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Vague Visages

Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, California (Photo by Q.V. Hough)

Mission: Vague Visages aims to publish high-quality writing about world cinema and culture. The site maintains a balance of indie and mainstream coverage, allowing for a unique blend of perspectives.

Origins: Inspired by the cinema movement known as La Nouvelle Vague, Q.V. Hough created an image-based blog called “Faces of the French New Wave” in 2014. For a creative twist, the site’s name quickly changed to “Vague Visages” (aka Wave Faces) in honor of French New Wave filmmakers and American indie filmmaker John Cassavetes (director of the 1968 film Faces).

Shift to Film Criticism: Q.V. moved Vague Visages from Blogger to WordPress in late 2014, using the French publication Cahiers du cinéma as a thematic model.