Know the Cast: ‘Dancing on Glass’

Dancing on Glass Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Dancing on Glass cast features María Pedraza, Paula Losada and Mona Martínez. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Jota Linares’ 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Dancing on Glass (Las niñas de cristal) follows two ballerinas in Spain. After a top dancer commits suicide, Irene earns the lead role in a new production. Meanwhile, a timid ballerina named Aurora struggles with confidence issues while dealing with a potentially career-ending injury. The protagonists confide in each other and rebel against their no-nonsense instructor, resulting in a chaotic third act. Here’s every main performer and character in Dancing on Glass.

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Dancing on Glass Cast: María Pedraza as Irene

Dancing on Glass Cast - María Pedraza as Irene

Character Profile: A ballerina at the National Classical Ballet. She struggles with bulimia and trusts the creative vision of her mentor. Irene hangs out with a fellow dancer until a tragedy forces them to part ways.

Pedraza’s Resume: Laura in Amar (2017), Alba Ruiz in Si fueras tú (2017), Alison Parker in Money Heist (2017), Marina Nunier in Elite (2018), Triana Marín in Toy Boy (2019-21)

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Dancing on Glass Cast: Paula Losada as Aurora

Dancing on Glass Cast - Paula Losada as Aurora

Character Profile: Irene’s colleague and friend. She feels pressure from her mother and lashes out after being rejected by a male love interest. Aurora fantasizes about Irene upon suffering a leg injury.

Losada’s Resume: Movie Debut in Dancing on Glass

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Dancing on Glass Cast: Mona Martínez as Norma

Dancing on Glass Cast - Mona Martínez as Norma

Character Profile: Irene’s mentor. She runs the National Classical Ballet and doesn’t apologize for demanding “obsession” from her top dancers. Norma deals with rumors involving the suicide of a female ballerina.

Martínez’s Resume: Sole in Ana by Day (2018), Antonia in La Guarida (2018), María in Adiós (2019), Old Street Seller in Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), Mariajo in The Gypsy Bride (2022)

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Dancing on Glass Cast: Olivia Baglivi as Ruth

Dancing on Glass Cast - Olivia Baglivi as Ruth

Character Profile: Irene’s colleague. She struggles emotionally after the death of her secret girlfriend, Maria. Ruth clashes with Irene and gets accused of trying to sabotage her dancing career.

Baglivi’s Resume: Laura in Los héroes del mal (2015), Claudia in Inhibidos (2017), Rich Girl in Elite (2019), Rosalinda in Rosalinda (2020), Álex in Libélulas (2022)

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Dancing on Glass Cast: Iria del Río as Lidia

Dancing on Glass Cast - Iria del Río as Lidia

Character Profile: Irene’s sister. She doesn’t feel appreciated by her parents. Lidia tells her mother about Irene’s bulimia.

Del Río’s Resume: Elisa in Los dinosaurios ya no viven aquí (2013), Silvia in The Ministry of Time (2015), Anna in Les de l’hoquei (2019-20), Marga in Visitor (2021), Greta in Elite (2022)

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Dancing on Glass Cast: Marta Hazas as Pilar

Dancing on Glass Cast - Marta Hazas as Pilar

Character Profile: Aurora’s mother. She’s a former dancer who reflects on her glory days. Pilar struggles emotionally after Aurora injures her leg.

Hazas’ Resume: Marta in Los hombres de Paco (2006), Amelia Ugarte Roldán in The Boarding School (2007-10), Clara Montesinos in Velvet Colección (2017-19), Marta Valdivia in Pequeñas coincidencias (2018-21), Sara in Días mejores (2022)

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The Dancing on Glass cast also includes Juanjo Almeida (Toy Boy, ByAnaMilán), Paqui Horcajo (Julieta, Everybody Knows), Silvia Kal (Goya’s Ghosts, Crypto Game), Javier Lago and Andres Lima.

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.