Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Cinderella’

Cinderella Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Amazon Prime Movie

The Cinderella soundtrack features music by Janet Jackson, Queen and Madonna. This info article contains spoilers for Kay Cannon’s 2021 Amazon Prime movie. Visit the Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Cinderella stars musician Camila Cabello in her feature film debut. The musical co-headlines Idina Menzel (Frozen’s Elsa) as the protagonist’s scheming step-mother. Writer-director Kay Cannon’s re-imagining of Charles Perrault’s fairy tale includes supporting musical performances by Doc Brown, Tallulah Greive and Billy Porter, among other well-known names from pop culture. See below for a complete list of every song in the 2021 Amazon Prime movie Cinderella.

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Cinderella Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Amazon Prime Movie

Cinderella Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Amazon Prime Movie

  • “Rhythm Nation” by Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (00:01:00): Fab G (Porter) narrates about the work ethic of the focal community. Various supporting characters sing Janet’s Jackson’s 1989 hit. The Cinderella soundtrack song fades to introduce Vivian (Menzel) and the title character.
  • “You Gotta Be” by Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel (00:03:00): Cinderella dreams about what her life could be. The character wakes and sings Des’ree’s 1994 single about self-empowerment. The director Cannon intercuts the chorus from “Rhythm Nation.”
  • “Million to One” by Camila Cabello (00:08:00): Cinderella once again dreams about her future. She sings in her humble abode while three mice watch in admiration. The Cinderella soundtrack song is performed throughout the film as a reprise.
  • “The New Barry” by Ben Bailey Smith (00:13:00): Doc Brown’s Town Crier explains that his predecessor, Barry, died from dysentery. He then breaks down the news, and teases the new guard’s triumph over the old.
  • “Somebody to Love” by Nicholas Galitzine and the Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (00:21:00): The prince sings Queen’s 1976 single. After a conversation with his disapproving father, Galitzine’s character intends to find true love. The Cinderella soundtrack song can also be heard at 00:44:00.
  • “Material Girl” by Idina Menzel and the Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (00:30:00): Cinderella’s step-mother rocks out with her two birth daughters while performing Madonna’s 1984 single. In the scene, Vivian demonstrates the proper way to act in front of royalty. The Cinderella soundtrack song concludes with a male next-door neighbor expressing his approval.
  • “Shot at the Crown” by Ben Bailey Smith (00:35:00): The Town Crier returns for news about the upcoming ball. Various women grin at the thought of marrying the prince. Cinderella scoffs at the end, unaware that she’s standing next to royalty.
  • “Am I Wrong” by Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine, Idina Menzel and the Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (00:38:00): Cinderella works on designs and sings the 2013 hit by Nico & Vinz. In a transitional scene, various characters chime in with individual performances. The Cinderella soundtrack song fades as Cabello’s protagonist admires a pink dress that she designed.
  • “Shining Star” by Billy Porter and the Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (00:46:00): Fab G performs the Earth, Wind & Fire classic with a touch of Prince bravado. Cinderella watches in amazement, and then grooves to the beat as the music cuts.
  • “Whatta Man” by the Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (00:55:00): Various supporting characters sing the 1993 single by Salt-N-Pepa with En Vogue, a reimagining of the original 1968 tune by Linda Lyndell. The group performance of the Cinderella soundtrack song enlivens the film and sets up another another pop culture reference (see below).
  • “Seven Nation Army” by Nicholas Galitzine and the the Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (00:56:00): A cellist plays the 2003 rock song by The White Stripes. The prince speak-sings with his buddies about fending off all his admirers. The moment transforms into a group performance mash-up of “Seven Nation Army” and “Whatta Man.”
  • “Perfect” by Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine (01:03:00): Robert acknowledges “the people’s princess” — his younger sister, Gwen (Greive). The princess reveals that she’s wearing a dress made by Cabello’s protagonist. The main leads dance while singing Ed Sheeran’s 2017 wedding classic. The Cinderella soundtrack song plays again at 01:11:00.
  • “Cinderella’s Song” by Nicholas Galitzine (01:08:00): The prince performs a piano song for Cinderella. Cabello’s character acknowledges Robert’s hidden talents.
  • “Dream Girl” by Idina Menzel and the Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (01:23:00): Vivian threatens to give Cinderella to the creep Thomas (Rob Beckett). She also performs with her two daughters, and lays down the law about marrying up.
  • “Shoe Made of Glass” by Ben Bailey Smith (01:30:00): After King Rowan (Pierce Brosnan) has a change of heart about his son’s future, the Town Crier returns to deliver the news. He focuses on Cinderella’s recent behavior, specifically her willingness to flee from the prince. Local women promote themselves as potential partners during the Cinderella soundtrack song.
  • “Let’s Get Loud” by Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine, Idina Menzel and the Cinderella Original Motion Picture Cast (01:41:00): Queen Beatrice (Minnie Driver) starts a community party from her balcony. She sings Jennifer Lopez’s 2000 dance hit, which is picked up by Cinderella and company. The performance slows down and then ramps up again, with Cabello and Menzel leading the way as the movie ends.
  • “Million to One (Remix)” by Camila Cabello (01:47:00): The track plays during the end credits.

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The Cinderella soundtrack also includes:

  • “Thy King Is King”
  • “Impromptu OP. 90 / 3 in G Flat Major: Andante”
  • “Romanian Folk Dances for String Orchestra SZ. 56, BB 68 Movement 2 ‘Brâul (Sash Dance)’ and Movement IV. ‘Buscumi Tánc (Dance from Bucsum),'”
  • “The Pink Lady Waltz”
  • “Viola D’Amore Concerto in A Minor, RV 397”
  • “Symphony No. 29 in a Major”
  • “Could Have Been Me.”

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