Know the Cast: ‘All Hail’

All Hail Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The All Hail cast features Guillermo Francella, Peto Menahem and Romina Fernandes. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Marcos Carnevale’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

All Hail follows a famous Argentinian weatherman named Miguel Flores. When he fails to predict a hail storm, he becomes public enemy number one in Buenos Aires. Miguel leaves town for Córdoba, where he repairs a damaged relationship with his daughter and receives a tip that could reignite his career. Here’s every main performer and character in All Hail, otherwise known as Granizo.

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All Hail Cast: Guillermo Francella as Miguel

All Hail Cast - Guillermo Francella as Miguel

Character Profile: The new “infallible” host of “The Great Weather Show.” In the past, he became a meteorologist after his wife was killed by lightning. Miguel lives a high-profile lifestyle but gets humbled when the residents of Buenos Aires turn on him.

Francella’s Resume: Juan Guerrero in My Better Halves (1997), Pepe Argento in Casados con hijos (2005-06), Pablo Sandoval in The Secret in Their Eyes (2009), Hugo Bermúdez in The Man of Your Dreams (2011-12), Arquímedes Puccio in The Clan (2015)

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All Hail Cast: Peto Menahem as Luis

All Hail Cast - Peto Menahem as Luis

Character Profile: A Buenos Aires resident. He’s a driver whose vehicle gets damaged by a hail storm. Luis is a long-time fan of Miguel but angrily tracks him down to Córdoba and threatens violence.

Menahem’s Resume: Bruno Bedoya Agüero in Casi ángeles (2008-10), Javier Gross in Together Forever (2011), Malte in Lobo (2012), Ernie in El Host (2018-19), Gastón in Almost Happy (2020)

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All Hail Cast: Romina Fernandes as Carla

All Hail Cast - Romina Fernandes as Carla

Character Profile: Miguel’s daughter, a pediatrician in Córdoba. She doesn’t like predictions and doesn’t want to have a family. Carla clashes with her father but realizes that he has good intentions.

Fernandes’ Resume: Verônica in Deja la luz prendida (2018), Charito in Secreto bien guardado (2019)

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All Hail Cast: Martín Seefeld as Gustavo

All Hail Cast - Martin Seefeld as Gustavo

Character Profile: A producer for “The Great Weather Show.” He fires Miguel after an unpredicted hail storm upsets viewers. Gustavo hires a social media influencer to boost ratings.

Seefeld’s Resume: Franco Colucci in Rebel’s Way (2002-03), Gabriel Medina in Pretenders (2002-03), Santiago Mercado in The One (2011), Coco Zanneti in La Leona (2016), El Negro in Monzón: A Knockout Blow (2019)

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All Hail Cast: Nicolás Scarpino as Maxi

All Hail Cast - Nicolás Scarpino as Maxi

Character Profile: Miguel’s assistant. He’s a loyal man who helps the protagonist repair his damaged reputation.

Scarpino’s Resume: Willy Simonetti in Nano (1994), Lucio in De corazón (1997-98), Rosen in Under Flag (1997), Ernesto in Sin código (2005), Lalo in Amapola (2014)

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All Hail Cast: Laura Fernández as Mery Oliva

All Hail Cast - Laura Fernández as Mery Oliva

Character Profile: A former Channel 23 weather reporter and Miguel’s new on-air assistant. She has millions of Instagram followers and performs on camera with her dog. Mery replaces Miguel as the host of “The Great Weather Show.”

Fernández’s Resume: Rocío in The Innocence (2019), Adolescent 1 in Rosa’s Wedding (2020)

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The All Hail cast also includes Norman Briski (Soul’s Square, 5.5.5), Viviana Saccone (Monte Cristo, Separadas), Pompeyo Audivert (Por el nombre de Dios, Russian Roulette), Horacio Fernandez and Maria Eugenia Guerty.

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.