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Playlist Review: Drake ‘More Life’

“By taking the pressure off himself, Drake has freed himself up to produce his most spry, self-assured work yet.”

Album Review: The Shins ‘Heartworms’

“Even if Mercer never ends up creating his ‘Pet Sounds,’ he seems to be settling nicely into his ‘Sunflower’ years.”

Album Review: Sleaford Mods ‘English Tapas’

“They are the band Britain needs at this moment in time.”

Album Review: Ryan Adams ‘Prisoner’

“The songs on ‘Prisoner’ seem shackled to the chains of (unrequited) love.”

Album Review: Migos ‘Culture’

“‘Culture’ could already be described as a career-defining work, except Migos’ career is still being defined.”

Album Review: Ty Segall ‘Ty Segall’

“A greatest hits package featuring brand new material. Sell that, Time Life!”

Album Review: The Flaming Lips ‘Oczy Mlody’

“Ultimately, ‘Oczy Mlody’ is a hangover from one too many Cyrus-thrown bashes.”

EP Review: Of Montreal ‘Rune Husk’

“This is the closest anyone has come to the Head-era Monkees.”

Album Review: Jay Som ‘Turn Into’

“‘Turn Into’ is a throwback to the “guitar record”; this is a hook-driven, lushly layered experience; guitar tone as mood enhancer.”

Album Review: Neil Young ‘Peace Trail’

“He’s still planting seeds and still stoking fires.”

Streamless – Off the Subscription Grid: ‘Film’ Starring 1965 Buster Keaton

“How are we doing here, folks? Does any of this make a lick of sense?”

Album Review: Childish Gambino ‘Awaken, My Love!’

“AML is giant leap forward, as the juvenile raps/punchlines of previous records are replaced with deep-felt yearning.”

Streamless – Off the Subscription Grid: ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’

Mike Postalakis on the 1978 Fiasco ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’

Album Review: Pavo Pavo ‘Young Narrator in the Breakers’

“Ethereal with an eye roll, Bagg seems to have materialized from a Zach Braff vision board. Her voice is soothing, a tossed-off Julie Andrews.”

Streamless – Off the Subscription Grid: ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’

“This is L-I-V-I-N in the moment at its best.”