About Q.V. (Quinn) Hough

Q.V. (Quinn) Hough is Vague Visages’ founding editor and a freelance video essayist/writer. After graduating from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota), he lived in Hollywood, California from 2006 to 2012 and worked closely with ABC On-Air Promotions as the production manager for LUSSIER. From 2014 to 2017, Q.V. wrote over 600 video scripts for WatchMojo, and he’s the author of their first e-book, WatchMojo’s 100 Decade-Defining Movie Moments of the 1990s. In January 18, Q.V. joined Fandor’s freelance team and currently has four on-going video essay series: Icons + Outliers, Riding the Wave, Between the Lines and Fandor Italian Style.

In 2018, Q.V. has contributed to IndieWire’s weekly critics survey and has also written for RogerEbert.com, Screen Rant and Crooked Marquee. He currently resides in Fargo, North Dakota and maintains a photography account at EyeEm with over 2,900 images on market, including 593 in EyeEm’s premium collection for partners like Getty Images and Alamy.

Contact Q.V. at qvh@vaguevisages.com or follow him on Twitter (@QVHough) and Instagram (@QVHough).

2019 WORK:

JANUARY 15: Sopranos Prequel Movie Casts Corey Stoll & Billy Magnussen (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 15: Korean Action Movie The Villainess Being Adapted Into TV Show (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 13: True Detective Season 3 Cast & Character Guide (Screen Rant Mini-Feature)

JANUARY 13: What to Expect from Sex Education Season 2 (Screen Rant Mini-Feature)

JANUARY 13: Sex Education Cast & Character Guide (Screen Rant Mini-Feature)

JANUARY 12: Rotten Tomatoes’ Golden Tomato Award Winners Include Black Panther & Spider-Verse (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 11: Netflix Will Release Martin Scorsese’s Bob Dylan Doc This Year (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 11: Jordan Peele’s Weird City Trailer Teases YouTube Sci-Fi Show (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 10: Jordan Peele’s The Hunt Eyes Al Pacino For His First Starring TV Role (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 10: Velvet Buzzsaw Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal Reunites With Nightcrawler Director (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 10: Rock and Roll Me: On Andrea Riseborough’s Spellbinding 2018 Performances (RogerEbert.com Essay)

JANUARY 9:  Netflix’s IO Trailer: Anthony Mackie Races to Leave a Toxic Earth (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 9: Karen Gillan To Star In Action Movie Gunpowder Milkshake (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 8: Captain Marvel Will Take the Lead of the MCU, Says Kevin Feige (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 8: Game of Thrones Season 8 Is Like Watching ‘Six Movies’ Says HBO Boss (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 8: Young Tony Soprano Confirmed For Prequel The Many Saints of Newark (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 7: Film Critics Share Their Hopes for the Movies of 2019 (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

JANUARY 6: John Cena Reveals How His Bumblebee Character Totally Changed From the Script (Screen Rant News Exclusive)

JANUARY 5: Exclusive: Bumblebee’s Stars Aren’t Worried About Its Box Office (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 4: Arctic Trailer & Poster: Mads Mikkelsen Fights For Survival (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 3: Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn Won’t Be In Anyone’s Shadow, Says Writer (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 3: Next Week’s The Goldbergs Crosses Over With The Wedding Singer (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 3: Big Little Lies Season 2 Likely for June Premiere, Says Nicole Kidman (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 2: The Drone Trailer: Zombeavers Director Returns With New Horror-Comedy (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 2: Roku Launching Subscription Streaming Service (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 1: Netflix Pulls Episode Of Hasan Minhaj’s Show In Saudi Arabia (Screen Rant News)

JANUARY 1: 2019 Golden Globe Promos Hype Andy Samberg & Sandra Oh As Hosts (Screen Rant News)

