Soundtracks of Television: ‘Angelyne’

Angelyne Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Peacock Miniseries

The Angelyne soundtrack includes music by Electric Light Orchestra, Yoko Ono and The Animals. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Nancy Oliver’s 2022 Peacock miniseries. Visit the Soundtracks of Television section for more Vague Visages music guides.

Angelyne stars Emmy Rossum as Angelyne, a legendary billboard star in Los Angeles. Alex Karpovsky co-stars as Jeff Glaser, a journalist for The Hollywood Reporter who investigates the title character’s background. The storyline follows the ups and downs of Angelyne’s weirdly wonderful life. Composer Jonathan Sadoff (The Mick) scored the Peacock miniseries; music supervisors Thomas Patterson (Lodge 49) and Maggie Phillips (Snowfall) selected the featured needle-drops. Here’s every song in Angelyne.

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Angelyne Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 1 “Dream Machine”

Angelyne Soundtrack on Peacock - Every Song in Episode 1

  • “Evil Woman” by Electric Light Orchestra (00:01): The Angelyne soundtrack song scores the title sequence. Graphics establish the timeframe as “1981 or 1982.” Three construction workers discuss an Angelyne billboard.
  • “Mind Train” by Yoko Ono (00:06): Cory (Philip Ettinger) recalls his experiences with Angelyne. The music accompanies a 1977-ish sequence at the Starwood. “Mind Train” drop as Angelyne talks about her plan during the late 70s.
  • “Palm of Your Hand” by Angelyne Cast (00:07): Baby Blue performs at the Starwood. Angelyne narrates about finding a band that she could mold. Cory talks about the night he met Rossum’s character.
  • “Listen, Don’t Think” by Sleaze (00:08): Cory approaches Angelyne. He asks for her opinion of Baby Blue. The Angelyne soundtrack song continues as the characters chat at the Starwood’s bar area.
  • “Dedication (Bonus Track)” by Bates Motel (00:09): Cory talks about his father’s “Soviet work ethic.” He recalls moving to Los Angeles. Angelyne says, “Fathers can ruin your life.”
  • “What in the World” by KPM Music (00:16): Cory meets with his bandmates at a diner. He talks about Angelyne joining Baby Blue. Cory says she is “moldable” and “eye candy.”
  • “Criminal Element” by Nicki Corvette and the Convertibles (00:17): Older Bud Griffin (Antjuan Tobias) recalls Cory’s “true talent.” The Angelyne soundtrack song plays as the main protagonist enters a diner. Rossum’s character explains her marketing strategy.
  • “Fantasy Man” by Angelyne Cast (00:20): Baby Blue performs at the Starwood. Angelyne makes her debut as the lead vocalist. She shakes her butt at the audience.
  • “Hollywood” by The Runaways (00:21): Cory takes pictures of Angelyne. Both characters narrate about their experiences. Cory says that Angelyne would always choose the “shitty, overexposed” shots.
  • “Big Night Out” by Lawrence Dewey (00:26): Angelyne introduces Cory to Steve Hughes (Guy Wilson). The Angelyne soundtrack song plays briefly during a night club sequence.
  • “Kiss Me LA” by Angelyne Cast (00:26): Baby Blue performs at the Whiskey a Go Go. The band appears in VHS-style footage. Angelyne upstages Cory.
  • “Cheap Tragedies” by Avengers (00:28): Baby Blue finishes a performance. Angelyne sighs as her bandmates celebrate. She chats with Freddy (Charlie Rowe).
  • “You” by Delta 5 (00:33): Cory buys Angelyne a new car. He proposes and gets rejected. The Angelyne soundtrack song cuts as Rossum’s character enters her vehicle
  • “Wild Thing” by Angelyne Cast (00:37): Cory prioritizes his creative goals. The music scores a 1981 sequence. Cory records a cover song.
  • “Emergency” by Girlschool (00:44): Cory spends time in rehab. He receives a visit from Angelyne. Rossum’s character reveals her new look to Cory.
  • “It’s All over Now, Baby Blue” by The Animals (00:47): The Angelyne soundtrack song plays during an extended sequence. Cory narrates about the end of his relationship with Rossum’s character. Angelyne cruises away in a pink vehicle.
  • “Getting Nowhere Fast” by Girls at Our Best! (00:49): Rick (Hamish Linklater) calls Jeff Glazer. He agrees to an interview with Angelyne. The music scores the end credits.

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Angelyne Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 2 “Gods and Fairies”

Angelyne Soundtrack on Peacock - Every Song in Episode 2

  • “Kiss Kiss Kiss” by Yoko Ono (00:00): Angelyne turns off Sunset Boulevard. She arrives at a diner with sunglasses on. The Angelyne soundtrack song continues as the title character meets with Jeff.
  • “Monkey Talk” by Lene Lovich (00:05): Angelyne arrives at Wallach Printing. She asks to meet with Harold (Martin Freeman). The music drops as Angelyne speaks with a young woman.
  • “Princess” by Claude Tissendier, Henri Renaud (00:11): Angelyne meets with Harold. They discuss the aesthetics of a billboard. Harold gives creative control to Angelyne.
  • “Fanfanfanatisch” by Rheingold (00:14): Angelyne narrates about her dream team. She hunts for the perfect billboard location. The Angelyne soundtrack song drops as Rossum’s character says “This is about survival.”
  • “Nobody Sees Me Like You Do” by The Apples in Stereo, Yoko Ono (00:15): Angelyne cruises around in Hollywood. She stops outside China Tree Cafe. Angelyne spots her first billboard.
  • “Teenage Kicks” by KPM Music (00:16): Angelyne poses for a photograph at the beach. She speaks with a reporter. Angelyne states that she hopes to raise the consciousness of mankind.
  • “Mine” by Abjects (00:21): Angelyne talks about phone calls from fans. Joe Haywood from the Los Angeles Times requests an interview. The Angelyne soundtrack song continues as Harold asks Rossum’s character about her acting experience.
  • “Do You Dream in Colour” by Bill Nelson (00:33): The track scores a printing press montage. Harold sits in his office with Lou (Mark Atteberry) and Sheldon (Alex Ball). Angelyne arrives 30 minutes late for a meeting.
  • “Telephone Line” by Electric Light Orchestra (00:39): Angelyne drives with Harold. They float over Hollywood during a fantastical sequence. The music plays during the end credits at 00:42.

