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The Losers cast features Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans and Idris Elba. Warning — this info article includes minor spoilers and character details for Sylvain White’s 2010 movie on Netflix. Check out more streaming guides in the Know the Cast section.

The Losers follows an American special ops team in Bolivia. During a mission gone wrong, they survive an attack that’s ordered by a U.S. military superior. The squad members fake their deaths, and Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Clay plots revenge against a mysterious man named Max, an arms dealer for 21st century green terrorists. Here’s a Know the Cast primer for The Losers, a film based on the eponymous Vertigo comic series.

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The Losers Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Franklin Clay

The Losers Cast - Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Franklin Clay

Character Profile: A Lieutenant Colonel who kills a Bolivian drug lord and attempts to save 25 slave children. He fakes his death with the rest of the team, and then develops a romance with a local woman named Aisha. Clay hopes for revenge but his life becomes especially complicated upon learning that he’s been sleeping with the daughter of the aforementioned drug lord.

Morgan’s Resume: Edward Blake/Comedian in Watchmen, Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy, Harvey Russell in Rampage, Jason Crouse in The Good Wife, Negan in The Walking Dead

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The Losers Cast: Zoe Saldana as Aisha al-Fadhil

The Losers Cast - Zoe Saldana as Aisha al-Fadhil

Character Profile: A native Bolivian woman who actively pursues Clay. She offers to help take down Max but doesn’t initially reveal that she’s the daughter of a drug lord (who is killed in the opening act). Aisha seems dangerous but has good intentions.

Saldana’s Resume: Neytiri in Avatar, Vanessa in Blood Ties, Cataleya in Colombiana, Gamora in the MCU, Rosa Hernández in Vivo

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The Losers Cast: Chris Evans as Jake Jensen

 Zoe Saldana as Aisha al-Fadhil - Chris Evans as Jake Jensen

Character Profile: A hacker and intelligence expert who provides comic relief in The Losers. He’s a socially-awkward character, but his self-awareness comes in handy when plotting against unsuspecting people. Jake stays in good shape but doesn’t have a strong sense of fashion.

Evans’ Resume: Jake Wyler in Not Another Teen Movie, Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Steve Rogers/Captain America in the MCU, Curtis in Snowpiercer

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The Losers Cast: Idris Elba as William Roque

The Losers Cast - Idris Elba as William Roque

Character Profile: A skeptical member of the black ops team who isn’t concerned about getting revenge. He repeatedly clashes with Clay and seems like the odd man out within the group. The Losers’ final act reveals that Roque has been hiding a big secret.

Elba’s Resume: Russell “Stringer” Bell in The Wire, John Luther in Luther, Stone in 28 Weeks Later, Heimdall in the MCU, Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad

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The Losers Cast: Columbus Short as Linwood “Pooch” Porteous

The Losers Cast - Columbus Short Linwood "Pooch" Porteous

Character Profile: A weapons and transportation expert. He uses a satellite to watch his wife in America and realizes that she’s pregnant. Pooch hopes to return home but knows that he must stay committed to his team in Bolivia.

Short’s Resume: DJ in Stomp the Yard, Little Walter in Cadillac Records, Jeff in Death at a Funeral, Harrison Wright in Scandal, Quadir Richards in True to the Game

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The Losers Cast: Óscar Jaenada as Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez

The Losers Cast - Óscar Jaenada as Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez

Character Profile: A sniper and the quietest member of Clay’s group. Cougar says little throughout The Losers but steady reinforces his value. He’s the archetypal Silent Assassin who just focuses on the work.

Jaenada’s Resume: Mario Moreno Cantinflas in Cantinflas, The Spaniard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Chaflan in Hands of Stone, Carlos in The Shallows, Luis Rey in Luis Miguel: The Series

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The Losers Cast: Jason Patric as Max

The Losers Cast - Jason Patric as Max

Character Profile: The primary villain who mistakenly believes that he killed Clay’s squad. Max keeps 30 armed guards as security, and hopes to sell a weapon called a sonic de-materializer or “snuke.” He’s a snarky and stylish baddie who enjoys strategizing against his enemies.

Patric’s Resume: Michael in The Lost Boys, Shakes in Sleepers, Alex Shaw in Speed 2: Cruise Control, Theo Yedlin in Wayward Pines, Kevin Lee in Becoming

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The Losers Cast: Holt McCallany as Wade Travis

The Losers Cast - Holt McCallany as Wade Travis

Character Profile: Max’s Quebec-born henchman who identifies Pooch in Florida. In the past, he was part of a counter-ops group for the American military. Wade could theoretically assume Max’s position, but he’s outsmarted by Clay in the final act.

McCallany’s Resume: The Mechanic in Fight Club, Patrick Leary in Lights Out, Robert McCoy in Blue Bloods, Bill Tench in Mindhunter, Bullet in Wrath of Man

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The Losers cast also features Peter Macdissi (Six Feet Under), Peter Francis James (Godfather of Harlem) and Tanee McCall (Burlesque).

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