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Maid Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Series

The Maid soundtrack incorporates music by Salt-N-Pepa, Sharon Van Etten and HAIM. This info article contains spoilers for Molly Smith Metzler’s Netflix series. Visit the Soundtracks of Television section for more Vague Visages streaming guides.

Maid stars Margaret Qualley as a single mother named Alex Russell. She flees from an abusive relationship and cleans houses for a living. Qualley’s real-life mother Andie MacDowell co-stars as Alex’s artist mother who suffers from mental health issues. During the protagonist’s quest to achieve her immediate goals, the score by musicians Chris Stracey and Este Haim complements the selection of pop rock needledrops. See below for a full listing of every featured track in Maid, an adaptation of Stephanie Land’s 2019 book.

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 1 “Dollar Store”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “STARGAZING” by Travis Scott (00:04): Alex visits a friend and spots the co-workers of her abusive ex-boyfriend, Sean (Nick Robinson). The Maid soundtrack song plays during a flashback campfire scene. “STARGAZING” cuts when Alex returns to reality.
  • “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa (00:05): Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet) requests to hear the song. Alex reluctantly plays a tape. The song scores a flashback montage featuring the mother and daughter.
  • “Seventeen” by Sharon Van Etten (00:18): Alex begins a new job at Value Maids. Her banks account drops to $2.10 after purchasing supplies and gas. The lyric “I used to be free” correlates with Alex’s perspective.

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 2 “Ponies”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “Electric Love” by Børns (00:02): The Maid soundtrack music scores a flashback scene. Alex learns that Sean is a bartender at The Swan. “Electric Love” plays lightly in the background.
  • “Ain’t No Man” by The Avett Brothers (00:04): Nate (Raymond Ablack) offers a ride to Alex and Maddy. He speaks about the movie Frozen and his son, Brady. The song continues as Nate references “the great Sean Boyd.”
  • “Like a Woman Should” by Hayley Mary (00:14): Maddy finds toy ponies at McMullen House. Alex bonds with her daughter. The song scores an extended montage as the two character enjoy themselves together.
  • “Girl from Ipanema” by Antonio Carlos Jobim (00:30): Alex and Danielle (Aimee Carrero) attend Regina’s Open House. They pretend to be a couple named Yasmina Jade Skye and Taylor Swiftman. The song is barely audible.
  • “Sound & Color” by Alabama Shakes (00:37): Alex remembers a positive experience with Sean. The Maid soundtrack song highlights the protagonist’s optimism from years before. Alex is pleased to know that A River Runs Through It made the syllabus for a collegiate course in Montana.
  • “Let Go” by Sharon Van Etten (00:42): Alex walks away from Sean’s home. The song is highlighted as Qualley’s character spots her ex bartending. “Let Go” fades as Alex thinks about her daughter.
  • “Down the Line” by Night Shop (00:49): Alex reads a story to stuff ponies. She jokingly asks if they have any notes. The song plays over the final shot and end credits.

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 3 “Sea Glass”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy (00:09): Alex begins working with a new partner. The Maid soundtrack song begins as the protagonist prepares for a long day of work. “Bam Bam” drops as Alex vomits.
  • “Bringin’ It Home” by Sandy Szigeti (00:20): Alex and her mother drive together. The song plays in the background. Paula remembers a boyfriend named Larry.
  • “Show Me Some Affection” by Dave Mason (00:25): Paula recovers stored property. “Show Me Some Affection” plays briefly as MacDowell’s character moves on from the past.
  • “Always Forever” by Aquilo (00:43): Alex arrives at her apartment with Maddy. She discovers that Paula painted a wall for her granddaughter. The song closes out the episode.

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 4 “Cashmere”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “I’ve Got Plenty To Be Thankful For” by Bing Crosby (00:05): Alex shops with Maddy after visiting with Nate. She then delays the checkout line while figuring out her payment options. The Maid soundtrack song can barely be heard.
  • “Something Like Summer” by Caveboy (00:07): Alex and Maddie enjoy themselves in the forest. The song continues as they share a memorable experience.
  • “Up From a Dream” by HAIM (00:10): Alex returns to work after spending time with her daughter. She takes canned goods in correlation with the lyric “Something you see wakes you from a dream.”
  • “Way It Goes” by Hippo Campus (00:20): Another day of works begins for Alex. She reflects while looking out the window towards a lake.
  • “Too Young” by Phoenix (00:21): Alex looks at various items in Regina’s home. She tries on jewelry and a cashmere sweater. The Maid soundtrack song continues as Alex dances and enjoys some white wine.
  • “Daydream” by Tycho (00:45): Alex drives home with Maddy. The music plays over the final sequence and end credits.

