Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘The Perfect Family’

The Perfect Family Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Movie (La familia perfecta)

The Perfect Family soundtrack includes music by Stacey Kent, Ly Raine and Carolina Yuste. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Arantxa Echevarría’s 2021 movie on Netflix. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

The Perfect Family stars Belén Rueda as Lucía, an accomplished yet uptight Madrileña who spends time with her family in a Spanish village. Jose Coronado co-stars as Miguel, the soon-to-be father-in-law of Lucía’s son. The storyline follows two families as they try to find common ground after a wedding reception goes horribly wrong. Composers Pascal Gaigne (Plan de fuga) and Federico Jusid (The Secret in Their Eyes) scored the 110-minute film, which includes a variety of needle-drop and library music. Here’s every song in The Perfect Family aka La familia perfecta.

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The Perfect Family Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Movie

The Perfect Family Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Movie (La familia perfecta)

  • “Les Eaux De Mars” by Stacey Kent (00:01:00): The Perfect Family soundtrack song plays during the opening sequence. Pablo (Gonzalo Ramos) practices a speech. The music scores a transition sequence at Lucía’s posh home.
  • “Otra Vida” by Ly Raine (00:06:00): A young woman raps in Sara’s (Carolina Yuste) neighborhood as Pablo and his parents pull up. The track later plays on the radio at 00:34:00. “Otra Vida” also scores the end credits at 01:46:00.
  • “Bad Boys Latino” by Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson (00:17:00): Miguel talks during a trip to his home village, Soria. He sits alongside his dog, Amparito. The music plays from within a vehicle as Pablo drives.
  • “La Mujer Perfecta” by Gonzalo Ramos (00:17:00): The Perfect Family soundtrack song scores a car sequence. Pablo raises the stereo volume. He speaks with Sara and identifies the raunchy tune as “our song.” Pablo admits that he got “mixed up.”
  • “Yo Por Ti No Espero” by Carlos Jonatan Milan Rosa, Nicolas Nocchi, Yessica Milan Rosa (00:33:00): The reggae music accompanies a driving sequence. Lucía kisses Amparito; Miguel talks about his “country fresh” vegetables. A DJ speaks via Radio Soria.
  • “Symphony No. 4 in G 1 Bedächtig DG” by Gustav Mahler, Stamford Blue (00:39:00): Lucía sits next to her husband, Ernesto (Gonzalo de Castro). She tries to get his attention. Ernesto doesn’t identify romantic signals from his wife.
  • “Wedding March (Church Organ)” by Mick Parker (00:49:00): Sara enters a chapel for her wedding. The Perfect Family soundtrack song plays as Miguel walks her down the aisle. Lucía breathes heavy while standing next to Pablo.
  • “Paquito El Chocolatero” by Herederos de Gustavo Pascual Falco (00:57:00): Toni (Lalo Tenorio) pumps up the crowd at Sara’s wedding reception. Don Custodio (Jesús Vidal) dances with other guests. Toni wears headphones and moves like a Spanish bullfighter.
  • “Starlight Disco” by Bertrand Allagnat, Ernest Saint-Laurent (00:59:00): Lucía speaks with Sara and Pablo after an embarrassing moment. Amparo (Pepa Aniorte) cries after catching her husband cheating. Toni says, “I know you’re really sad, but Lucía is hot.”
  • “Mi Hora” by Carolina Yuste (01:10:00): The Perfect Family soundtrack song accompanies a montage sequence. Lucía cleans a “trash” room. The music plays again at 01:19:00 and during the end credits at 01:48:00.
  • “Eu Te Amo” by Ana Carolina (01:14:00): Lucía writes an apology letter to Amparo. She stands alone in a kitchen as the vocals set in. The music scores an organic transition shot in which Lucía writes a letter to Sara.
  • “Dale Dale (BPM Edit)” by Andrea Colussi, Andrea Buttignon Francesca Maria Gambelli, John Stee Correa (01:26:00): Sara leads a Zumba class. The track plays briefly.
  • “Gentil Papa Noel” by Henrik Lars Wikstrom, Natalie Ordan, Steve Martin (01:26:00): The Perfect Family soundtrack song scores an exterior sequence. Lucía walks outside with a smile on her face. She buys a mango and three bananas.
  • “Preshow Pulse” by Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson (01:31:00): Toni helps Ernesto prepare a Christmas meal. He pretends to scratch on a pot. Toni burns his fingers.

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The Perfect Family soundtrack also includes:

  • “Shake It” by Kenny Werner
  • “What You Did to Me” by Steve Stullgens
  • “Mooch the Smooch” by Cliff Haywood, Paul Reeves
  • “Morning Service” by Mick Parker, Richard Wagner
  • “Easter Morning” by Leslie Pearson
  • “Funky Dancefloor” by Jack David Elliot
  • “Once It Gets Started” by Lloyd Richmond, Marc Ferrari

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