Know the Cast: ‘Meskina’

Meskina Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2021 Movie

The Meskina cast features Maryam Hassouni, Soundos El Ahmadi and Rachida Iaallala. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Daria Bukvic’s 2021 movie on Netflix. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Meskina follows a 30-year-old Moroccan-Dutch woman, Leyla, who breaks up with a famous musician. She worries about living a pathetic (“meskina”) life but gains confidence when she attracts the attention of two Prince Charmings. The storyline examines Leyla’s decision-making process as learns to value her independence. Here’s every main performer and character in Meskina.

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Meskina Cast: Maryam Hassouni as Leyla Idrissi

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Maryam Hassouni as Leyla Idrissi

Character Profile: The narrator, a 30-year-old writer. She’s an agoraphobic woman who struggles emotionally after a cheating scandal involving her famous boyfriend. Leyla receives advice from her Moroccan family and realizes that she doesn’t need to worry about finding the perfect partner.

Hassouni’s Resume: Laila al Gatawi in Sacrified (2005), Lieve Jansons in Flikken Rotterdam (2016-17), Gwen Hulsscher in Voetbalmaffia (2017), Dina Amrani in Oogappels (2019), Vera Tribbe in The Host (2020)

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Meskina Cast: Soundos El Ahmadi as Amira

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Soundos El Ahmadi as Amira

Character Profile: Leyla’s sister. She’s a paramedic who views her husband as a “daily cheese sandwich.” Amira hopes to find a “boy toy” for Leyla while sorting through marital issues.

El Ahmadi’s Resume: Aisja in Hush Hush Baby (2004), Rachida in F*ck de liefde (2019), Djinn in The Club of Ugly Children (2019), Aisha Abdi in All Stars & Zonen (2020), Dyantha Brooks in De TV kantine (2021)

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Meskina Cast: Rachida Iaallala as Najat

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Rachida Iaallala as Najat

Character Profile: Leyla’s mother. In the past, she left Morocco to marry in the Netherlands. Najat grieves the death of her husband and reignites her love life.

Iaallala’s Resume: Kenza El-Beneni in Dunya en Desie (2002-04), Marokkaanse vrouw in Sextet (2007), Fadila in Brothers (2017), Mother Najib in The Way to Paradise (2020), Nadia Mourabit in Zina (2021-)

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Meskina Cast: Olaf Ait Tami as Abdelkarim

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Olaf Ait Tami as Abdelkarim

Character Profile: Leyla’s love interest, a famous musician. He’s an “MDC” (Moroccan-Dutch celebrity) who cheats with a colleague. Abdelkarim reunites with Leyla and invites her to the Music Industry Awards.

Tami’s Resume: Karim Zouini in Nieuwe tijden (2016-18), Karim Zouini in Goede tijden, slechte tijden (2016-17), Carlo in Commandos (2020), Robbert in Ferry (2021), Soufian in Loverboy Amsterdam (2022)

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Meskina Cast: Jouman Fattal as Malika

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Jouman Fattal as Malika

Character Profile: Leyla’s niece, the neighborhood “Queen Bee.” She’s the owner of Diamond Events. Malika teams up with Leyla to promote the Music Industry Awards.

Fattal’s Resume: Darya Hassanzada in Moordvrouw (2016), Sabia Bennani in Zuidas (2018), Sara in Anne+ (2018-20), Sophia Aït Haddou in Zina (2021-), Lana in (R)Evolutie (2021)

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Meskina Cast: Oscar Aerts as Klaas

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Oscar Aerts as Klaas

Character Profile: Amira’s husband. He’s an easy-going gentleman who bores his wife. Klaas displays kind behavior but realizes that his marriage could potentially fail.

Aerts’ Resume: Vincent Muller in Goede tijden, slechte tijden (2013-15), Jorrit van den Heuvel in Meiden van de Herengracht (2015), Angelo de Gasperi in Dokter Tinus (2016), Hans Dichter in Voetbalmaffia (2017), Ruut in Vakkenvullers (2018-21)

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Meskina Cast: Najib Amhali as Ali

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Najib Amhali as Ali

Character Profile: Najat’s friend. He’s a cook who hangs out with the family. Ali pursues a romance with Najat.

Amhali’s Resume: Karim in Walhalla (1995), Nasr in Najib en Julia (2003), Jim in Keyzer & de Boer advocaten (2005), Dino Valentino in Valentino (2013), Dries Alesso in Bluf (2014-15)

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Meskina Cast: Bilal Wahib as Rayan

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Bilal Wahib as Rayan

Character Profile: Malika’s colleague. He describes himself as a “personal assistant extraordinaire.” Rayan helps Leyla achieve her professional goals.

Wahib’s Resume: Ravi in Brugklas (2014), Yous in Fissa (2016), Moshin “Mo de Show” Kaddouri in Mocro Maffia (2018), Yousef in Paradise Drifters (2020), Aza Ouazani in Commandos (2020)

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Meskina Cast: Nasrdin Dchar as Amin

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Nasrdin Dchar as Amin

Character Profile: Leyla’s love interest. He brings his entire family to a first date. Amin apologizes and receives a second chance.

Dchar’s Resume: Mimoun el Khadir in Deadline (2008-10), Nadir in Rabat (2011), Son in Sorry (2012), Sharif Dahmani in De 12 van Oldenheim (2017), Mo Limam in Morten (2019)

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Meskina Cast: Vincent Banic as Fabian

Meskina Cast on Netflix - Vincent Banic as Fabian

Character Profile: Leyla’s love interest. He’s a businessman who accepts a new job in Qatar. Fabian forms a strong connection with Leyla but knows that she is hesitant to leave home.

Banic’s Resume: Mick Zeelenberg in Het Huis Anubis (2006-09), Grimbeck in Witches Don’t Exist (2014), Leo in Whichever Way the Ball Bounces (2015), Guido Van den Bossche in Familie (2016-), Pieter Botty in #LikeMe (2019-)

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 The Meskina cast also includes Fahd Larhzaoui (Moordvrouw, Papadag), Fadua El Akchaoui (Follow de SOA), Nora Akachar (Mocro Maffia, H3L), Joy Delima (Flikken RotterdamToen wij de tijd haddenand) and Défano Holwijn (Elvy’s Wereld So Ibiza!, F*ck de liefde).

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