2018 WORK:

DECEMBER 31: Leaked Louis CK Stand-Up About Parkland Shooting Receives Backlash (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 28: The Amityville Murders Trailer Explores Infamous American Horror Story (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 27: Pet Sematary Movie Image Offers New Look At John Lithgow’s Jud (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 27:  The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer #2 Teases Modern King Arthur Story (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 27: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Trailer Confirms Release Of Netflix’s Event Film (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 20: First Us Photos Tease Jordan Peele’s Terrifying Horror Film (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 19: The Great Performances of 2018 (RogerEbert.com Contribution)

DECEMBER 17: AMC’s NOS4A2 TV Show Casts Ashley Romans As A Detective (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 14: The Individual Top Tens of 2018 (RogerEbert.com Contribution)

DECEMBER 14: Then Came You Trailer Stars Asa Butterfield & Maisie Williams (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 14: Jordan Peele’s Nazi Hunter Drama Eyes Logan Lerman To Star (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 13: Ozark’s Julia Garner In Talks For Movie About Harvey Weinstein’s Assistant (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 13: Narcos: Mexico Stars Diego Luna & Scoot McNairy Returning for Season 2 (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 10: 22 Movies the Critics Got Wrong in 2018 (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

DECEMBER 7: ‘Hospitality’ Review: Emmanuelle Chriqui Needs More Thriller Roles (Vague Visages Article)

DECEMBER 6: Breakthrough Trailer: Near-Death Experiences Enhances Family’s Faith (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 5: Narcos: Mexico Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 5: The Watership Down Trailer Features Conflicted Rabbits and Existentialism (Screen Rant News)

DECEMBER 3: The Most Under-Appreciated Films of 2018 (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

NOVEMBER 29: Beauty After the Fact: Exploring the Contrasts of “Finding Vivian Maier” and “The Woodmans” (Fandor Article)

NOVEMBER 28: Vox Lux Trailer: Natalie Portman Sings In Music Drama (Screen Rant News)

NOVEMBER 27: If Beale Street Could Talk Final Trailer Teases Barry Jenkins’ Romance Drama (Screen Rant News)

NOVEMBER 13: Between the Lines: Lady Bird (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

NOVEMBER 12: The Best Movie Ensembles of All Time (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

NOVEMBER 3: Plot Details Revealed for Blumhouse & Damon Lindelof’s Action-Thriller The Hunt (Screen Rant News)

NOVEMBER 2: Five Feet Apart Trailer: Cole Sprouse Stars In Tearjerker Romance (Screen Rant News)

NOVEMBER 2: Blair Witch & Final Destination Creators Making Satirical Horror Movie (Screen Rant News)

NOVEMBER 2: The OA Creator Reveals Why Season 2 Is Taking So Long To Make (Screen Rant News)

NOVEMBER 1: Three Films to Stream on Día de Muertos (Crooked Marquee Article)

NOVEMBER 1: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Gets Trapped In A Rom-Com (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 29: 30 Terrifyingly Under-Appreciated Horror Movies (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

OCTOBER 29: 25 Underrated Horror Films for Halloween (RogerEbert.com Contribution)

OCTOBER 27: Between Worlds: Nicolas Cage Searches for Meaning & Spirits in First Trailer (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 26: WarnerMedia to Shut Down FilmStruck Streaming Service (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 26: Danny McBride Confirms Halloween 2018 Sequel Talks Are Underway (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 25: Vox Lux Trailer: Natalie Portman’s Pop Star Drama May Be An Oscar Contender (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 25: Outlaw King Full Trailer: Chris Pine Fights For Scotland’s Freedom (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 24: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2 Trailer Reveals December Premiere Date (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 24: Bird Box Trailer: Sandra Bullock Stars In Netflix’s Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 24: The Purge Creator Thinks Next Movie Could Be The Last (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 23: The Crown Season 3 Casts Emerald Fennell As The Duchess Of Cornwall (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 23: RIP Cinema: On James Dean’s Disappearance and French New Wave Legacy (RogerEbert.com Creative Essay)

