Know the Cast: ‘1883’

1883 Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Paramount+ Series

The 1883 cast features Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Isabel May. This info article contains minor spoilers for Taylor Sheridan’s Paramount+ series. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

1883 follows an American family as they travel from Texas to Montana. James Dutton looks after his wife and children while receiving assistance from a group of cowboys and a Black Pinkerton agent. The series is narrated by 17-year-old Elsa, whose family secures a piece of property that serves as the narrative foundation for the popular Paramount+ seriesYellowstone. Here’s every main player in 1883.

1883 Cast: Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan

1883 Cast - Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan

Character Profile: A cowboy who befriends the Dutton family. He’s a sober man with a skeptical, ready-to-die attitude. Shea implies that the loss of a loved one affected his demeanor.

Elliott’s Resume: Wade Garrett in Road House (1989), The Stranger in The Big Lebowski (1998), Beau Bennett in The Ranch (2016-20), Lee Hayden in The Hero (2017), Bobby in A Star Is Born (2018)

1883 Cast: Tim McGraw as James Dutton

1883 Cast - Tim McGraw as James Dutton

Character Profile: The patriarch of the Dutton family. He’s a Civil War veteran who fought at The Battle of Antietam. James guns downs a thief in Forth Worth and catches the attention of Shea.

McGraw’s Resume: A Grammy Award-Winning Country Music Superstar — Also, Charles Billingsley in Friday Night Lights (2004), Rob McLaughlin in Flicka (2006), Sean Tuohy in The Blind Side (2009), Eddie Newton in Tomorrowland (2015)

1883 Cast: Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton

1883 Cast - Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton

Character Profile: James’ wife. She’s a strong woman who doesn’t enforce strict rules upon her oldest daughter. Margaret understands the inherent violence of the American West and fully supports her husband.

Hill’s Resume: A Grammy Award-Winning Country Music Star — Also, Sarah Sunderson in The Stepford Wives (2004), Arletta in Dixieland (2017)

1883 Cast: Isabel May as Elsa Dutton

1883 Cast - Isabel May as Elsa Dutton

Character Profile: James and Margaret’s oldest daughter. She narrates the series and explains events from her point of view. Elsa loses her naïveté after a series of tragic events in Texas.

May’s Resume: Katie Cooper in Alexa & Katie (2018-20), Veronica Duncan in Young Sheldon (2018-20), Taylor in Let’s Scare Julie (2018), Zoe Hull in Run Hide Fight (2020)

1883 Cast: LaMonica Garrett as Thomas

1883 Cast - LaMonica Garrett as Thomas

Character Profile: An agent for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. He assists Shea and the Duttons during a trip from Texas to Montana. Thomas focuses on operational logistics.

Garrett’s Resume: Deputy Sheriff Cane in Sons of Anarchy (2011-14), Mike Ritter in Designated Survivor (2016-18), Cameron Burk in The Last Ship (2016-18), Logan Cartwright in Clemency (2019), John Ringer in Primal (2019)

1883 Cast: Marc Rissmann as Josef

1883 Cast - Marc Rissmann as Josef

Character Profile: An immigrant who travels with the Duttons. He identifies a group of outlaws during a bar sequence. Josef doesn’t seem emotionally prepared for the violent nature of his American environment.

Rissman’s Resume: Tekil in The Last Kingdom (2017), Scherzer in Overlord (2018), Harry Strickland in Game of Thrones (2019), Wilhelm Goertzmann in The Man in the High Castle (2019), Balthus in Tribes of Europa (2021)

1883 Cast: Eric Nelsen as Ennis

1883 Cast - Eric Nelsen as Ennis

Character Profile: A cowboy who offers assistance to the Dutton family. He befriends Elsa and makes her laugh. Ennis provides advice about the Dos and Donts while en route to Montana.

Nelsen’s Resume: Daniel Garrett in The Bay (2010-20), Howie in A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014), Bram in The Affair (2018), Fred/The Welder in Nightmare Cinema (2018), Ace McMahan in FraXtur (2020-)

1883 Cast: James Landry Hébert as Wade

1883 Cast - James Landry Hébert as Wade

Character Profile: Ennis’ friend. He’s a rough-neck cowboy who understands the lay of the land. Wade is charismatic but doesn’t have the charm of his pal Ennis.

Hébert’s Resume: Mitch Racine in Gangster Squad (2013), Slim Miller in Westworld (2016), Rem in Taken (2017), Axel in Stranger Things (2017), Clem in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2020)

1883 Cast: Billy Bob Thornton as Jim Courtright

1883 Cast - Billy Bob Thornton as Jim Courtright

Character Profile: A Fort Worth sheriff. He deputizes James after a gang of outlaws attack the Dutton group. Jim murders several men during a tavern sequence and declares that he’s the only killer in Fort Worth.

Thornton’s Resume: Karl Childers in Sling Blade (1996), Jacob in A Simple Plan (1998), Hank Grotowski in Monster’s Ball (2001), Willie in Bad Santa (2003), Hank Grotowski in Goliath (2016-)


The 1883 cast also includes Audie Rick (Kenobi: A Star Wars Story), Gratiela Brancusi (TV debut), Anna Fiamora (A Shining Moment, DownBeat), Amanda Jaros (Insidious: The Last Key, Run Sweetheart Run) and Jordan Walker Ross (The Chosen, Meteor).

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