Know the Cast: ‘The Weekend Away’

The Weekend Away Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Weekend Away cast features Leighton Meester, Amar Bukvic and Iva Mihalic. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Kim Farrant’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Set in Croatia, The Weekend Away follows a married woman who investigates her friend’s disappearance. Beth receives assistance from a Syrian cab driver but clashes with a local police officer. She ultimately makes a discovery that positions her as a prime suspect. Here’s every main performer and character in The Weekend Away, an adaptation of Sarah Alderson’s 2020 book.

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The Weekend Away Cast: Leighton Meester as Beth

The Weekend Away Cast - Leighton Meester as Beth

Character Profile: A California native who lives in London. She’s a married woman who used to work for the Global Rescue Initiative. Beth tries to have some fun and realizes that her former college roommate, Kate, hired two male escorts; she wakes up the next morning without any memories of what happened.

Meester’s Resume: Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl (2007-12), Katy in Date Night (2010), Rebecca in The Roommate (2011), Jamie in That’s My Boy (2012), Clara in Semper Fi (2019)

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The Weekend Away Cast: Ziad Bakri as Zain

The Weekend Away Cast - Ziad Bakri as Zain

Character Profile: A Syrian taxi driver in Croatia. He bonds with Beth and tell her about his deceased wife named Mina. The police suggest that Zain has ties to Albanian organized crime figures.

Bakri’s Resume: Nadim El Bachir in The Bureau (2015-17), Ashraf in Blind Sun (2015), Ziad in Screwdriver (2018), Sami Najjar in The Translator (2020), Basel in Amira (2021)

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The Weekend Away Cast: Luke Norris as Rob

The Weekend Away Cast - Luke Norris as Rob

Character Profile: Beth’s husband. He looks after their child in London and frequently calls his wife. Rob arrives in Croatia and hides a key piece of information from Beth.

Norris’ Resume: Footman in The Duchess (2008), Donny in Skins (2009), Dwight Enys in Poldark (2015-19), Paul Ellis in The Girl Before (2021), Guy Shorter in The Colour Room (2021)

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The Weekend Away Cast: Amar Bukvic as Pavic

The Weekend Away Cast - Amar Bukvic as Pavic

Character Profile: A Croatian police officer. He doesn’t file a report when Kate goes missing. Pavic is linked to the disappearance via video evidence.

Bukvic’s Resume: Albin in The Show Must Go On (2010), Sarl in Bozicni ustanak (2017), Domagoj Stiglic in On the Border (2018-19), Dino Osmanovic in Djeca sa CNN-a (2021), Guard in Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)

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The Weekend Away Cast: Iva Mihalic as Kovac

The Weekend Away Cast - Iva Mihalic as Kovac

Character Profile: Pavic’s colleague. She locates Kate’s body and breaks down a toxicology report. Kovak presses Beth for information and knows that she’s hiding specific details about her friend’s personal life.

Mihalic’s Resume: Natali in The Show Must Go On (2010), Sestra in Daddy (2011), Svetlana in Leeches (2019), Rivkah in Strike Back (2020), Dora Loncar in Djeca sa CNN-a (2021)

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The Weekend Away Cast: Adrian Pezdirc as Sebastian

The Weekend Away Cast - Adrian Pezdirc as Sebastian

Character Profile: An Airbnb property owner. He warns Beth about making too much noise. Sebastian secretly records guests in every room.

Pezdirc’s Resume: Robert “Robi” Vagner in Rest in Peace (2018), Waiter in Mayday (2021)

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The Weekend Away cast also includes Marko Braic (On the Border, Dar Mar), Lujo Kuncevic (Zlatni dvori, F20), Parth Thakerar (Brave New World, Vigil), Sinisa Novkovic (feature debut) and Maro Drobnic (Game of Thrones, Succession).

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