OCTOBER 22: Are Movies Too Long These Days? (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

OCTOBER 20: Happy Death Day 2U Poster Teases A Killer Comeback (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 19: Floyd Mayweather Is Game To Fight Undefeated UFC Star Khabib Nurmagomedov (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 18: Jason Blum Apologizes for ‘Dumb’ Comments on Female Directors (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 18: MTV Rebooting The Real World on Facebook Watch (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 17: How Jonah Hill Went From “Superbad” to the Oscars (Fandor Article)

OCTOBER 17: John Krasinski Reveals He Played the Quiet Place Monster (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 16: 100% Fresh Trailer Teases Adam Sandler’s Netflix Variety Special (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 16: Amy Winehouse Biopic Is In The Works (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 16: Searching Spoiled Its Own Ending With Hidden Easter Egg (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 15: The Greatest Biopics Ever Made (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

OCTOBER 15: Bodyguard Trailer: Richard Madden Stars In Netflix’s Political Thriller (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 15: Sopranos Prequel The Many Saints of Newark Character Details Revealed (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 11: Manchester by the Sea’s Original Ending Revealed by Matt Damon (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 10: Internalized Fear: 50 Years of Night of the Living Dead (Crooked Marquee Article)

OCTOBER 10: Kurt Russell Is Santa Claus in Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles Trailer (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 9: Oxford Dictionary Adds Over 100 Movie Words: Scream Queen, Kubrickian & More (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 4: Icons + Outliers: Buster Keaton (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

OCTOBER 3: Michelle Williams Starring In Movie About Challenger Tragedy (Screen Rant News)

OCTOBER 1: The Best Comfort Movies Ever Made (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

SEPTEMBER 29: Fandor Italian Style: Michelangelo Antonioni (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

SEPTEMBER 24: They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead Trailer Teases Netflix’s Orson Welles Doc (Screen Rant News)

SEPTEMBER 22: Riding the Wave: Anna Karina (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

SEPTEMBER 19: In Praise of Ninotchka, Gateway to Garbo and Lubitsch (Crooked Marquee Article)

SEPTEMBER 12: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Trailer: The Coen Brothers Come to Netflix (Screen Rant News)

SEPTEMBER 11: Rounders and Lessons for Modern Gamblers (Crooked Marquee Article)

SEPTEMBER 10: Sylvester Stallone Teases Rambo 5 Filming Soon (Screen Rant News)

SEPTEMBER 7: The Beach Bum Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Is a Wild Stoner (Screen Rant News)

AUGUST 29: Big Mouth Season 2 Trailer: The Hormone Monsters Attack (Screen Rant News)

AUGUST 27: The Best Movies of Summer 2018 (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

AUGUST 24: Peter Dinklage & Jamie Dornan Star in HBO’s My Dinner with Hervé Movie (Screen Rant News)

AUGUST 22: Icons + Outliers: John Malkovich (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

AUGUST 17: Icons + Outliers: Steve Carell (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

AUGUST 16: Roma Trailer Teases Gravity Director Alfonso Cuarón’s Netflix Film (Screen Rant News)

AUGUST 13: The Best Debut Movie Performances of All Time (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

AUGUST 7: Partnership: Brit Marling + Zal Batmanglij (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

AUGUST 7: Michael Shannon Is Within Your Soul (Fandor Article)

AUGUST 6: Spike Lee’s 9 Best Movies – IndieWire Critics Survey (IndieWire Critics Survey Contribution)

AUGUST 6: The Deuce Season 2 Trailer Previews Return of James Franco’s HBO Show (Screen Rant News)

AUGUST 6: Maniac Trailer: Jonah Hill & Emma Star in Netflix’s New Series (Screen Rant News)

JULY 30: Between the Lines: Richard Linklater (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

JULY 30: Peter Bogdanovich Is Still Relevant (Fandor Article)

JULY 25: Riding the Wave: Agnès Varda (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

