Know the Cast: ‘Guilty Party’

Guilty Party Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the Paramount+ Series

The Guilty Party cast features Kate Beckinsale, Jules Latimer and Tiya Sircar. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Rebecca Addelman’s Paramount+ series. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Guilty Party follows a female journalist named Beth Baker. After fabricating a source quote, she loses her job at “The Denver Chronicle” and begins working at “Pop Bite News” with much younger colleagues. Hoping to reinvigorate her career, Beth investigates the case of a convicted female killer. Here’s every main performer and character in Guilty Party, a black comedy series directed by Trent O’Donnell (New Girl).

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Guilty Party Cast: Kate Beckinsale as Beth Baker

Guilty Party Cast - Kate Beckinsale as Beth Baker

Character Profile: An award-winning journalist for “The Denver Chronicle.” She gets fired for creating a quote and subsequently works with millennials at “Pop Bite News.” Beth receives a letter from a convicted female killer and decides to investigate the case.

Beckinsale’s Resume: Sara Thomas in Serendipity (2001), Selene in the Underworld Movie Franchise (2003-), Anna Valerious in Van Helsing (2004), Amy Fox in Vacancy (2007), Georgia Wells in The Widow (2019)

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Guilty Party Cast: Jules Latimer as Toni

Guilty Party Cast - Jules Latimer as Toni

Character Profile: An inmate at the Colorado Women’s Penitentiary. She is a convicted killer known as “The Dick Cutter.” Toni wants to reunite with her four-year-old daughter, Laila, and agrees to collaborate with Beth.

Latimer’s Resume: TV Debut in Guilty Party

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Guilty Party Cast: Tiya Sircar as Fiona

Guilty Party Cast - Tiya Sircar as Fiona

Character Profile: Beth’s co-worker. She’s a journalist at “Pop Bite News.” Fiona informs Beth about the specifics of Toni’s case.

Sircar’s Resume: Neha in The Internship (2013), Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels (2014-18), Vicky in The Good Place (2016-20), Kate Bradley in Good Sam (2019), Pritti Patel in The Fugitive (2020)

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Guilty Party Cast: Laurie Davidson as George

Guilty Party Cast - Laurie Davidson as George

Character Profile: An arms dealer who worked with Toni’s deceased lover, Wallace. He surprises Beth when she meets with Wallace’s brother Wyatt for the first time. George threatens Beckinsale’s character while acknowledging her beauty.

Davidson’s Resume: William Shakespeare in Will (2017), Michael Lewis in Diana and I (2017), Mr. Mistoffelees in Cats (2019), Hans Taub  in The Good Liar (2019), Lt. Herbert Nash in Masters of the Air (TBA)

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Guilty Party Cast: Andre Hyland as Wyatt

Guilty Party Cast - Andre Hyland as Wyatt

Character Profile: Wallace’s brother, a gun runner. He works for Mile High Linens and uses the business as a front. Wyatt proudly shows Beth all of his weapons and exotic pets.

Hyland’s Resume: Andre in Funnel (2014), Jamie in The 4th (2016), Art in Mr. Roosevelt (2017), Earl Wyeth in The Death of Dick Long (2019), Ennis in Search Party (2021)

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Guilty Party Cast: Alanna Ubach as Tessa

Guilty Party Cast - Alanna Ubach as Tessa

Character Profile: A reporter for Channel 24 News. She’s the chief crime correspondent who earns a coveted honor that Beth won the previous year. Tessa meets with Toni and intends to investigate her case.

Ubach’s Resume: Mesquita in Freeway (1996), Serena in Legally Blonde (2001), Naomi in Waiting… (2005), Mamá Imelda in Coco (2017), Yopi Candalaria in Filthy Rich (2020)

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Guilty Party Cast: Geoff Stults as Marco Baker

Guilty Party Cast - Geoff Stults as Marco Baker

Character Profile: Beth’s husband. He wants to move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a park ranger job. Marco thinks about reversing his vasectomy operation and hopes that Beth will reconsider her life goals.

Stults’ Resume: Craig in Wedding Crashers (2005), Mike in The Break-Up (2006), Cam in She’s Out of My League (2010), Coach Johnson in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018), Mark McCullough in Little Fires Everywhere (2020)

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Guilty Party Cast: Madeleine Arthur as Amber

Guilty Party Cast - Madeleine Arthur as Amber

Character Profile: Beth’s boss at “Pop Bite News.” She’s a Harry Potter enthusiast who assigns pop culture-themed stories to her employees. Amber reluctantly greenlights Beth’s pitch to cover Toni’s case.

Arthur’s Resume: Older Jane in Big Eyes (2014), Young Willa Warren in The Family (2016), Christine in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), Lavinia Gardner in Color Out of Space (2019), Nikki Genêt in Snowpiercer (2020)

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The Guilty Party cast also includes Cody Kearsley (Daybreak, Riverdale), Alison Araya (Julie and the Phantoms, Maid), Djouliet Amara (Seance, Riverdale), Wesley MacInnes (Supernatural, Project Blue Book) and Matthew Mandzij (Death Note, Snowpiercer).

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