Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Fresh’

Fresh Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Hulu Movie

The Fresh soundtrack includes music by Blood Orange, Duran Duran and La Femme. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Mimi Cave’s 2022 Hulu movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Fresh stars Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa, a woman who hopes to organically find a romantic partner. Sebastian Stan co-stars as Steve, a charismatic gentleman who invites the protagonist to his forest home. The storyline follows Noa as she learns the shocking truth about Steve’s line of work. Composer Alex Somers (Together Together) scored the 114-minute film; music supervisor Henry van Roden (The Walking Dead) put together the extensive list of needle-drop tracks. Here’s every song in Fresh.

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Fresh Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 Hulu Movie

Fresh Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Hulu Movie

  • “Complete Failure” by Blood Orange (00:00:00): The Fresh soundtrack song scores the opening sequence. Noa scrolls through her Puzzle Piece account. She sighs and receives a notification.
  • “Thank You for Being a Friend” by Cindy Fee and Math Club (00:01:00): Noa receives a call from Mollie (Jonica T. Gibbs). The Golden Girls theme music plays briefly as a ringtone. Noa groans about a potential “cash only” hookup; the track plays again at 01:05:00.
  • “It Feel Good to Be Me” by Blackway (00:06:00): Noa works out at a gym. Mollie suggests sending a mean text to Chad (Brett Dier). She believes that Noa doesn’t need a man.
  • “Leopard’s Tongue” by Karen O & Danger Mouse (00:07:00): Noa and Mollie finish a workout. The Fresh soundtrack song scores the moment. The music continues as Noa uses her computer at home.
  • “Lisa Leaving Queens” by Stedapol C.C. Watt (00:12:00): Noa receives a text from Steve. She enters a restaurant in a transition scene. Noa and Steve chat at a bar.
  • “Citrus Light” by Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason (00:15:00): Noa and Steve bond during a date. The music sets in as the characters gaze at each other. Steve flirts with Noa and inquires about her life.
  • “Cherry Plum” by Astronauts, etc. (00:22:00): Noa brushes her teeth after a phone call with Mollie. She meets with Steve in a transition sequence. The Fresh soundtrack song continues as the characters chat about their friends.
  • “You’re Not Good Enough” by Blood Orange (00:23:00): Steve asks Noa to dance. They boogie together during an apartment scene. The music fades as Steve takes a picture of Noa and proposes a trip.
  • “I Just Want Happiness” by MAKER feat. Rich Jones (00:25:00): Noa plans a weekend trip with Steve. She calls Mollie and informs her about the news. The characters discuss Steve.
  • “La Fin Du Monde” by Juniore (00:26:00): Noa and Steve begin their weekend trip. The Fresh soundtrack song scores a montage sequence. Steve drives and tells Noa that they’re going to Cottage Grove.
  • “Whole Lotta Your Love” by Lee Hurst (00:29:00): Noa explores Steve’s home. She asks about WiFi service and looks at a painting. Steve makes a special type of Old Fashioned, one with “a twist.”
  • “I Hear a New World” by Joe Meek & The Blue Man (00:33:00): Noa passes out at Steve’s home. The track scores the title sequence.
  • “Piece of Me” by Lady Wray (00:42:00): The Fresh soundtrack song accompanies an office scene. Mollie uses Google at her computer. She texts Noa and asks about the Cottage Grove trip.
  • “Obsession” by Animotion (00:43:00): Steve dances at his forest home. He holds a human leg and continues grooving in his kitchen. Steve prepares bags of human meat to sell.
  • “Restless Heart” by Peter Cetera (00:49:00): The track scores a slo-mo sequence. Steve sings as an EKG beeps. He tells Noa that he gave her an epidural.
  • “Rose Gold” by Jason Joshua & The Beholders (00:50:00): Mollie arrives at a bar. She speaks with her former flame, Paul (Dayo Okeniyi), the bartender. The Fresh soundtrack song plays in the establishment.
  • “Malcriada” by Jarina De Marco (01:07:00): Paul eats a sandwich in his vehicle. He takes a screenshot of Mollie’s location.
  • “Perfect Day” by Duran Duran (01:09:00): Ann (Charlotte Le Bon) prepares to take a shower. It’s revealed that she’s missing part of one leg. Steve jogs during a slo-mo sequence.
  • “Exit Music (For a Film)” by Vitamin String Quartet (01:13:00): Steve tells Noa that he’s not going to drug her again. The Fresh soundtrack song plays as he pours a glass of wine. The characters discuss the taste of human meat.
  • “El Amor Brujo (Love the Magician): Pantomima” by Clara Rockmore and Nadia Reisenberg (01:23:00): Noa makes plans with Steve. The characters clean up as the music plays. Steve takes Noa to his dinner table.
  • “Long Is the Night” by Peter Sivo Band (01:25:00): Noa and Steve begin their “date.” The music scores a dinner sequence. Noa takes a big gulp of wine and begins eating “Melissa.”
  • “Our Love” by The Starr Sisters (01:28:00): Steve shows Noa a secret area behind a painting. The Fresh soundtrack song accompanies the big reveal. Steve discusses souvenirs that allow clients to “feel closer to the women.”
  • “Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx (01:34:00): Noa asks Steve to dance. The characters smile at each other as the music plays. Noa and Steve kiss.
  • “Le Jardin” by La Femme (01:36:00): Noa and Steve continue dancing. The characters move in sync as a quick insert edit teases a bedroom encounter. Noa bites Steve.
  • “Today” by Danny Brown (01:41:00): Paul listens to music in his vehicle. The bartender thinks that he might’ve taken a wrong turn. Paul tries to locate Mollie.
  • “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (01:49:00): Noa and Mollie laugh together. The Fresh soundtrack song scores the final sequence and end credits.

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The Fresh soundtrack also includes:

  • “After the Show” by Eric V. Hachikian
  • “Believe In” by Eamon
  • “Shlummin” by Goodiegumdrops

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