JULY 24: Mid90s Trailer Highlights Jonah Hill’s Directorial Debut (Screen Rant News)

JULY 17: Assassination Nation Red Band Trailer Previews Purge-Like Mayhem (Screen Rant News)

JULY 10: Life Itself Trailer: Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde Fall in Love (Screen Rant News)

JULY 9: The Favourite Trailer: Rachel Weisz & Emma Stone Start a Royal Rivalry (Screen Rant News)

JULY 7: Fandor Italian Style: Vittorio De Sica (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

JUNE 29: Netflix Considering Set It Up Sequel as the Rom Com’s Success Grows (Screen Rant News)

JUNE 27: Assassination Nation Red Band Trailer & Poster Tease a Blood Bath (Screen Rant News)

JUNE 26: Summertime Madness: Sun-Scorched Horror (Crooked Marquee Article)

JUNE 25: Between the Lines: Charlie Kaufman (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

JUNE 25: Riding the Wave: Claude Chabrol (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

JUNE 22: Netflix Goes Apocalyptic in How It Ends Trailer & Poster (Screen Rant News)

JUNE 22: Zoe Trailer: Ewan McGregor Stars in in Sci-Fi Romance (Screen Rant News)

JUNE 20: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Trailer: Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres & More (Screen Rant News)

JUNE 13: The Dos and Don’ts of Live-Tweeting (Fandor Article)

JUNE 11: Dwayne Johnson’s Red Notice Officially Casts Gal Gadot (Screen Rant News)

JUNE 8: Icons + Outliers: Sandra Bullock (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

JUNE 5: Oscar Isaac Hunts Nazis in the Operation Finale Trailer (Screen Rant News)

JUNE 2: Pet Sematary Remake Casts Alien: Covenant’s Amy Seimetz (Screen Rant News)

MAY 30: Riding the Wave: The 400 Blows (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

MAY 27: Mark Ruffalo’s Meme Music Video Is Hilarious (Screen Rant News)

MAY 23: Wildlife Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal & Carey Mulligan Star in Heartbreaking Drama (Screen Rant News)

MAY 21: Amazon Renews The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for Season 3 (Screen Rant News)

MAY 17: Icons + Outliers: Jim Carrey (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

MAY 17: Sorry to Bother You Red Band Trailer Hypes the ‘Wildly Original’ Film (Screen Rant News)

MAY 14: Soderbergh’s Panama Papers Film Lines Up Cast; May Head to Netflix (Screen Rant News)

MAY 14: Top 10 Funniest Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Specials (Script for WatchMojo)

MAY 11: Justice League’s Ezra Miller to Play Young Salvador Dalí in New Biopic (Screen Rant News)

MAY 8: Pet Sematary Will Be One of the ‘Scariest’ Stephen King Adaptations (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 30: Netflix’s Failsafe Reunites Michael B. Jordan & Black Panther Writer (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 30: Netflix’s Evil Genius Trailer Explores the Infamous Pizza Bomber (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 27: Kin Trailer: Dennis Quaid & Zoë Kravitz Star in Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 26: John Wick 3 May Be Eyeing Halle Berry for Its Female Lead (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 24: Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Has Pulp Fiction Vibe (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 23: Netflix’s The Rain Trailer #2 Brings on the Next Apocalypse (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 21: James Wan’s The Tommyknockers Moving Forward at Universal (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 20: 30 Rock Revival: Tina Fey Says They Want to Do ‘Something’ (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 18: The Equalizer 2 Poster & First Look Images Released Ahead of Trailer (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 16: Ryan Gosling’s Neil Armstrong Pic First Man Is a ‘Mission Movie’ (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 12: Timothee Chalamet Sells Weed in Hot Summer Nights Trailer (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 11: Rosamund Pike Doesn’t Think There Should Be a Female James Bond (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 9: The Rock Explains How to Win a Crowd in Fighting with My Family Teaser (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 9: The Wire’s David Simon Developing Spanish Civil War Series (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 7: Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes to Stop Remaking Horror Films (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 5: Netflix Picks Up Liz Feldman Dark Comedy Series Dead to Me (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 5: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Finally Gets a Trailer (Screen Rant News)

