Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Night Teeth’

Night Teeth Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

The Night Teeth soundtrack features music by Saweetie, Rico Nasty and Blondie. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Adam Randall’s 2021 Netflix movie. Take a look at Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Night Teeth stars Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry as vampires named Blaire and Zoë, respectively. The long-time pals collude against vampire leaders with their boss, Victor (Alfie Allen), and hope to acquire absolute control in Los Angeles and beyond. Blaire and Zoë’s plan gets interrupted when they meet a relatively naive human named Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), whose half-brother Jay (Raúl Castillo) knows all about local zombie culture. The Netflix thriller includes nearly 20 hip-hop tracks, courtesy of music supervisors Rob Lowry (Freaky) and Maggie Phillips (Fargo). Here’s every featured song in Night Teeth, a zombie thriller written by Brent Dillon.

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Night Teeth Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

Night Teeth Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

  • “Got the Love” by Terrell Morris (00:11:00): Benny leaves home in Jay’s vehicle. The Night Teeth soundtrack song plays during a montage sequence. The music fades when Benny arrives at Zoë’s Beverly Hills home.
  • “Boom Boom Boom” by Cokah (00:16:00): Zoë asks Benny to play a song that “doesn’t suck.” The music shifts to the background when Blaire states that she wants to play a game. “Boom Boom Boom” revs up when Benny arrives at a party destination.
  • “Fast (Motion)” by Saweetie (00:20:00): Zoë and Blaire leave the party in a slo-mo shot. They giggle in the back of Benny’s vehicle. The track continues during a Hollywood sequence.
  • “To the Top (Remix)” by SUNDUR feat. Keith Lawrence and Kicker Dixon (00:43:00): Blaire reveals her plan to Benny. She asks about Jay’s whereabouts. The Night Teeth soundtrack song plays as Blaire smokes a joint and offers a hit to Benny.
  • “You Turn Me On” by Opus (00:45:00): Jay and his crew visit the home of Gio (Bryan Batt). The music can be heard as the characters sweep the residence. “You Turn Me On” drops when Jay finds Gio.
  • “High Beams” by Tkay Maidza (00:53:00): Benny stares in silence after being insulted outside a club. Blaire shows up and kisses him. “High Beam” scores the moment as a crowd watches.
  • “Big Titties” by Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats feat. Baauer and Earthgang (00:53:00): The Night Teeth soundtrack song plays during a club sequence. Blaire says that she only kissed Benny to make him look cool.
  • “Daemon” by Sundra Arc (00:55:00): Zoë and Blaire meet a Night Legion member. Benny checks out a psychedelic light set-up.
  • “Girl Crush” by Boys Noize & Rico Nasty (00:59:00): Zoë and Blaire roam through the club after taking out a Night Legion leader. Jay spots his brother with the vampires.
  • “Legend — ALG Mix” by Alice Longyu Gao (01:01:00): Benny escapes from the club with Zoë and Blaire. Various Night Legion members attempt to catch the vampires. Zoë’s ecstasy aligns with the lyric “Everybody wanna be a legend.”
  • “Utras Horas” by Orchestra Baobab (01:06:00): Benny speaks with his abuela. Blaire treats his wound. The Night Teeth soundtrack song plays softly in the background.
  • “Senden Baska” by Kit Sebastian Elliot Martin and Emine Merve Erdem (01:17:00): Blaire, Zoë and Benny enter a restaurant. Rocko (Alexander Ludwig) talks about his psychic abilities before reaching an epiphany.
  • “Yanimda Kal” by Kit Sebastian Elliot Martin and Emine Merve Erdem (01:20:00): Rocko enjoys some fresh blood. Zoë offers a toast and then grasps a weapon. The music plays briefly.
  • “One Way or Another (Re-Recorded 2021 Version)” by Blondie (01:30:00): Victor prepares to kill Benny. He says that Jay will be the main course and his abuela will be the dessert. The Night Teeth soundtrack song scores a confrontational moment between Blaire, Victor and Zoë.
  • “I Knew” by Sister Mantos (01:37:00): Benny looks at himself in a mirror. In a transitional scene, he speaks with Jay about his scratched vehicle. Benny leaves his half-brother with a bag of money.
  • “Come Alive” by The Kid Daytona, Mez and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (01:39:00): Benny speaks with two acquaintances that teased him outside a night club. Blaire pulls up in her vehicle. The track plays during the final shot and end credits.

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The Night Teeth soundtrack also includes:

  • “Feel Something Different” by Bea Miller and Aminé
  • “Slick” by Thompson’s A Train
  • “To Live and Die in L.A.” by Wang Chung
  • “Damn Right Pt. 2” by Audrey Nuna and DJ Snake.

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