Know the Cast: ‘Halo’

Halo Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Paramount+ Series

The Halo cast features Pablo Schreiber, Shabana Azmi and Olive Gray. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Steven Kane and Kyle Killen’s Paramount+ series. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Halo follows a war between humans and extraterrestrials in the year 2552. On Planet Madrigal, the United Nations Space Command discovers the sole survivor of an alien massacre. A super soldier named John-117 looks after the girl, Kwan Ha, and then protects her from a military execution. The storyline explores the power dynamics amongst humans and the focal alien group known as the Covenant. Here’s every main performer and character in Halo, an adaptation of the Xbox video game.

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Halo Cast: Pablo Schreiber as John-117

Halo Cast - Pablo Schreiber as John-117

Character Profile: A Spartan team leader for the UNSC. He experiences visions after touching a Covenant device. John-117 betrays the UNSC and escapes with Kwan.

Schreiber’s Resume: Nick Sobotka in The Wire (2003-08), Kris “Tanto” Paronto in 13 Hours (2006), George “Pornstache” Mendez in Orange Is the New Black (2013-19), Ray Merrimen in Den of Thieves (2018), Ben in Skyscraper (2018)

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Halo Cast: Shabana Azmi as Margaret Parangosky

Halo Cast - Shabana Azmi as Admiral Margaret Parangosky

Character Profile: A Naval Intelligence director. She warns colleagues about the optics of a mission that ended with 150 dead civilians. Margaret tries to eliminate John-117 after he is compromised by a Covenant device.

Azmi’s Resume: Pooja in Arth (1982), Radha in Fire (1996), Abhilasha Grewal in 24: India (2013-16), Rama Bhanot in Neerja (2016), Mrs. Shirani in Next of Kin (2018)

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Halo Cast: Olive Gray as Miranda Keyes

Halo Cast - Olive Gray as Miranda Keyes

Character Profile: A UNSC officer and the daughter of a commander. She knows Madrigal well and heads an alien tech division. Miranda tries to use Kwan to send a propaganda message throughout the galaxy.

Gray’s Resume: Bernadette in EastEnders (2007-08), Mia Stone in Half Moon Investigations (2009), Grace in Save Me (2018-20), Kate in Sex Education (2019), Amber in Rose (2020)

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Halo Cast: Yerin Ha as Kwan Ha

Halo Cast - Yerin Ha as Kwan Ha

Character Profile: The daughter of General Jin Ha. She survives a Covenant invasion and then threatens to expose the UNSC for killing her mother. Kwan is supposed to be executed by gets saved by John-117.

Ha’s Resume: Technie Jane in Reef Break (2019), Ah Rah in Troppo (2022), Tracey in Sissy (2022)

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Halo Cast: Charlie Murphy as Makee

Halo Cast - Charlie Murphy as Makee

Character Profile: A human who lives with the Covenant at High Charity. She assists a leader called Mercy. Makee plans to return to Madrigal for a recon mission.

Murphy’s Resume: Ann Gallagher in Happy Valley (2014-), Brigid in ’71 (2014), Queen Iseult in The Last Kingdom (2015), Jessie Eden in Peaky Blinders (2017-19), Maggie/Sara McKay in The Foreigner (2017)

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Halo Cast: Danny Sapani as Jacob Keyes

Halo Cast - Danny Sapani as Jacob Keyes

Character Profile: A UNSC commander. He clashes with Parangosky when she targets John-117. Jacob is Miranda’s father.

Sapani’s Resume: Ricky Mann in Ultimate Force (2002-05), Scott in The Oxford Murders (2008), Nate in Trance (2013), Border Tribe Elder in Black Panther (2018), Jamie in Killing Eve (2020)

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Halo Cast: Natascha McElhone as Catherine Elizabeth Halsey

Halo Cast - Natascha McElhone as Catherine Elizabeth Halsey

Character Profile: A UNSC scientist. She examines a mysterious Covenant object that John-117 acquires. Dr. Halsey hopes to secure additional military funding for her Spartan program.

McElhone’s Resume: Deirdre in Ronin (1998), Lauren/Sylvia in The Truman Show (1998), Rheya in Solaris (2002), Karen in Californication (2007-14), Alex Kirkman in Designated Survivor (2016-17)

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The Halo cast also includes Bookeem Woodbine (Fargo, Spider-Man: Homecoming), Natasha Culzac (The Witcher, Cursed), Bentley Kalu (Edge of Tomorrow, Avengers: Age of Ultron), Kate Kennedy (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Damascene) and Jen Taylor (Cortana in the Halo video game franchise).

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