Category: 2020s

Fried Barry Movie Film

Review: Ryan Kruger’s ‘Fried Barry’

“‘Fried Barry’ is busy and overstuffed, but it’s also an incredibly promising and deeply weird reinvention of the body invasion thriller; a strange, disorienting and ultimately rewarding experience.”

Oxygen Movie Film - Netflix

Netflix Review: Alexandre Aja’s ‘Oxygen’

“Oxygen’s relevance strikes like lightning in a year when time is measured less by Earth’s tilt and more by first wave, second wave, red phase, yellow phase; not by time passing daily, but by how much danger remains in the room.”

Limbo Movie Film

Review: Ben Sharrock’s ‘Limbo’

“Ben Sharrock’s entracing new film ‘Limbo’ is a perceptive and earnest work.”

Monster Movie Film - Netflix

Netflix Review: Anthony Mandler’s ‘Monster’

“‘Monster’ seems like it doesn’t trust itself to connect with viewers without over-explanation.”

Queen Marie Movie Film

Review: Alexis Cahill and Brigitte Drodtloff’s ‘Queen Marie’

“‘Queen Marie’ may not be a modern historical classic, but its wink-of-the-eye moments subtly inform the audience about the filmmakers’ intent. That, I can appreciate.”

Benny Loves You Movie Film

Review: Karl Holt’s ‘Benny Loves You’

“Taking its cues from the later Chucky movies, ‘Benny Loves You’ embraces the inherent insanity of the premise, setting it free in a similar manner to how the titular toy runs riot.”

Cliff Walkers Movie Film

Review: Yimou Zhang’s ‘Cliff Walkers’

“Yimou Zhang’s ‘Cliff Walkers’ looks amazing but suffers from poorly-written characters and stiff performances.”

Together Together Movie Film

Review: Nikole Beckwith’s ‘Together Together’

“Together Together’s rumination on difficult work, new friendships and social bonding captures a pandemic mood, and works as a welcome addition to the niche genre of surrogacy cinema.”

Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street Documentary

Review: Marilyn Agrelo’s ‘Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street’

“Don’t be surprised if ‘Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street’ leaves you wanting more — that’s often the mark of something special.”

Dope Is Death - Documentary

Review: Mia Donovan’s ‘Dope Is Death’

“‘Dope Is Death’ could’ve benefitted from more cultural context and a broader examination of the Shakur family legacy, but the 78-minute film succeeds with its specific focus on holistic healing.”

The Disciple Movie Film - Netflix

Review: Chaitanya Tamhane’s ‘The Disciple’

“Without being judgmental, ‘The Disciple’ succeeds in questioning the age-old notion of sacrifice as a means to attaining higher goals.”

Pagglait Movie Film

Interview with ‘Pagglait’ Filmmaker Umesh Bist

Dipankar Sarkar Interviews ‘Pagglait’ Filmmaker Umesh Bist

PVT CHAT Movie Film

Fantasy and Reality in Ben Hozie’s ‘PVT Chat’

“Hozie nails the greener-grass metaphor in ‘PVT Chat’ with a clarity that reminded me of the last lines of James Joyce’s ‘Araby.'”

1232 KMS Documentary

Interview with ‘1232 KMS’ Director Vinod Kapri

Dipankar Sarkar Interviews ‘1232 KMS’ Director Vinod Kapri

Boys from County Hell Movie Film

Review: Chris Baugh’s ‘Boys from County Hell’

“‘Boys from County Hell’ isn’t really about vampires so much as it’s about being proud of where you come from, and of the bonds forged there.”

Framing Britney Spears Documentary

Review: Samantha Stark’s ‘Framing Britney Spears’

“The best aspects of ‘Framing Britney Spears’ are implicit while the least effective parts are explicit. And in the absence of a direct commentary from Spears, Stark surely could have used more evenhanded and considerate interview subjects.”

Clapboard Jungle Documentary

Arrow Review: Justin McConnell’s ‘Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business’

“‘Clapboard Jungle’ could not only benefit up-and-coming filmmakers, but also young writers who are serious about pursuing a career in film criticism. Passion isn’t enough. You need to understand the business side of it all…”

The Mysteries of Cinema - Peter Conrad Book

Book Review: Peter Conrad’s ‘The Mysteries of Cinema’

“‘The Mysteries of Cinema’ is not really an argument about film’s essential qualities, but a collage of similarities, preoccupations and obsessions that drive not just its filmmakers, but seem to consume the medium itself.”

The Mortuary Collection Movie Film

Interview with ‘The Mortuary Collection’ Writer-Director Ryan Spindell

Joey Keogh Interviews ‘The Mortuary Collection’ Writer-Director Ryan Spindell

Ride or Die Movie Film Netflix

Netflix Review: Ryuichi Hiroki’s ‘Ride or Die’

“Plenty of double-themed movies have been made over the years, but ‘Ride or Die’ seems like an ideal companion piece to ‘Persona.’ Both films are sexually provocative, and both require multiple viewings to better understand the perspectives of each female protagonist.”