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 5 “Thief”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “The Let Go” by Elle King (00:06): Alex says goodbye to Maddy after clashing with Rose (Jelena Milinkovic). The Maid soundtrack song continues as Qualley’s protagonist calms down after hitting her steering wheel.
  • “Forgiveness” by Lords Of Ruin feat. Mike Clark (00:28): Kelly (Jill Morrison) rocks out at work. The song plays as Alex spots something, or someone, moving in the forest.
  • “Full Circle” by Half Moon Run (00:33): Alex recovers from a panic attack and looks for her mother. The song fades as she reunites with Danielle, who pretends not to know her former shelter friend.
  • “I Wrote in Blood” by Still Corners (00:55): Alex speaks with Paula and holds Maddy. The Maid soundtrack song closes out the episode.

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 6 “M”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa (00:00): Alex arrives in Missoula during a flashback sequence. The music fades as she enjoys a moment of peace.
  • “Now I’m In It” by HAIM (00:22): The song scores a maid sequence. Alex puts on headphones and locks into her routine at Regina’s home.
  • “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen (00:33): Alex finds someone who is willing to make an under-the-table arrangement in regard to TBRA vouchers. She celebrates outdoors after finding a new home and landscaping work.
  • “As a Child” by Michael Gaughan (00:41): Alex celebrates Maddy’s birthday. She visits with friends as Sean arrives. The Maid soundtrack song plays as Alex learns that her ex brought a date.
  • “Supalonely” by BENEE deat. Gus Dapperton (00:48): Nate offers to help Alex clean after the party. They agree to speak the following day. The song fades as the partygoers leave.
  • “Dawn Chorus” by Thom Yorke (00:52): Alex apologizes for Sean’s drunken mess. She cries in her vehicle after being asked to leave. Alex and Maddy arrive at Nate’s home in correlation with the lyric “Without a second thought” as the episode ends.

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 7 “String Cheese”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • No Featured Songs

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 8 “Bear Hunt”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “Piano Sonata No. 16 In C Major, Kv 545 Sonata Facile: I. Allegro” by Ronan O’Hora (00:18): Alex helps Regina put her child to sleep. She cuts the music before leaving the room.
  • “Now I’m In It” by HAIM (00:22): Alex applies for college. She uses Regina’s computer while having a glass of wine. Alex types out maid-themed stories that she’d written in a notebook.
  • “The Last Man On Earth” by Wolf Alice (00:55): The Maid soundtrack song scores a slo-mo sequence. Alex reflects while disappearing into a couch as the episode ends with “You’d like a light to shine on you.”

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 9 “Sky Blue”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “Serpents” by Sharon Van Etten (00:13): Alex leaves Sean’s trailer with Maddy. She navigates the forest before reaching a road.
  • “Leave Like That” by SYML feat. Jenn Champion (00:19): Maddy wakes up Alex. They receive food from “the breakfast fairy.” The Maid soundtrack song continues as the mother and daughter leave room 23 at McMullen House.
  • “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root (00:36): Alex begins work at the home of a hoarder. She agrees to a modest payment. The music fades when Alex is asked to stop working and it picks up when she chooses to continue.
  • “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa (00:41): Alex and Maddy sing together. The song drops as the protagonist meets with her lawyer, Tara (Mozhan Marnò).
  • “Peace Signs” by Sharon Van Etten (00:48): Alex shops at the McMullen House boutique. She chooses her favorite color, sky blue, and pays with fake cash.
  • “Every Time The Sun Comes Up” by Sharon Van Etten (00:56): Alex says goodnight to her mother. Paula drives away in her vehicle. The Maid soundtrack song closes out the episode as Alex learns that Paula has been living in a car.

Maid Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 10 “Snaps”

Maid Soundtrack on Netflix

  • “Girl (Acoustic)” by SYML (00:00): Alex watches her mother in a Walmart parking lot. The Maid soundtrack song continues as Paula enjoys a quiet moment near a lake.
  • “Hello Hello Hello” by Remi Wolf (00:10): Alex scrubs a bathtub at work. A graphic shows financial growth. The song cuts as Alex orders an English textbook.
  • “We Get By” by Mavis Staples Feat. Ben Harper (00:39): Alex enjoys beach time with Paula and Maddy. She packs up items at the McMullen House. The lyric “We get by” highlights Alex’s perseverance.
  • “Let Go” by Sharon Van Etten (00:49): Alex reads a story about her happiest day that hasn’t happened yet. She anticipates a nine-hour, 566-mile journey to Missoula, Montana with her daughter Maddy. The Maid soundtrack song scores the series’ final sequence as Alex states that she intends to climb Sentinel Mountain and tell her daughter that the big “M” stands for “Maddy.”

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