Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Stuck Together’

Stuck Together Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

The Stuck Together soundtrack includes music by Ayọ, Ray Davies and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Dany Boon’s 2021 Netflix movie. Visit the Vague Visages Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Stuck Together takes place in Paris’ 11th arrondissement. A community bonds during the COVID-19 pandemic while working out their collective differences. Composer Alexandre Lecluyse (Family Is Family) scored the comedy film, while director Dany boon wrote one of the primary tunes. Music supervisor Christian Chevalier (Le grand échiquier) complements the dramedy with a handful of poignant compositions. Here’s every featured song in Stuck Together, otherwise known as Huit Rue de l’Humanite.

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Stuck Together Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

Stuck Together Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

  • “Pandémie” by Alison Wheeler (00:12:00): Agathe (Alison Wheeler) performs the Stuck Together soundtrack song as Samuel prepares for a live stream. The song is featured throughout the movie, most notably at 00:31:00 during a montage sequence and then again at 01:19:00 for a social media scene. “Pandémie” also scores the end credits.
  • “Table de sept” by Laurence Arné (00:38:00): Claire (Arné) performs an educational math song at home. Her daughter Luna (Rose de Kervenoaël) sings along. Basile (Milo Machado Graner) watches from his apartment window.
  • “Sunny” by Ayọ (01:21:00): The Stuck Together soundtrack song scores an exterior sequence. Claire works on her communal courtyard garden. Samuel (Tom Leeb), Diego (Jorge Calvo) and Louna help while Louise (Liliane Rovère) sits in a chair and passes out.
  • “Tango Humoresque” by Ray Davies (01:43:00): Gabriel (Yvan Attal) experiences side effects from his COVID-19 test medication. Claire watches in silence. The music continues as Gabriel implies that he’s dancing rather than freaking out.

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The Stuck Together soundtrack also includes:

  • “Miraculous” by Lou & Lenni-Kim
  • “Waltz of the Flowers” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

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