Category: 2020s

Lorelei Movie Film

Fargo Film Festival Review: Sabrina Doyle’s ‘Lorelei’

“Good onscreen chemistry between Jena Malone and Pablo Schreiber lifts the filmmaker’s debut feature out of traps set by occasionally mundane dialogue and predictable complications.”

Body Brokers Movie Film

Review: John Swab’s ‘Body Brokers’

“Swab’s personal experience bleeds into every frame of ‘Body Brokers,’ making it a taxing watch at times, but its true power lies in the details…”

PVT CHAT Movie Film

Review: Ben Hozie’s ‘PVT Chat’

“In ‘PVT Chat,’ the half-baked attempts to create thematic through lines and symbolism prove to be the greatest flaws.”

Dara of Jasenovac Movie Review - 2020 Predrag Antonijevic Film

Review: Predrag Antonijevic’s ‘Dara of Jasenovac’

“Given that ‘Dara of Jasenovac’ is the first Serbian film to cover the camps, the implicit didacticism would actually be more welcomed if it did its job and taught viewers something.”

Stalking Chernobyl: Exploration After Apocalypse Documentary

Review: Iara Lee’s ‘Stalking Chernobyl: Exploration After Apocalypse’

“Despite Stalking Chernobyl’s clear position on the dangers of expanding nuclear power, Lee does not shrink from the otherworldly allure that draws so many to Chernobyl and Pripyat.”

Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors

Interview with ‘Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors’ Screenwriter Apurva Asrani

Dipankar Sarkar Interviews ‘Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors’ Screenwriter Apurva Asrani

Prime Time Movie Film

Sundance Review: Jakub Piatek’s ‘Prime Time’

“‘Prime Time’ is at its most energetic and engaging during the early scenes; a setup familiar enough for any viewer of Sidney Lumet’s ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ or the many films he inspired.”

Land Movie Film

Sundance Review: Robin Wright’s ‘Land’

“‘Land’ is positioned as an exploration of grief and survivor’s guilt — a crowded celluloid space – but the lack of distinctive figures renders Wright’s film picturesque but fallow.”

Tove Movie Film

Göteborg Film Festival Review: Zaida Bergroth’s ‘Tove’

“‘Tove’ is a tribute to all creatives who pursue their passion projects, and applauds those who are able to break free from bindings.”

A Glitch in the Matrix Documentary

Considering Reality: Rodney Ascher’s ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’

Greg Carlson Reviews Rodney Ascher’s ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’

The Mole Agent Documentary

Review: Matie Alberdi’s ‘The Mole Agent’

“Only 37 years old, Alberdi is a dynamic figure in documentary studies and practice.”

Mayday Movie Film

Sundance Review: Karen Cinorre’s ‘Mayday’

“‘Mayday’ is the filmic equivalent of an answer to a distress call, letting those in need simply know that it’s there.”

John and the Hole Movie Film

Sundance 2021 Review: Pascual Sisto’s ‘John and the Hole’

“‘John and the Hole’ may be too frustratingly vague to really connect, but it seems to challenge its audience from a place of urgency…”

The Reckoning Movie Film

Review: Neil Marshall’s ‘The Reckoning’

“‘The Reckoning’ makes a sharp point about the complicity of women, or more accurately white women, in the destruction of other women.”

As We Like It Movie Review - 2021 Hung-i Chen and Muni Wei Film

IFFR Review: Hung-I Chen and Muni Wei’s ‘As We Like It’

“‘As We Like It’ is a film that makes many unique moments out of its childish buffoonery, and it’s lifted, like its characters, into a class of its own.”

A Nightmare Wakes Movie Film

Review: Nora Unkel’s ‘A Nightmare Wakes’

“Making a gothic horror story about the creation of a gothic horror story is a worthy and potentially enlightening idea, but Unkel fumbles the ball at every turn with ‘A Nightmare Wakes.'”

Passing Movie Film

Sundance Review: Rebecca Hall’s ‘Passing’

“‘Passing’ may be too ambiguous an experience for some, yet the way it reveals and conceals at the same time feels not just like a perfect encapsulation of its subject, but also underlines Hall’s emergence as a filmmaker to watch.”

In the Earth Movie Film

Sundance Review: Ben Wheatley’s ‘In the Earth’

“The most surprising thing about ‘In the Earth’ may be just how much of a return it is to the pitch black humour that characterised Wheatley’s earliest films.”

Riders of Justice Movie Review - 2020 Anders Thomas Jensen Film

IFFR Review: Anders Thomas Jensen’s ‘Riders of Justice’

“By the time ‘Riders of Justice’ ramps up its stakes, the final showdown hardly seems to matter as much as the gang’s presence.”

How It Ends Movie Film

Sundance Review: Zoe Lister-Jones and Daryl Wein’s ‘How It Ends’

“While ‘How It Ends’ acts as a cathartic experience for all of us still in the throes of the COVID-19 crisis, its character study will allow it to remain relevant once this pandemic is (hopefully) settled.”