Category: 2019 Music Reviews

Redd Kross Interview - Beyond the Door

Album Review: Redd Kross ‘Beyond the Door’

“Redd Kross remains the greatest American band most people have never heard of, much less heard. Don’t be like ‘most people.’ Join the party underground of Redd Kross fandom. You won’t regret it.”

First Taste Album Review - Ty Segall

Album Review: Ty Segall ‘First Taste’

“If ‘Manipulator’ is Segall’s White Album, and ‘Emotional Mugger’ his ‘Magical Mystery Tour,’ then ‘First Taste’ might be his ‘Abbey Road’: brazenly eclectic yet wonderfully cohesive; deeply personal yet superbly tuneful.”

Stonechild Review - 2019 Jesca Hoop Album

Album Review: Jesca Hoop ‘Stonechild’

“It’s a cruel world, but with music like this around, we are never truly alone.”

Lust for Youth Review - 2019 Lust for Youth Album

Album Review: Lust for Youth ‘Lust for Youth’

“Lust for Youth now have seven albums under their collective belts. It’s high time pop fans took notice and started giving them the attention they deserve.”

Reward Review - 2019 Cate Le Bon Album

Album Review: Cate Le Bon ‘Reward’

“‘Reward’ may traffic in ambiguity and absurdity, but the feelings it evokes are genuine. At a time when authenticity is considered the ultimate musical currency, Cate Le Bon’s music is rich indeed.”

Album Review: Ioanna Gika ‘Thalassa’

“Ioanna Gika has evolved from a promising artist to a fully-fledged talent to be reckoned with. Her uncommon, authentic voice has been sorely missed; it’s good to have her back.”

Album Review: Ty Segall & Freedom Band ‘Deforming Lobes’

“There is nothing quite like a Ty Segall show. Witnessing this talented wunderkind and his equally spectacular band in a live setting is nothing short of mind-blowing (and eardrum-rupturing, for that matter).”

Album Review: Boy Harsher ‘Careful’

“There’s no solace in the music of Boy Harsher, only a feeling that we are all facing the same fears and uncertainties. Yet, sometimes, that is solace enough.”