Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Coco’

Coco Soundtrack - Every Song in the Pixar-Disney Movie

The Coco soundtrack includes performances by Anthony Gonzalez, Alanna Ubach and Antonio Sol. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina’s 2017 Disney-Pixar movie. Visit the Vague Visages Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Coco stars Anthony Gonzalez as a 12-year-old musician named Miguel. Benjamin Bratt co-headlines as the famous Mexican singer Ernesto de la Cruz, while Gael García Bernal voices a man in the Land of the Dead, Héctor, who worries about facing “the final death.” Composed by Michael Giacchino (Ratatouille, Up), the 105-minute movie features original music from the duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Frozen), along with compositions by Germaine Franco and Adrian Molina. Here’s every song in Coco.

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Coco Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2017 Pixar-Disney Movie

Coco Soundtrack - Every Song in the Pixar-Disney Movie

  • “Remember Me” by Benjamin Bratt (00:05:00): Miguel narrates about his favorite song by Ernesto de la Cruz. The musician performs the Coco soundtrack song on a massive stage. Miguel reveals that Ernesto died in 1942 after being crushed by a giant bell during a performance. Héctor later performs the song at 01:12:00; Miguel sings it for Mamá Coco at 01:30:00.
  • “Everyone Knows Juanita” by Gael García Bernal (00:44:00): Héctor performs a song for Chicharrón (Edward James Olmos). Miguel watches with enthusiasm. Chicharrón giggles and fades away, the result of being forgotten in the living world.
  • “Un Poco Loco” by García Bernal & Anthony Gonzalez (00:51:00): Miguel overcomes his stage fright at the Sunrise Spectacular. Héctor gets pulled on stage by Dante and dances a jig. The characters perform the Coco soundtrack song.
  • “The World Es Mi Familia” by Anthony Gonzalez & Antonio Sol (00:59:00): Miguel takes a deep breath and sings at the Sunrise Spectacular. He vocalizes in tune with archival video footage of Ernesto de la Cruz. The dead singer rescues Miguel in a pool and learns that the boy is his great-great-grandson.
  • “La Llorona” by Alanna Ubach & Antonio Sol (01:22:00): Mamá Imelda (Alanna Ubach) sings at the Sunrise Spectacular. Héctor plays guitar on the side of the stage. Ernest joins the performance and tries to detain Mamá Imelda.
  • “Proud Corazón” by Anthony Gonzalez (01:34:00): Héctor applies for a visit to the Land of the Living. He is approved and celebrates with both Imelda and his daughter. Miguel sings the Coco soundtrack song during the final sequence.
  • “Remember Me” by Miguel feat. Natalia Lafourcade (00:01:36): The track scores the end credits.

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The Coco soundtrack also includes:

  • “La Llorona” by Antonio Sol & Alanna Ubach
  • “Allá en el rancho grande” by Silvano Ramos
  • “Ciudad Victoria” by Rubén Fuentes Gassón
  • “Dora’s Dance” by Germaine Franco
  • “La Petenera” (Traditional)
  • “La Zandunga” (Traditional)
  • ‘Jálale” by Mexican Institute of Sound
  • “Hoy No Fìo Mañana Si” by Mexican Institute of Sound

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