APRIL 3: Eddie Murphy: Notes on a Comedic Genius (Fandor Video Essay with Voiceover Narration)

MARCH 30: Cameron Diaz Says She’s ‘Actually Retired’ from Acting (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 23: Scarface Remake Recruits New Writer; Antoine Fuqua Set to Direct (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 23: MoviePass Lowers Subscription Prices for Limited Time (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 23: Steven Spielberg: Netflix Movies Should Qualify for Emmys, Not Oscars (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 22: Netflix and Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity Gets an All-Star Lineup (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 21: Netflix’s Come Sunday Trailer: Chiwetel Ejiofor Is a Man of God (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 21: The Spy Who Dumped Me Trailer: Mila Kunis & Kate McKinnon Join Forces (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 20: I Have Seen Grace: Revisiting Harriet Andersson’s Classic Performances (RogerEbert.com)

MARCH 20: Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2 Sets Views Record (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 20: Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs to Get China Release (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 18: Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman to Host SNL in April (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 16: Tom Hardy’s Al Capone Biopic Fonzo Round Out Its Cast (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 16: Dwayne Johnson’s Action Movie Red Notice Gets a 2020 Release Date (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 16: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Patrick Melrose Gets a Clip & Premiere Date (Screen Rant News)

MARCH 14: SXSW Retro Spotlight: Amy Seimetz’s “Sun Don’t Shine” (Fandor Article)

MARCH 12: Top 10 Best College Athletic Programs in the U.S. (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 28: How “Kaili Blues” Designs a Metaphysical Landscape (Fandor Article)

FEBRUARY 27: Top 10 Controversial Movie Characters (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 21: Top 10 Movies That Are Only Good for Making You Cry (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 20: The Visual Language of “Mudbound” Cinematographer Rachel Morrison (RogerEbert.com)

FEBRUARY 15: Finding Self-Worth in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Punch-Drunk Love” (Fandor Article)

FEBRUARY 10: Top 10 Most Controversial Netflix Originals (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 10: Top 10 Celebrities Who Broke Down on Camera (Script for MsMojo)

FEBRUARY 5: Calm Like a Bomb (Fandor Article)

FEBUARY 2: On Underdogs and Affirmations (Fandor Article)

JANUARY 22: Top 10 Hilarious Movie Overactings (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 21: Top 10 Artists Who Have Criticized the Grammys (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 21: Top 5 Reasons Why XXXTentacion Is Controversial! (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 17: Top 10 Real Military Operations Depicted in Film (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 15: Top 10 Super Fights in History (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 7: Top 10 Great Albums You Missed in 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)


JANUARY 2: Top 10 Anticipated Shows of 2018 (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 31: Top 10 Weirdly Wonderful Will Ferrell Interviews (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 31: Top 10 Music Videos of 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 29: Top 10 Strangest and Most Interesting New Year’s Traditions (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 24: Another Top 10 Hip-Hop Feuds and Beefs (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 23: Top 10 Most Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2018 (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 20: Top 10 Best Eminem Guest Verses (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 18: Top 10 Celebrity Scandals and Feuds of 2017

DECEMBER 17: Top 10 Celebrity Interview Meltdowns (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 17: Top 10 Shocking HBO Scenes (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 16: Top 10 Defining Pop Culture Moments of 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 16: Top 10 Awkward Onstage Fan Interactions (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 13: Top 10 Best New Shows of 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 7: Top 10 WTF Moments in Music of 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 3: Top 10 Bands to Listen To If You Like Led Zeppelin (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 30: Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 26: Top 5 Reasons to Love Logic (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 25: Top 10 Worst Disaster Movies (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 24: Top 10 Things to Watch on Netflix This Holiday Season (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 16: TOP 10 Romance Movies That Will Become Future Classics (Script for MsMojo)

