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First Cow Movie Review - 2019 Kelly Reichardt Film

A Stirring Tale of Friendship: Kelly Reichardt’s ‘First Cow’

“Behold the elegance and oft-cited aesthetic minimalism with which Reichardt unfolds so many thoughts and ideas about race, representation and gender.”

Greyhound Movie Review - 2020 Aaron Schneider Apple TV+ Film

Review: Aaron Schneider’s ‘Greyhound’

“Greyhound’s inability to venture further into the depths of wartime psychology leaves it susceptible to being forgotten just as quickly as it emerged.”

Relic 2020 Movie - Film Review

Review: Natalie Erika James’ ‘Relic’

“James’ arresting, emotional and attention-grabbing film understands that what’s most frightening is barely glimpsed and feels disarmingly normal.”

Da 5 Bloods Movie Review - 2020 Spike Lee Netflix Film

Review: Spike Lee’s ‘Da 5 Bloods’

“One of the most effective storytelling strategies in Spike Lee’s ‘Da 5 Bloods’ is the application of the simple and elegant dichotomy.”

Capone Movie Review - 2020 Josh Trank Film

Review: Josh Trank’s ‘Capone’

“Hardy provides something alien, both amusing and disgusting, a unique cross between Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance in ‘The Shining’ and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Bug in ‘Men in Black.'”

TFW NO GF Movie Review - 2020 Alex Lee Moyer Documentary

Review: Alex Lee Moyer’s ‘TFW NO GF’

“By the time ‘TFW NO GF’ lets the viewer up for air, faith in the facts will have dissipated. It may feel like time to get offline, and stay there.”

Petals for Armor Review - Hayley Williams

Album Review: Hayley Williams ‘Petals for Armor’

“Although ‘Petals for Armor’ continually returns to a well of torment and reflection, there is a sense of reinvigorated purpose and direction at play in both Williams’ words and her aesthetic choices.”

Le choc du futur Movie Review - 2019 Marc Collin Film

Review: Marc Collin’s ‘Le choc du futur’

“One of the most accomplished elements of ‘Le choc du futur,’ which is Collin’s feature debut (he is better known as covers project Nouvelle Vague’s co-founder), is the way the film engages in an ongoing conversation on the nature of art and how we consume it as well as create it.”

Oscillospira Review Album

Album Review: JG Thirlwell and Simon Steensland ‘Oscillospira’

“In conjunction with the religious references of the track names, the music on ‘Oscillospira’ evokes the drama of creation and destruction on a grand scale.”

Finding Yingying Movie Review - 2020 Jenny Shi Documentary Film

‘Finding Yingying’: A Search for Answers to an Unanswerable Situation

“‘Finding Yingying’ doesn’t try to offer answers that it can’t manifest in reality, and instead allows the legacy of its subject to lead the way, through intimate diary entries, by pondering the important questions of who we want to be, for each other and for our communities.”

Fungus II Review - Wasted Shirt Album

Album Review: Wasted Shirt ‘Fungus II’

“‘Fungus II’ is another reminder that not only is Segall one of the most hard-working and talented artists of the last decade, but also a genuine musical omnivore.”

Undine Movie Review - 2020 Christian Petzold Film

Berlinale 2020 Review: Christian Petzold’s ‘Undine’

“Petzold’s use of fairytale is rote, but – as a piece of Sirkian high melodrama – ‘Undine’ is eminently satisfying.”

We Are from There Review - 2020 Documentary

IFFR 2020 Review: Wissam Tanios’ ‘We Are from There’

“As a first feature, ‘We Are from There’ is an assured piece of work. Tanios paces the documentary well, and maintains a consistent and observant tone when it would be easier to lean on the sentimentality or urgency of the assembled footage.”

Alva 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Ico Costa’s ‘Alva’

“A showcase of the potent purity of visual expression, ‘Alva’ concerns itself with consequence, more specifically the consequences we attribute to ourselves, as well as those we put upon others we can never truly know.”

Richard Jewell 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell’

“‘Richard Jewell’ is, for the most part, a captivating recreation of a man’s journey through hell and back. Its strong acting and character relationship dynamics are the main selling points, as Eastwood’s sense of direction and pacing are the best they have been in a long time.”

Just Don't Think I'll Scream Documentary

Photographic Memory in Frank Beauvais’ ‘Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream’

“Beauvais does what the essay filmmaker ought do: he appropriates film to his own ends. The combination of words and pictures rings nary a false note.”

SDR 2019 Movie - Short Film Review

Review: Alexa-Jeanne Dubé’s ‘SDR’

“Based on ‘Oui mais non’ and ‘S.D.R.,’ Dubé seems fully capable of tackling various genres, and taking the medium forward into the future.”

The Laundromat 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Steven Soderbergh’s ‘The Laundromat’

“A great magician never reveals his tricks, and Soderbergh far too nakedly shows the craft in ‘The Laundromat,’ whereas a narrower focus, with the human consequence of the Panama Papers in clear sight, could have beguiled, incited and entertained in equal measure.”

Ford v Ferrari 2019 Movie - Film Review

TIFF 2019 Review: James Mangold’s ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Provides an Old-School Adult Drama

“Nothing about ‘Ford v Ferrari’ reeks of studio interference, perhaps owing to the fact that the script hews so closely to screenwriting conventions that worked well for decades.”

Bait Interview - 2019 Mark Jenkin Movie

Review: Mark Jenkin’s ‘Bait’

“The experimental nature of Jenkin’s production means it might take a few scenes to really get hooked. ‘Bait’ reels the audience in, however, by casting a uniquely strange line, capturing elements of old and new cinema.”