Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Pain Hustlers’

Pain Hustlers Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2023 Netflix Movie

The Pain Hustlers soundtrack includes music by Mavis Staples, Little Richard and Colter Wall. This info article contains spoilers and song details for David Yates’ 2023 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.


Pain Hustlers stars Emily Blunt as Liza Drake, a single mother who works for a pharmaceutical company. Chris Evans co-stars as Pete Brenner, a greedy Boston native who sells a pill called Lonafen. The storyline follows the main players as they get mixed up in a pharmaceutical conspiracy. Composers James Newton Howard (King Kong) and Michael Dean Parsons (All the Light We Cannot See) scored the 122-minute Netflix film; music supervisor Ciara Elwis (Bad Sisters) selected the featured needle-drops. Here’s every song in Pain Hustlers, an adaptation of Evan Hughes’ 2022 book.

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Pain Hustlers Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2023 Netflix Movie

  • “Real Thoughts in Real Time” by HiFi Sean & David McAlmont (00:02:00): The Pain Hustlers soundtrack song plays during the opening sequence. Liza narrates about her story. Pete speaks during an interview scene.
  • “Mamasita” by Mad Circuit, LG (Team Genius), Sereda (00:02:00): Liza takes the stage at a strip club. Music plays from the speaker system. Liza wears a black outfit.
  • “Here I Go” by Dante Mazzetti (00:08:00): Liza finishes a conversation with Andy (Aubrey Dollar). The track continues during a transition scene. Liza arrives at a motel.
  • “Superwild” by Spill Milk (00:12:00): Liza sleeps next to Phoebe (Chloe Coleman). The Pain Hustlers soundtrack song plays from a nearby motel room. The muffled rap music plays again at 00:29:00.
  • “Eyes on the Prize” by Mavis Staples (00:17:00): The track plays during an interior scene. Liza looks at documents. She meets with Dr. Neel (Andy Garcia).
  • “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” from Car Wash by Rose Royce (00:23:00): A motel room sequence concludes. The music continues during a transition scene. Pete puts a box in a car trunk.
  • “Closing Time (In the Style of Semisonic [Karaoke Version]” by Ameritz Audio Karaoke (00:40:00): Liza narrates about penetrating the pharmaceutical market. Dr. Lydell (Brian d’Arcy James) sings the Pain Hustlers soundtrack song during a karaoke sequence. The music plays again at 01:26:00.
  • “I Like to Move in the Night” by Eagles of Death Metal (00:52:00): Liza narrates about her “real education.” She talks about horny doctors. The track scores a slo-mo hospital scene.
  • “Brazil” by Declan McKenna (00:56:00): Laurene (Valerie LeBlanc) speaks to an audience. Liza narrates about corrupt doctors. The track is featured again at 01:14:00.
  • “Money Is” by Little Richard (01:02:00): The Pain Hustlers soundtrack song scores a montage sequence. Liza celebrates with Pete and Dr. Neel. The track plays again at 01:53:00 during the epilogue and end credits.
  • “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake & Lil Jon (01:07:00): Pete jumps in a pool during a party scene. Liza observes him from nearby. The track scores a slo-mo dance floor scene.
  • “Play” by Alewya (01:08:00): A party scene continues. Ryan (Colby Burton) sits in a sink. Dr. Neel dances with Jackie (Catherine O’Hara).
  • “Sand” by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood (01:12:00): Liza and Pete arrive at Dr. Neel’s home. The Pain Hustlers soundtrack song plays from a speaker system. The track is featured again at 01:47:00.
  • “Medicated Goo” by P.P. Arnold (01:22:00): Matt (Willie Raysor) talks about his cancer treatments. He receives off-label Lonafen pills from Dr. Lydell.  Matt trips out while trying to sell a car.
  • “Brenner’s Rap” by Chris Evans (01:37:00): A convention scene begins. Pete performs a hip-hop track. He promotes Lonafen as women dressed in red dance on a stage.
  • “Living on the Sand” by Colter Wall (01:44:00): Liza and Jackie find incriminating evidence against Dr. Neel. The track continues during a transition scene. Federal agents arrest Dr. Neel.

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The Pain Hustlers soundtrack also includes:

  • “The Truth” by Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Roisin & J-Live
  • “Law of the Land” by The Temptations
  • “I Love Rock and Roll” by Billy Nomates
  • “Eat Them Apples” by Suzi Wu
  • “Leaving” by Crash
  • “Whatchu Finna Do” by Spill Milk

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