Category: Short Film

Raymond Rea Interview - Collecting Movies

Collecting Movies with Raymond Rea

Raymond Rea Interview: Greg Carlson and the filmmaker/educator discuss movie collecting.

Candidato 34 Movie Review - Ryan Marley Short Documentary Film

Review: Ryan Marley’s ‘Candidato 34’

“‘Candidato 34,’ a documentary short by filmmaker Ryan Marley, raises important questions about disability ethics and sociopolitical norms.”

Nosferasta: First Bite Review - 2022 Short Film by Adam Khalil and Bayley Sweitzer

Berlin Critics’ Week: Tripping Through Cities and Centuries in ‘Detours’ and ‘Nosferasta: First Bite’

“The same way our minds shift under the influence of drugs, so too do they shift under the influence of new information, new truths. The higher the walls, the taller the ladders people will build to overcome them.”

The Miniaturist of Junagadh Interview - Kaushal Oza

Interview with ‘The Miniaturist of Junagadh’ Filmmaker Kaushal Oza

‘The Miniaturist of Junagadh’ Interview: Vague Visages’ Dipankar Sarkar discusses the short film with director Kaushal Oza.

EIFF 2021 - Radiograph of a Family Documentary

EIFF 2021 Documentary Reviews

EIFF 2021: Vague Visages’ Marc Nelson on the documentaries Bosco, The Gig Is Up, Faceless and Radiograph of a Family.

Orquil Burn - Margaret Tait

By the Rivers of Babylon: Structure and Setting in Margaret Tait’s ‘Orquil Burn’

“In ‘Orquil Burn,’ an internalised inquiry meets external spaces with a quiet yet insistent beauty.”

Betty - Will Anderson Short Film

Encounters Film Festival: ‘Betty’ and the Failed Romance Movie

“‘Betty,’ through the simplest of guises — bare-bones animation, a bit of music and a wry, haphazard director’s commentary — is an impressive feat of doing a lot with extremely little.”

World of Tomorrow Episode Three: The Absent Destinations of David Prime - Short Film

Don Hertzfeldt Expands the Universe Again in ‘World of Tomorrow’ Episode Three

“If Hertzfeldt’s ability to successfully expand on the emotional terrain and metaphysical considerations of previous chapters is a recipe, then he is an impeccable cinematic chef de cuisine.”

So What If the Goats Die? - Short Film

Encounters Film Festival: Science Fiction and Islam Meet in ‘So What If the Goats Die?’

“How much is our response conditioned by our willingness to see causality in correlation, regardless of the original artistic intention?”

The Heavy Burden - Short Film

Encounters Film Festival: The Importance of Geopolitics, Poverty and Donkeys in ‘The Heavy Burden’

“Whether it is economic, ethnic or geopolitical, ‘The Heavy Burden’ keeps finding new ways to frame the marginal life of its protagonists.”

Encounters Film Festival: Troubled Pasts and Open Futures Collide in ‘Father’

“In just 23 minutes, ‘Vader’ presents a nuanced and complex picture of fatherhood, as shaped by both individual personalities and wider social events.”

Brigitte Movie Review - 2019 Lynne Ramsay Documentary

Review: Lynne Ramsay’s ‘Brigitte’

“‘Brigitte’ is a slight and sweet addition to Ramsay’s catalogue, and it gently leaves its impressions.”

Broken Bird Movie Review - 2020 Rachel Harrison Gordon Short Film

Review: Rachel Harrison Gordon’s ‘Broken Bird’

“‘Broken Bird’ may be only 10 minutes long, but the rhythms, characterizations and thematic interests make it feel like a richly detailed feature-length accomplishment.”

Single Short Film Review

Review: Ashley Eakin’s ‘Single’

“More than ever, it’s crucial to be more cognizant about the complexities of social situations, certainly when speaking to, or speaking about, people with disabilities.”

New Shorts: London Lives - Serious Tingz Short Film

Navigating the Heart of the Lonely Capital in LSFF’s New Shorts: London Lives

“What drives through the heart of LSFF’s New Shorts: London Lives is the expansiveness of the city and the loss of connection through digitalisation. Collectively, the films demonstrate the importance of community.”

LSFF Oscillations - The Giverny Document [Single Channel]

LSFF Oscillations: Cinematic Juxtapositions of the Personal and Political

“LSFF’s Oscillations strand is one of the more immersive parts of the festival, with each film exploring social norms, bodily autonomy and the intersections of life.”

LSFF Houses in Motion - Imbued Life Short Film

LSFF Houses in Motion: Transformation Through Physical and Emotional Space

“The Houses in Motion strand breaks the mould in successfully exploring how concepts of life and death, home and away and physical and mental states metamorphose and develop within their own spaces.”

Brotherhood 2018 Movie - Short Film Review

Review: Meryam Joobeur’s ‘Brotherhood’

“A sharply-shot film, ‘Brotherhood’ effectively uses the short running time to question familial responsibilities/motives, and the central performances make Joobeur’s planned feature adaptation even more intriguing.”

SDR 2019 Movie - Short Film Review

Review: Alexa-Jeanne Dubé’s ‘SDR’

“Based on ‘Oui mais non’ and ‘S.D.R.,’ Dubé seems fully capable of tackling various genres, and taking the medium forward into the future.”

She Who Wears the Rain 2019 Movie - Short Film Review

Review: Marianne Métivier’s ‘She Who Wears the Rain’

“‘She Who Wears the Rain’ shows how lucid dreaming engagement can help people cope with mental health issues.”