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Philip Jozef Brubaker

The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile

‘Smiley Smile’: The Perfect Summer Soundtrack for a Weird Year

“As 2021 hipsters search for the perfect retro record to play while they celebrate beach-bound pandemic liberation, ‘Smiley Smile’ stands at attention.”

Koyaanisqatsi Documentary

Pandemic-Era Prophecies of Godfrey Reggio’s ‘Koyaanisqatsi’

“Nearly 40 years after its release, ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ continues to send signals.”

Black Peter Černý Petr Movie Film

‘Black Peter’ and the Wayward Path to Manhood

“As a character study, Miloš Forman’s feature directorial debut presents a realistic vision of a boy’s attempt to come of age; a path full of setbacks without a tidy resolution.”

Yi Yi Essay Movie Film

Edward Yang’s ‘Yi Yi’ in the Era of Social Distancing

“‘Yi Yi’ is a film for grown ups in the sense that the characters have lived long enough to understand how memories of people can stay with them over the course of their lives. Keeping your distance from people is not the same as giving up on them.”

The State of Things Movie Film

Sharing the Cinematic Bathwater: From Wim to Jim

“In retrospect, a film can seem so intentional, with every artistic choice so deliberate, that you can’t imagine it being any other way. But these movies that last for generations are often shaped by whims and circumstance.”

Just Don't Think I'll Scream Documentary

Photographic Memory in Frank Beauvais’ ‘Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream’

“Beauvais does what the essay filmmaker ought do: he appropriates film to his own ends. The combination of words and pictures rings nary a false note.”