NOVEMBER 13: Top 10 Actors Who Need a Hit Movie to Save Their Career Right Now (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 12: Top 10 2000s Songs You Forgot Were Awesome (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 11: Top 5 YouTuber Diss Tracks (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 11: Top 10 Jimmy Kimmel vs. Matt Damon Moments (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 10: Another Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs (Script for MsMojo)

NOVEMBER 7: Netflix vs. HBO (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 5: Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Post Malone (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 4: Pennywise: 1990 Vs 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 29: Top 10 Satisfying Deaths in The Walking Dead (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 28: Top 10 Artists That Need to Perform on SNL This Season (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 21: Top 5 Reasons Why You Recognize Mackenzie Davis in Blade Runner 2049 (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 20: Top 10 Weirdest Dancing in Music Videos (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 10: Top 10 Weirdest Dancing in Music Videos (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 2: Top 10 Ridiculous Celebrity Name Changes (Script for WatchMojo)

SEPTEMBER 26: Top 10 Rappers Who Make the Best Music Videos (Script for WatchMojo)

SEPTEMBER 19: Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kendrick Lamar (Script for WatchMojo)

SEPTEMBER 9: Top 10 Conor McGregor Moments — Outside the Octagon (Script for WatchMojo)

AUGUST 29: Top 10 Most Controversial Rappers (Script for WatchMojo)

AUGUST 27: Top 10 Best Celebrity Mean Tweets (Script for WatchMojo)

AUGUST 26: Top 10 Underrated Martial Arts Movies (Script for WatchMojo)

AUGUST 25: Top 10 Fighters Turned Action Stars (Script for WatchMojo)

AUGUST 10: Top 10 Funniest Viral Animal Videos Ever (Script for WatchMojo)

AUGUST 10: Top 10 SNL Weekend Update Characters (Script for WatchMojo)

AUGUST 7: Top 10 Most Controversial Comedy Movies of All Time (Script for WatchMojo)

AUGUST 1: Top 10 Best Music Videos of July 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

JULY 30: Top 10 Best Eminem Music Videos (Script for WatchMojo)

JULY 28: Top 10 Best Charlize Theron Moments (Script for WatchMojo)

JULY 23: Top 10 Celebrities We Liked Before They Got Too Political (Script for WatchMojo)

JULY 3: Top 10 Best Music Videos of June 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

JULY 2: Top 10 Ways to Survive an Alien Invasion (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 28: Top 10 Greatest Getaway Drivers (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 28: Top 10 Reality Stars Who Tragically Died Too Soon (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 27: Top 10 Musicians Who Make a TON of Money (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 25: Top 10 Chance the Rapper Songs (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 24: Top 10 British Bands Who Never Cracked America (Script for WatchMojoUK)

JUNE 24: Top 10 Hilarious SNL Singer Parodies (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 20: Top 10 Celebrity Recluses (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 18: Top 10 Times David Blaine Freaked Out Celebrities (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 18: Top 10 Most Entertaining Athletes of All Time (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 15: Top 5 Surprising Tupac Facts (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 14: Top 10 Times Comedians Cross the Line (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 11: Top 10 Songs for Summer 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 4: Top 10 Best Music Videos of May 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

JUNE 1: Top 10 Animals With Amazing Camouflage (Script for WatchMojo)

MAY 23: Top 10 Best M83 Songs (Script for WatchMojo)

MAY 21: Top 10 Underrated Drake Songs (Script for WatchMojo)

MAY 2: Top 10 Music Videos of April 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

MAY 1: Top 10 Old-Timey Diseases That Are Coming Back (Script for WatchMojo)

APRIL 28: Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Never Out of the Spotlight (Script for MsMojo)

APRIL 23: Top 10 Sports Teams We LOVE to Hate (Script for WatchMojo)

