Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Moonshot’

Moonshot Soundtrack - Every Song in the HBO Max Movie

The Moonshot soundtrack includes music by Breakbot, Haerts and Karen Elson. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Chris Winterbauer’s 2022 HBO Max movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Moonshot stars Cole Sprouse as Walt, a collegiate barista who dreams of joining a student space program in the year 2049. Lana Condor co-stars as Sophie, a wealthy student who plans to visit her boyfriend and family on Mars. The storyline follows Walt as he sneaks onto a space craft and inadvertently becomes a celebrity on Earth, all the while developing a bond with Sophie. Composer David Boman (Wyrm) scored the 104-minute film; music supervisor Susan Jacobs (Silver Linings Playbook) handled the mainstream tunes. Here’s every featured song in Moonshot.

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Moonshot Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 HBO Max Movie

Moonshot Soundtrack - Every Song in the HBO Max Movie

  • “Baby I’m Yours” by Breakbot feat. Irfane (00:07:00): Walt enters a bathroom and upsets Sophie. The Moonshot soundtrack song plays as he speaks with Calvin (Mason Gooding). Walt accidentally steps on Sophie’s orb.
  • “Meet Me at Our Spot” by The Anxiety, Willow, Tyler Cole (00:08:00): Sophie finishes a conversation with Jan (Christine Adams). Walt wanders around at a party. He speaks with a drunk woman (Chelsea Alana Rivera).
  • “Heaven Shine a Light on Me” by Cyn (00:14:00): Walt realizes that his love interest, Ginny (Emily Rudd), is leaving for Mars. The music scores a transition sequence. Sophie works at home; Walt reads a book.
  • “Joe Frazier” by Orions Belte (00:16:00): Walt thinks about the price of a ticket to Mars. He speaks to an artificial intelligence system at work. The Moonshot soundtrack song continues as Walt approaches Sophie.
  • “Burn the House Down” by AJR (00:27:00): Walt prepares to board a Kovi Industries craft. He sneaks into an Escape Pod Bay area. Sophie looks around and sits down.
  • “Earth Doll” by David Boman (00:28:00): Sophie pulls out a singing doll. She smiles and calms down before leaving Earth. The music plays again at 01:32:00.
  • “Better Days” by NEIKID & Mae Muller (00:39:00): The Moonshot soundtrack song scores a montage sequence. Sophie hits a punching bag and talks about quizzes. She organizes a routine with Walt.
  • “Your Love” by Haerts (00:51:00): An engagement party begins for Tabby (Cameron Esposito) and Celeste (Sunita Deshpande). Captain Tarter (Michelle Buteau) celebrates the moment. Sophie and Walt gaze at each other.
  • “Postmodern Girl” by Jeremy Messersmith (01:17:00): Walt finishes a conversation with Ginny. He holds a cat named Ripley and sits alone. Sophie talks about Walt with Calvin and their family members.
  • “Broken Shadow” by Karen Elson (01:24:00): Walt looks at his “Adventures & Other Things” journal. The Moonshot soundtrack song plays as Sophie wakes up next to Calvin. Walt navigates Mars.
  • “Tongues” by Joywave and KOPPS (01:28:00): Sophie speaks with Calvin about her future. Walt prepares beverages during a party. Captain Tarter states that she originally wanted to “eject” him from the craft.
  • “Love Me Anyway” by Chappell Roan (01:29:00): Captain Tarter continues a conversation with Walt. The music plays as she uses a “very common phrase.” Captain Tarter says “You pretty, but you dumb.”
  • “Wild Blue” by Daniel Tashian & Karen Elson (01:40:00): Walt reunites with Sophie. He uses a pick-up line and earns a kiss. The track scores the final moments and end credits.
  • “Nothing Left to Do” by Stefan Paul George (01:42:00): The Moonshot soundtrack song plays during the end credits after “Wild Blue.”

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The Moonshot soundtrack also includes:

  • “Get Away” by Donna Blue
  • “edamame” by bbno$ feat. Rich Brian
  • “Tech Support Dreamer” by Lizzie Bassett

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