justice, egalitarianism and independence that are vital facets of life and are so often central to the best of all cinematic documentaries.”

World Cinema Project - Limite and Mysterious Object at Noon

World Cinema Project: Beyond the Bounds of Narrative – ‘Limite’ and ‘Mysterious Object at Noon’

“Abstract and disjointed, the narrative of ‘Mysterious Object at Noon’ is progressively piecemeal, and what occurs in ‘Limite’ is even more inconclusive.”

World Cinema Project - Dry Summer and Law of the Border

World Cinema Project: Persistence of Vision – ‘Dry Summer’ & ‘Law of the Border’

“‘Dry Summer’ and ‘Law of the Border’ remain available as fascinating, engaging documents of a national cinema often forgotten.”

World Cinema Project - Touki Bouki and Taipei Story

World Cinema Project: Nowhere Fast – ‘Touki Bouki’ and ‘Taipei Story’

“For those suffering from the same dissatisfactions depicted in ‘Touki Bouki’ and ‘Taipei Story’ — be they based on economics, vocation, familial and romantic relations or a broad national uncertainty — hope may be all there is. And that, at least, is something.”