Recap: Marry Me ‘Annicurser Me’

The weekly viewers have been in steady decline, but NBC’s Tuesday night romcom, Marry Me, seems to be headed in the right direction as NBC ordered five more episodes.

Processing the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Shocker and Peter Weller’s Fascinating Direction

Q.V. Hough on Peter Weller’s outstanding directing of Sons of Anarchy

From The Archive: Jacques Tourneur Utilizes Physical Space for Suspense in ‘Cat People’

Q.V. Hough reviews “Cat People” – now streaming on Warner Archive Instant.


On the Psych Couch with NBC’s ‘Marry Me’

Well doctor, I don’t know.


Zachary Wigon’s ‘The Heart Machine’ Effectively Deconstructs Online Posturing

There’s no business like “know” business.


Book Review: ‘Rex’d: Welcome to Scholomance’ is the Perfect Halloween Read

A Friday night Halloween keeps everyone busy, but once the kids are done collecting the sweets, kick back and check out the exceptional novel by J.R. Reher/J.B. Skelter, Rex’d: Welcome to Scholomance.


Fun Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Mindy Smith on Managing Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


FOX’s ‘Gracepoint’ Keeps Getting Better

Four episodes in, FOX’s Gracepoint continues to reel me in with outstanding visuals, excellent pacing and perhaps the best all-around cast on television.


‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Pope Needs Better Wine in ‘The Key’

Q.V. Hough reviews Scandal ‘The Key’

Min’s Primary Style: Lace and Jacket Tips

Fashion Tips from Australia’s Mindy Smith (Formerly of California)


Review: Scared Hippies and Blood-Thirsty Soldiers Meet Up in ‘Punishment Park’ (1971)

Q.V. Hough reviews Peter Watkins’ 1971 film, “Punishment Park”


Recap: NBC’s ‘Marry Me’ Employs Usual Comedic Stunts After Promising Debut

Q.V. Hough’s semi-rant on the brutal second episode of NBC’s “Marry Me”


Making Sense of the ‘Mulaney’ Halloween Episode

Q.V. Hough on Mulaney’s Odd Halloween Episode


Precap: Sons of Anarchy ‘Greensleeves’

Q.V. Hough previews Sons of Anarchy “Greensleeves.”


9 Reasons Why WGN’s Renewal of ‘Manhattan’ is Good for Television

Nick Ewertz on the extraordinary first season of WGN’s “Manhattan.”


International TV Spotlight: ‘Please Like Me’

An Australian program that is hysterical, heart breaking and most importantly a great time.


Music on TV: ‘Let’s Get To Scooping’

Last Thursday’s How To Get Away With Murder ended with a scene incredibly performed by star Viola Davis.


International TV Spotlight: ‘Line of Duty’

Americans should check out BBC Two’s Line of Duty (Hulu) for a new type of police officer.

Café de Flore Movie Review - 2011 Jean-Marc Vallée Film

Review: Jean-Marc Vallée Creates Mystical Vibe in ‘Café de Flore’

Q.V. Hough reviews Jean-Marc Vallée’s ‘Café de Flore.’

Fury Movie Review - 2014 David Ayer Film

Review: David Ayer’s ‘Fury’ Confronts All the Difficult Questions of Wartime Brotherhood

Q.V. Hough reviews David Ayer’s WWII drama, “Fury.”