Know the Cast: ‘The Four of Us’

The Four of Us Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie (Du Sie Er & Wir)

The Four of Us cast features Nilam Farooq, Paula Kalenberg, Jonas Nay and Louis Nitsche. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Florian Gottschick’s 2021 Netflix movie. Visit the Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Set primarily at a beach house, The Four of Us follows two couples who agree to a partner swap. All of the characters break the “no sex” rule and then open up about their motivations during a weekend retreat. One of the main protagonists, Janina, claims that she’s pregnant, which starts a group conversation about individual wants and needs. Here’s every main performer and character in The Four of Us (Du Sie Er & Wir).

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The Four of Us Cast: Nilam Farooq as Janina

The Four of Us Cast on Netflix (Du Sie Er & Wir) - Nilam Farooq as Janina

Character Profile: A vegan journalist who likes to curate her life experiences on social media. She pitches a partner swap idea to her friend Maria. Janina betrays her boyfriend Ben by having sex with her former lover, Nils.

Farooq’s Resume: Olivia Fareedi in SOKO: Der Prozess (2013), Olivia Fareedi in Leipzig Homicide (2013-19), Rita in Sweethearts (2019), Naima Hamid in Contra (2020), Rezeptionistin in Susi (2020)

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The Four of Us Cast: Paula Kalenberg as Maria

The Four of Us Cast on Netflix (Du Sie Er & Wir) - Paula Kalenberg as Maria

Character Profile: A kindergarten teacher. She betrays her partner Nils by hooking up with Janina’s boyfriend, Ben. Maria feels bored with her life and thus seeks out exciting opportunities.

Kalenberg’s Resume: Hanna in The Cloud (2006), Kristina Söderbaum in Jud Süss – Film ohne Gewissen (2010), Jackie in Eine Sommerliebe zu Dritt (2016), Antje in Granny Nanny (2020), Jessica Pabst in Letzte Spur Berlin (2020)

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The Four of Us Cast: Jonas Nay as Nils

The Four of Us Cast on Netflix (Du Sie Er & Wir) - Jonas Nay as Nils

Character Profile: A realtor. He has sex with Janina during a two-month partner swap and believes that he fathered her child. Nils steadily teases Ben about his masculinity.

Nay’s Resume: Jakob Moormann in 4 Against Z (2005-06), Jakob Moormann in Homevideo (2011), Eine Sommerliebe zu Dritt  in Line of Separation (2015-18), Martin Rauch in Deutschland 83 (2015), Max in The Accidental Rebel (2019)

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The Four of Us Cast: Louis Nitsche as Ben

The Four of Us Cast on Netflix (Du Sie Er & Wir) - Louis Nitsche as Ben

Character Profile: Janina’s boyfriend, an actor. He can’t have children because of an undescended testicle issue during childhood. Ben makes incorrect assumptions about others and gets frustrated when Janina claims that she’s pregnant, presumably with Nils’ child.

Nitsche’s Resume: Basti in Morden im Norden (2017), Markus Dahl in In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte (2018), Basti in Hit and Run (2018), Ferdy in Isi & Ossi (2020)

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The Four of Us Cast: Tim Oliver Schultz as Anton

The Four of Us Cast on Tim Oliver Schultz as Anton

Character Profile: Janina’s colleague. He teases her during the opening sequence. Anton shows up again during the climax for a comedic performance.

Schultz’s Resume: Jens in The Wave (2008), Leo Roland in The Red Band Society (2015-17), Theo in Haunted Hospital (2018), Timo Savona in Väter: Allein zu Haus (2019-), Tobias in Granny Nanny (2020)

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The Four of Us cast also includes Paula Paul (A Little Chaos, The Drag and Us), Janina Elkin (Foreign Body, The Queen’s Gambit), Nora Huetz (Absolution, A.I. Tales) and Emma Riegel.

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