Know the Cast & Characters: ‘Off Track’

Off Track Cast - Every Actor and Character in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Off Track cast features Fredrik Hallgren, Katia Winter and Rakel Wärmländer. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Mårten Klingberg’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Off Track follows an amateur Stockholm skier who trains for the Vasa Race. As the competition approaches, Daniel’s marriage slowly falls apart. The narrative follows the main protagonist and his sister as they develop relationships with fellow skiers. Here’s every actor and character in Off Track.

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Off Track Cast: Fredrik Hallgren as Daniel

Off Track Cast on Netflix - Fredrik Hallgren as Daniel

Character Profile: A married IT specialist. He trains for the Vasa Race for a full year while trying to have a baby with his wife. Daniel befriends a well-known skier one day before the big competition.

Hallgren’s Resume: Various in Karatefylla (2011-12), Frans Ytterman in 112 Aina (2013-15), Martin in Bonusfamiljen (2017-21), Tony in Leif & Billy (2018-21), Rudolf in Sune – Uppdrag: Midsommar (2021)

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Off Track Cast: Katia Winter as Lisa

Off Track Cast on Netflix - Katia Winter as Lisa

Character Profile: Daniel’s sister. She loses custody of her daughter after a series of unfortunate events. Lisa turns her life around while preparing for the Vasa Race.

Winter’s Resume: Nadia in Dexter (2012), Natalie in The Wave (2019), Beth McManus in The Catch (2020), Sonja Widén in Agent Hamilton (2020), The Catch in The Boys (2022)

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Off Track Cast: Rakel Wärmländer as Klara

Off Track Cast on Netflix - Rakel Wärmländer as Klara

Character Profile: Daniel’s wife. She is a 40-year-old woman who desperately wants to get pregnant. Klara worries about her husband’s obsession with the Vasa Race.

Wärmländer’s Resume: Jessica Thulin in Cleo (2002), Elin in Mind the Gap (2007), Åsa in Sommaren med släkten (2017), Therese in Border (2018), Vera in Dancing Queens (2021)

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Off Track Cast: Ulf Stenberg as Anders

Off Track Cast on Netflix - Ulf Stenberg as Anders

Character Profile: A Stockholm police officer. He develops a friendship with Lisa. Anders is the son of competitive skiers.

Stenberg’s Resume: Peter Andersson in Beartown (2020), Läkaren Jonas in Love Me (2020), Pål in Jägarna (2021), Lars-Erik in The Gambling Scandal (2022), Per Sundin in The Playlist (2022)

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Off Track Cast: Chatarina Larsson as Irma

Off Track Cast on Netflix - Chatarina Larsson as Irma

Character Profile: Anders’ mother. She is a widow who prepares for her 30th Vasa Race. Irma strategizes against Anders.

Larsson’s Resume: Modern in Nu är pappa trött igen (1996), Lisa Holgersson in Wallander (2005-06), Ulrike Fremdli in Carambole (2005), Anita in A Man Called Ove (2015), Karin in Spegelvänd (2016)

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Off Track Cast: Susanne Thorson as Philippa

Off Track Cast on Netflix - Susanne Thorson as Philippa

Character Profile: The wife of Lisa’s ex-husband. She becomes pregnant shortly before the Vasa Race. Philippa looks after Lisa’s daughter.

Thorson’s Resume: Spegelvänd in Död vid ankomst (2008), Rocky in The Master Plan (2015), Åse Paulsson in Alex (2017), Snotty in Trex (2019-21), Sandra in Suedi (2021)

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The Off Track cast also includes Leif Andrée (Daybreak, Livet I Fagervik), Kalle Moraeus (Adam & EvaKenny Begins), Maria Sid (Karjalan kunnailla, All the Sins), Kelly Flogell (movie debut) and Peter Perski (Halalabad Blues, Maria Wern).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.