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Sound of Violence Movie Film

SXSW Review: Alex Noyer’s ‘Sound of Violence’ – A Loud but Toothless Slasher

“Sound of Violence’s nonchalant depictions of violence, which occur with such obfuscation due to uncoordinated quick-cut editing and color filters, render it a fangless drama with un-engaging sequences of killing and torture.”

Gaia Movie Film

SXSW Review: Jaco Bouwer’s ‘Gaia’ Sacrifices Its Timely Idea for Cheap Thrills

“There are many ways that Gaia’s concepts can be expounded into more interesting discussions, yet Bouwer is fine with maintaining a simplistic if metaphorically informed tale about Mother Nature’s revenge.”

The Greenhouse Movie Film

BFI Flare Review: Thomas Wilson-White’s ‘The Greenhouse’

“‘The Greenhouse’ is a cathartic and visually stunning piece of Australian Gothicism which is sure to make an impact on the festival circuit in 2021.”

Enfant Terrible Movie Review - 2020 Oskar Roehler Film

BFI Flare Review: Oskar Roehler’s ‘Enfant Terrible’

“‘Enfant Terrible’ is one of the more successful examples of a director biopic, but the familiar conventions of the genre eventually do a disservice to such a talented filmmaker.”

Koozhangal - Pebbles Movie Film

Interview with ‘Koozhangal’ Filmmaker P.S. Vinothraj

Dipankar Sarkar Interviews ‘Koozhangal’ Filmmaker P.S. Vinothraj

Freeland Movie Film

Fargo Film Festival Review: Mario Furloni and Kate McLean’s ‘Freeland’

“‘Freeland’ is a tour de force showcase for Fairchild — an overnight sensation several decades in the making.”

Come True Movie Review - 2020 Anthony Scott Burns Film

Review: Anthony Scott Burns’ ‘Come True’

“Stone has the look of a teenager with the earned maturity of someone who’s been through some heavy shit, which lends itself well to her teenage prostitute in ‘Honey Bee’ and works just as brilliantly in ‘Come True.'”

Any Day Now Movie Film

Berlinale Review: Hamy Ramezan’s ‘Any Day Now’

“‘Any Day Now’ is a strong contender within the Generation strand of the Berlinale, showcasing brilliant performances from Keshvari and Rönkkönen.”

Limbo Movie Film

Berlinale Review: Soi Cheang’s ‘Limbo’

“While ‘Limbo’ may not be groundbreaking with its formulaic detective narrative, the sheer sense of place and space that Cheang creates allows for a visceral cinematic experience.”

Petite Maman Movie Film

Berlinale Review: Céline Sciamma’s ‘Petite Maman’

“Céline Sciamma’s ‘Petite Maman’ is a luminous ghost story that succeeds in knitting together the themes of empathy, identity and imagination.”

The Dissident Documentary

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Bryan Fogel’s ‘The Dissident’

“Bryan Fogel’s new documentary about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi is unsurprisingly hard-hitting, but it’s the context for macro-scale geopolitics that ‘The Dissident’ communicates so well.”

There Is No Evil Movie Review - 2020 Mohammad Rasoulof Film

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Mohammad Rasoulof’s ‘There Is No Evil’

“There Is No Evil’s artistry is inconsistent, but its argument is undeniable.”

The Man Standing Next Movie Film

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Min-Ho Woo’s ‘The Man Standing Next’

“Both emotionally and narratively, ‘The Man Standing Next’ is an easy story to get lost in.”

Raya and the Last Dragon Movie Film

‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Review: A Fable Vibrating with Imagination and Optimism

“‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ welcomes a reflection on its Asian-fusion design because western adaptations of Asian culture, even with visible and vocal creative Asian input, will come with a spectrum of orientalism…”

City Hall Movie Review - 2020 Frederick Wiseman Documentary Film

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Frederick Wiseman’s ‘City Hall’

“‘Reality fiction’ contours everything in ‘City Hall,’ from the microscopic level of scene transitions to the macroscopic level of entire sequences given deliberate framings…”

Voice of Silence Movie Film

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Eui-Jeong Hong’s ‘Voice of Silence’

“Rather than using the violence itself as a punchline, ‘Voice of Silence’ builds a comedy of manners out of Chang-bok and his colleagues’ sensibilities.”

Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time Movie Review - 2020 Lili Horvát Film

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Lili Horvát’s ‘Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time’

“It’s a delight to watch Stork think in ‘Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time.’ Her cogitations are signaled by the darting actions of her piercing blue eyes, the slight flex of an eyebrow or the raising of a subtle and pursed smirk.”

Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art - Netflix Documentary

Netflix Review: Barry Avrich’s ‘Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art’

“When viewed as a character study, ‘Made You Look’ is the rare art documentary that has a re-watchable quality.”

The Mauritanian

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Kevin Macdonald’s ‘The Mauritanian’

“The foregrounding of Mohamedou’s experiences and perspective — and, by extension, all those subjected to Guantánamo’s purpose — is the fuel in The Mauritanian’s engine.”

Brian Regan: On the Rocks - Netflix

Netflix Review: ‘Brian Regan: On the Rocks’

“Whereas many Netflix acts are so clearly designed to address cultural topics A, B, and C — whether it’s politics, social media, or celebrity culture — Regan riffs away with evergreen observational humor that gives ‘On the Rocks’ a timeless quality…”