Category: 2020 Horror Reviews

Werewolves Within Movie Film

Review: Josh Ruben’s ‘Werewolves Within’

“‘Werewolves Within’ has a puckish charm that’s difficult to resist. In spite of everything working against it, Ruben’s movie is eminently watchable thanks in large part to the brilliant cast, led confidently by Richardson.”

Anything for Jackson Movie Film

Review: Justin G. Dyck’s ‘Anything for Jackson’

“‘Anything for Jackson’ is a perfect example of wasted potential, as the film contains some solid elements that Dyck fails to build upon.”

Lingering Movie Film

Review: Yoon Een-Kyoung’s ‘Lingering’

“Even if ‘Lingering’ is ultimately a disappointing experience, it promises much in the future from Yoon and the crew.”

The Mortuary Collection Movie Film

Review: Ryan Spindell’s ‘The Mortuary Collection’

“Spindell pays homage to many horror productions, yet his film is its own uniquely strange, inventive, entertaining and frequently frightening little monster.”

Rose Movie Review - 2020 Jennifer Sheridan Film

London Film Festival Review: Jennifer Sheridan’s ‘Rose’

“Many British micro-productions focus on Britain’s mud. ‘Rose’ shows us the frost.”

Kriya Movie Film

Review: Sidharth Srinivasan’s ‘Kriya’

“Unfortunately, Kriya’s script is the weakest link. Much of the dialogue sounds like it was lifted straight from a soap opera, and the film occasionally veers into melodrama, which isn’t particularly becoming for a folk horror film set almost entirely in a single location.”

Alone Movie Review - 2020 John Hyams Film

Fantasia 2020 Review: John Hyams’ ‘Alone’

“Even seen without the lens of current events, ‘Alone’ is a harrowing experience that earns its power by being uncomfortably credible.”

Tokyo Vampire Hotel

Sion Sono’s ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’ Is Trauma Porn, and Maybe That’s OK

“The most remarkable feature of ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’ is its timeliness. Though the series was released in 2017, it takes place in 2021, and something about it feels distinctly ‘2020s,’ distinctly of the cinema to come, if not distinctly of 2020 and the present moment.”

Impetigore Movie Review - 2019 Joko Anwar Film

Review: Joko Anwar’s ‘Impetigore’

“Indonesian horror has been gradually finding its feet over the past few years, and ‘Impetigore’ shows that we’ve barely even scratched the surface.”

Relic 2020 Movie - Film Review

Review: Natalie Erika James’ ‘Relic’

“James’ arresting, emotional and attention-grabbing film understands that what’s most frightening is barely glimpsed and feels disarmingly normal.”

The Beach House Movie Review - 2019 Jeffrey A. Brown Film

Review: Jeffrey A. Brown’s ‘The Beach House’

“‘The Beach House’ signals an exciting new star in horror.”

Z Movie Review - 2019 Brandon Christensen Film

Review: Brandon Christensen’s ‘Z’

“As a genre exercise, ‘Z’ shows promise for what Christensen might do with a higher budget.”

Blood Quantum Movie Review - 2019 Jeff Barnaby Film

Review: Jeff Barnaby’s ‘Blood Quantum’

“Politically motivated but never preachy, ‘Blood Quantum’ is a zombie movie for the ages that honors the grandest traditions of the genre while remaining true to its own unique essence.”

Bacurau Movie Review - 2019 Film by Juliano Dornelles and Kleber Mendonça Filho

Review: Juliano Dornelles and Kleber Mendonça Filho’s ‘Bacurau’

“Relishing in its ability to wrong foot and thrill right to its final moments, ‘Bacurau’ is an unashamedly cinematic experience, with its makers playing in a sandbox of tropes and expectations, subverting them to put forward a radical and wholly essential message.”

Gretel and Hansel 2020 Movie - Film Review

Review: Oz Perkins’ ‘Gretel & Hansel’

“Great art has every piece in intimate communion with the art as a whole. ‘Gretel & Hansel’ takes an elemental approach to the folklore, gasping with the fears of the original material while exhaling a new mystique of its own.”

Scare Me 2020 Movie - Film Review

Sundance Film Festival Review: Josh Ruben’s ‘Scare Me’

“‘Scare Me’ takes a while to get going, awkwardly finding its footing through its opening scenes, but when it settles into the long night of storytelling in the cabin, Ruben’s debut feature becomes a total delight.”

Color Out of Space Movie Review - 2019 Richard Stanley Film

Review: Richard Stanley’s ‘Color Out of Space’

“‘Color Out of Space’ is one of the weirdest, most disgusting, thought-provoking and provocative releases of the year…”