APRIL 20: Another Top 10 Celebrity Potheads (Script fo WatchMojo)

APRIL 14: Top 10 Hilarious Rob Schneider Movie Cameos (Script for WatchMojo)

APRIL 9: Top 10 Big Celebrities That Are Big Sports Fans (Script for WatchMojo)

APRIL 5: Top 10 Best Music Videos of March 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

APRIL 1: Top 10 HILARIOUS Pranks Pulled on Celebs (Script for WatchMojo)

MARCH 30: Top 10 HILARIOUS Weatherman Fails (Script for WatchMojo)

MARCH 28: Top 10 Space Danger Scenes! (Script for WatchMojo)

MARCH 19: Top 10 Celebrities We CAN’T BELIEVE Have Mugshots! (Script for WatchMojo)

MARCH 14: Top 10 Best Celebrity Lawyers (Script for WatchMojo)

MARCH 7: Top 10 Celebrities That CHEATED With Assistants or Nannies (Script for WatchMojo)

MARCH 2: Top 10 Best Music Videos of February 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 20: Top 10 Creepy Celebrity Suicide Conspiracies (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 17: Top 10 INSANE NBA All-Star Dunks (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 15: Top 10 Celebs Dissed By Eminem (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 13: Top 10 CHEESIEST Love Songs of All Time (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 11: Top 10 Nastiest Celebrity Trash Talkers (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 8: Top 10 WTF X Factor Auditions (Script for MsMojo)

FEBRUARY 7: Top 10 Movies EVERYONE Watches in Film School (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 4: Top 10 Artists Who Should Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show (Script for WatchMojo)

FEBRUARY 2: Top 10 Best Music Videos of January 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 30: Top 10 Artists We Hope Tour in 2017 (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 28: Top 10 Celebrities Who Got the Last Laugh On Their Cheating Ex (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 23: Top 10 WTF Hairstyles in Movies (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 20: Another Top 10 Bad-Ass Vin Diesel Moments (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 18: Top 10 Best Kanye West Music Videos (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 17: Top 10 Greatest Muhammad Ali Quotes (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 16: Instagram VS Snapchat (Script for MsMojo)

JANUARY 9: Top 10 Best Major Lazer Songs (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 6: Top 10 Music Videos of December 2016 (Script for WatchMojo)

JANUARY 1: Top 10 Times Taylor Swift Got Dissed (Script for WatchMojo)

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DECEMBER 28: Top 10 Most Unfortunate Names in Sports History (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 19: Top 10 Best Modern Country Artists (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMEBER 18: Top 10 Greatest Celebrity Lip Sync Performances (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 16: Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of 2016 (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 11: Top 10 WORST Holiday Cash Grab Movies (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 8: Top 10 Celebs Who Can Sing, Dance AND Act (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 8: Top 10 Craziest Restaurants That Actually Exist (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 5: Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums for People Who Don’t Like Hip-Hop (Script for WatchMojo)

DECEMBER 5: Top 10 Infamous Religious Controversies (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 29: Top 10 Hotheaded Athletes (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 26: Top 10 Celebrities Who Tried to Hide Going Bald (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 21: Top 10 Sexiest Supermodels of the 2010s (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 20: Top 10 Things That Would Suck About Being a Superhero (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 20: Top 10 Most Memorable American Music Awards Moments (Script for MsMojo)

NOVEMBER 19: Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 17: Top 10 Internet Trends That NEED to Die (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 10: Top 10 Singers Who Are Terrible at Dancing (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 5: Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Airheads (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 4: Top 10 Biggest Republican Stereotypes (Script for WatchMojo)

NOVEMBER 4: Top 10 Biggest Democrat Stereotypes (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 18: Top 10 Celebrities Who Are In Love With Themselves (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 10: Top 10 Notorious Real Life Narcos (Script for WatchMojo)

OCTOBER 3: Top 10 Best Trailers from September 2016 (Script for WatchMojo)


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