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Superbad Movie Essay - 2007 Greg Mottola Film

I Love You, Man: Celebrating ‘Superbad’ and Its Embrace of Male Friendship

“‘Superbad’ has stood the test of time, and will continue to do so, because there are so few movies that tackle male friendships in such a brutally honest manner, with care and attention, and without falling back on sarcasm once all is said and done.”

Raymond Rea Interview - Collecting Movies

Collecting Movies with Raymond Rea

Raymond Rea Interview: Greg Carlson and the filmmaker/educator discuss movie collecting.

Post-9/11 Cinema Essay - Funny Games

The Only Thing Real: Meaning and Maturity in Post-9/11 Cinema

“9/11 was a psychic wound that fostered a new relation to the world, and those who grew up in its aftermath struggled to digest its lessons; some fell back onto intransigence, while others internalized the damage.”

David Cronenberg Essay - Crimes of the Future (1970)

Death Is Not the End: Self-Destruction in the Films of David Cronenberg

“Perhaps David Cronenberg is owed another kind of reputation: that of a humanist filmmaker who observes and questions, who understands our pain and sorrow as well as our ambitions both intellectual and libidinous.”

The Volume Essay - The Mandalorian Stagecraft

The Volume: The Final Stage

“The old silver screens have reached their limit, and even 4K will become passé. Perhaps it’s time for Hollywood and theater chains to up the ante by investing in venues and screens similar to the Volume.”

Abel Ferrara Exile Cycle Movie Essay - Siberia Film

Recovery, Survival and Extinction: Abel Ferrara’s Exile Cycle

“Few artists have dreamt more boldly and defiantly in their exile than Ferrara; he has faced up to the dark towers of commerce and coercion, the systemic violence that is rationalized and sanctioned to peak efficiency by the prevailing conditions.”

Shrek Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2001 Movie

Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Shrek’

‘Shrek’ Soundtrack: A Vague Visages guide for every featured song in Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson’s 2001 movie.

Cleaner Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2007 Movie

Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Cleaner’

‘Cleaner’ Soundtrack: A Vague Visages guide for every featured song in Renny Harlin’s 2007 movie.

2012 Cinema Essay - Fallen Idols and False Prophets in Post-Crash America (Killing Them Softly)

The World Is Cold: Fallen Idols and False Prophets in Post-Crash America

“The year 2012 was the first in which cinema could adequately assess the material and psychological toll of the crash. The box office tells its own story: audiences were looking for saviors…”

Hot Fuzz Movie Essay - 2007 Edgar Wright Film

He’s Not Even from ‘Round Here: ‘Hot Fuzz’ at 15

“‘Hot Fuzz’ has remained a key part of the zeitgeist thanks to its specificity, but also because the movie celebrates doing the right thing, working together and being a good person above all else.”

Maqbool Movie Essay - 2003 Vishal Bhardwaj Film

A Macabre Tale of Culpability and Self-Recrimination: Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Maqbool’

“‘Maqbool’ leaves the audience with that extraordinary feeling only a few Hindi films have the ability to achieve – it’s both profoundly satisfying and artistically existential.”

Inside Man Movie Essay - 2006 Spike Lee Heist Film

The Art of the Score: Spike Lee’s ‘Inside Man’

The Art of the Score #2: Blake Howard on Spike Lee’s ‘Inside Man’

Angela Schanelec Movie Essay - Passing Summer Film

Angela Schanelec’s Films and Me

“Angela Schanelec makes films that achieve nothing less than the rendering of the human soul on screen.”

Crimson Gold Movie Essay - 2003 Jafar Panahi Film

Cold Pizza on Desolation Row

“When depression hits, it’s just there. With ‘Crimson Gold,’ Panahi demonstrates this concept while informing viewers about the nuances of Hussein’s life.”

Orange County Movie Essay - 2002 Jake Kasdan Film

Hey, Don’t Write Yourself Off Yet: ‘Orange County’ At 20

“‘Orange County’ is inarguably a product of its time, but the movie is also timeless in its exploration of how writing requires us to look inward as well as outward — and be just as merciless in the process.”

Bright Future Movie - 2002 Kiyoshi Kurosawa Film

OVID News: Kiyoshi Kurosawa, ‘Bright Future’ and the Pulse of Jellyfish Gangs

OVID News: Kiyoshi Kurosawa, ‘Bright Future’ and the Pulse of Jellyfish Gangs

Where Is Pinki? Movie Essay - 2021 Prithvi Konanur Film

Buried Secrets and Hidden Lies: On Prithvi Konanur’s ‘Where Is Pinki?’

“‘Where Is Pinki?’ speaks to the soul with its incessant probes into the human spirit and the degradations brought by unforeseen circumstances.”

Michael Glawogger Essay - Workingman's Death Documentary

The World Is Working: Michael Glawogger’s Trilogy on Poverty and Labor

“The real horrors of Glawogger’s films are the moments when people, having been given an opportunity to open up, are crushed by their own words.”

When a Stranger Calls Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2006 Movie

Know the Cast: ‘When a Stranger Calls’

‘When a Stranger Calls’ Cast: A Vague Visages guide for every main performer and character in Simon West’s 2006 movie.

Ignacio Agüero - I Never Climbed the Provincia 2019 Documentary

OVID Shines a Light on Chilean Documentarian Ignacio Agüero

Ignacio Agüero Essay: Vague Visages’ Q.V. Hough on OVID’s streaming celebration of the Chilean documentarian.