Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Vivo’

Vivo Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

The Vivo soundtrack includes music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Gloria Estefan. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Kirk DeMicco and Brandon Jeffords’ 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Vivo follows a singing kinkajou (Lin-Manuel Miranda as the title character) who experiences a life-changing journey in America. The Cuban protagonist initially performs in the streets of Havana with his owner Andrés (Juan de Marcos González), and then must reassess his worldview after a tragic event. Vivo features original music from Miranda and a supporting voice performance from the iconic Cuban-American musician Gloria Estefan. Here’s every song in the Vivo soundtrack.

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Vivo Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

Vivo Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

  • “One of a Kind” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (00:02:00 and 01:24:00): The Vivo soundtrack song plays during the opening sequence. Miranda’s character plays various instruments before informing the audience about his life through a hip-hop lyrical cadence. The song highlights the chemistry between the two characters and the uniqueness of their musical collaborations. It’s also performed in the climax by Vivo, Gabi (Ynairaly Simo) and all of their friends.
  • “Mambo Cabana” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (00:11:00): After reflecting about a love song written for Marta, Andrés sings about one of his favorite music venues, the Mambo Cabana in Miami. Vivo urges his owner to stay put, but Andrés repeatedly sings that “it’s not too late.” He also dreams about joining Marta on stage.
  • “One More Song” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (00:21:00): When Andrés passes away, Vivo reflects about the past and thinks about playing just one more song with his friend. The kinkajou hopes for an encore, and repeats the “it’s not to late” line from the Vivo soundtrack song  “Mambo Cabana.” In the moment, Miranda’s character decides to overcome his fears by traveling to America.
  • “My Own Drum” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (00:30:00): In Key West, Gabi complains about her mother to Vivo and celebrates her individuality. She rocks out to “My Own Drum” and stuns her furry friend with a colorful display of charisma and confidence. The Vivo song demonstrates that Gabi will challenge Miranda’s character to be more proactive, while the moment itself suggests that the young girl may be a superstar-in-the-making. “My Own Drum” also plays over the final credits.
  • “Presente” by Gloria Estefan (00:36:00 and 01:20:00): The Vivo soundtrack song functions as Marta’s signature song in Vivo. It’s briefly heard when Estefan’s character arrives for her farewell show in Miami, and it’s performed during the climax as well. It’s a song about Marta’s relationship with the city, and how she’ll always be connected to her community. “Presente” is also mashed up with “One of a Kind” in the final Vivo scene.
  • “Keep the Beat” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (00:46:00): Vivo embarks on a journey with Gabi and sings about facing new challenges. The lyrics reflect his revised worldview, specifically his belief that it’s “do or die” time in Florida. It’s a bonding moment, as the characters remember their childhood fears and how their fathers would sing to calm them down.
  • “Love’s Gonna Pick You Up (And Never Let You Down)” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (00:52:00 and 01:00:00): Arguably the most heart-warming Vivo soundtrack song, “Love’s Gonna Pick You Up (And Never Let You Down)” first plays when Vivo meets Dancarino (Brian Tyree Henry) and learns about his romantic woes. Less than 10 minutes later in the Netflix film, Miranda’s protagonist escapes from the python Lutador (Michael Rooker) and receives help from the aforementioned Dancarino, who has now fallen in love with a female spoonbill named Valentina (Nicole Byer). The collective characters literally fly amongst the clouds and express their fondness for each other.
  • “Inside Your Heart” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (01:08:00): “Inside Your Heart” is performed during a key moment in Vivo. As Gabi sings one of Andrés’ songs, the kinkajou gets upset because his travel partner doesn’t understand the melody. The young girl then experiences an epiphany — despite losing a physical copy of “Para Marta,” Gabi and Vivo can recreate the Vivo soundtrack song because the former knows the lyrics and the latter understands the musical flow.
  • “Running Out of Time” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (01:11:00): En route to Miami, Vivo stresses out about delivering Andrés’ song to Marta. He sings an electro-style number with lyrics that correlate with the previous “do or die” line from the Vivo soundtrack song “Keep the Beat.” As the crew approaches the city, the refrain “M-I-A-M-I, Running Out of Time” underscores the urgency of the moment, and complements the neon aesthetic of the cityscape visuals.
  • “The Grand Finale” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (01:20:00): In the climax, “The Grand Finale” highlights numerous themes in Vivo. Marta performs the Vivo soundtrack song during her last farewell performance; a bittersweet moment that provides closure for all of the main protagonists.

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