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Angelyne Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 3 “Glow in the Dark Queen of the Universe”

Angelyne Soundtrack on Peacock - Every Song in Episode 3

  • “My List” by Angelyne Cast (00:00): Angelyne drives around Hollywood with Jeff. She talks about where billboards used to be. The Angelyne soundtrack song drops as Rick recalls a “non-stop rollercoaster.”
  • “You Make Me Feel So Good” by Book of Love (00:00): Rick narrates about his first meeting with Angelyne. The music scores a 1984 sequence. Rick introduces himself to Angelyne.
  • “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads (00:03): A new Angelyne billboard goes up in 1987. Rossum’s character drives around in her pink vehicle. Angelyne earns more fans in Hollywood.
  • “True Love, Pt. 2” by X (00:06): Angelyne prepares for an interview. She sits atop a television. The Angelyne soundtrack song plays as the title character speaks with a talk show host.
  • “Kiss Me L.A.” by Angelyne Cast (00:31): Angelyne drives around with Jeff. She plays a Baby Blue song. Angelyne says that all her music has been inspired by aliens.
  • “Ufo” by Nina Hagen (00:34): Angelyne and Jeff arrive at a party. The music scores an exterior scene. Angelyne walks alone.
  • “Cosmic Shiva” by Nina Hagen (00:35): Angelyne enters a room. She performs with a group of people wearing pink accessories. The Angelyne soundtrack song continues as Jeff enters.
  • “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes (00:37): Jeff speaks with Angelyne at a party. They discuss an article. Jeff says, “I guess I’ll try to think of something.”
  • “The Enchanted Sea” by Martin Denny (00:39): Jeff meets with a source at a diner. He looks at a photo of a young Angelyne/Rachel. The track scores the end credits at 00:40.

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Angelyne Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 4 “The Tease”

Angelyne Soundtrack on Peacock - Every Song in Episode 4

  • “Strict Machine” by Goldfrapp (00:03): Max (Lukas Gage) recalls graduating from USC and looking for a job. The Angelyne soundtrack song plays as he talks about the title character. Max decides to make a documentary.
  • “Afrikaan Beat” by Bert Kaempfert (00:26): Max meets with Harold. Angelyne leaves a voice mail about “unprofessional” behavior.
  • “Tea Dance Waltz” by Franz Schmidt-Hagen (00:29): Max interviews Harold. He asks him about the last time he saw Angelyne. Harold goes for a ride with Rossum’s character.
  • “Wild Thing” by The Troggs (00:34): Max meets Cory in New York. The Angelyne soundtrack song scores a garage sequence. Cory says, “I had a billboard for this song.”
  • “Dedicated to the One I Love” by The Mamas & the Papas (00:35): Cory tells Max that Angelyne has a sister. The music plays during a garage scene. Angelyne calls Max and inquires about “inappropriate questions.”
  • “Tu Y Tu Mirar, Yo Y Mi Canción”  by Los Angeles Negros (00:42): Max talks about Angelyne telling the truth during an arbitration hearing. The music scores a street sequence and plays again at 45:00 during the end credits.

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Angelyne Soundtrack: Every Song in Episode 5 “Pink Clouds”

Angelyne Soundtrack on Peacock - Every Song in Episode 5

  • “I Remember” by Ambulance (00:00): The Angelyne soundtrack song scores the opening sequence. Young Rachel runs around with Young Leah (Sophie Knapp).
  • “The Enchanted Sea” by Martin Denny (00:02): Rick reads an article about Angelyne. Jeff talks about the nature of his work. Angelyne recalls a “very interesting story.”
  • “The Seven Year Itch: A Dream — From The Seven Year Itch” by Alfred Newman Marilyn Monroe (00:06): Rick continues reading an article. The text references the title character’s past. Young Rachel and Young Leah enter a ballroom in 1959.
  • “I Wanna Be Loved by You” by Angelyne Cast (00:07): A woman performs the Angelyne soundtrack song in a ballroom. Young Rachel watches with Young Leah. The singer transforms to Angelyne.
  • “Fargess Mich Nit” by The Barry Sisters (00:12): Teen Rachel (Libi Rose) looks at a doll. Her mother speaks in Hebrew. Rachel inquires about family photos.
  • “Go Where You Wanna Go” by The Mamas & the Papas (00:17): Teen Rachel applies make-up. She speaks the song’s title lyric. Rachel turns down the radio volume.
  • “Have You Seen Her” by The Chi-Lites (00:36): Angelyne meets with fans on Sunset Boulevard. Rossum’s character speaks about her persona and identity. The music continues during an interview sequence with several characters.
  • “The Glamorous Life” by Sheila E (00:40): Rossum breaks character. The Angelyne soundtrack song plays from a computer room. Interview clips appear on multiple monitors as the miniseries concludes.

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