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Hypnotic Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Hypnotic cast features Kate Siegel, Jason O’Mara and Dulé Hill. This info article contains minor spoilers for Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Hypnotic takes place in Portland, Oregon. The storyline follows Jenn, a software engineer who struggles with her mental health after suffering a miscarriage and breaking up with her fiancee. She receives hypnotherapy treatments from a local doctor for three months, and then begins seeing the man in her dreams. Written by Richard D’Ovidio (Exit Wounds), the 88-minute thriller features a lead performance from director Mike Flanagan’s favorite collaborator — his wife, Kate Siegel. Here’s every main player in Hypnotic.

Hypnotic Cast: Kate Siegel as Jenn Thompson

Hypnotic Cast - Kate Siegel as Jenn Thompson

Character Profile: A Portland-based software engineer. In the past, she broke up with her fiancee after suffering a miscarriage. Jenn receives hypnotherapy treatments from a doctor with ulterior motives.

Siegel’s Resume: Maddie in Hush (2016), Sally in Gerald’s Game (2017), Theodora Crain in The Haunting of Hill House (2018), Viola in The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020), Erin Green in Midnight Mass (2021)

Hypnotic Cast: Jason O’Mara as Collin Meade

Hypnotic Cast - Jason O'Mara as Collin Meade

Character Profile: A psychiatrist who treats Jenn with hypnotherapy. There is little information available online about the doctor, and several of his patients mysteriously passed away. Collin fails to move forward with his life after a familial tragedy.

O’Mara’s Resume: Sam Tyler in Life on Mars (2008-09), Damian Boyle in The Good Wife (2013-14), Jack Prendergast in The Siege of Jadotville (2016), Jeffrey Mace/The Patriot in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2016-17), Wyatt Price in The Man in the High Castle (2018-19)

Hypnotic Cast: Dulé Hill as Wade Rollins

Hypnotic Cast - Dulé Hill as Wade Rollins

Character Profile: A Portland detective. He investigates Dr. Meade’s complicity in the death of a patient named Andrea Bowen, who allegedly died from a heart attack. Detective Rollins looks after Jenn while looking into her former doctor’s past.

Hill’s Resume: Charlie Young in The West Wing (1999-2006), Burton Guster in Psych (2006-14), Larry Siefert in Ballers (2015-17), Alex Williams in Suits (2017-19), Bill Williams in The Wonder Years (2021-)

Hypnotic Cast: Lucie Guest as Gina Kelman

Hypnotic Cast - Lucie Guest as Gina Kelman

Character Profile: Jenn’s friend. She hosts a party at the beginning of the film. Gina crashes her vehicle after experiencing instantaneous hypnosis.

Guest’s Resume: Mary Horton in Health Nutz (2011-13), Tina in Blackstone (2012), Zoie in Orphan Black (2015-16), Circe in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2020), Ms. Cartwright in The Main Event (2020)

Hypnotic Cast: Jaime M. Callica as Brian Rawley

Hypnotic Cast - Jaime M. Callica as Brian Rawley

Character Profile: Jenn’s ex-fiancee, a coder. He experiences diabetic shock the morning after a sexual encounter. Jenn feels guilty about not being awake to help Brian.

Callica’s Resume: Officer Loeb in Almost Human (2013-14), Agent Brian Rollins in Ruthless (2020-), Augustus in Upside-Down Magic (2020), Park in Tales from the Hood 3 (2020), Horten Spence in Batwoman (2021)

Hypnotic Cast: Tanja Dixon-Warren as Stella Graham

Hypnotic Cast - Tanja Dixon-Warren as Stella Graham

Character Profile: Jenn’s therapist after Dr. Meade. She warns her patient about the dangers of hypnotherapy. Dr. Graham plants a “counter-trigger” in Jenn’s subconscious.

Dixon-Warren’s Resume: Weezie in The L Word (2009), Security Cheryl in Psych (2011), Nurse Angie in Emily Owens M.D. (2012), Cissie in iZombie (2015), Tammy in Batwoman (2020)

Hypnotic Cast: Luc Roderique as Scott Kelman

Hypnotic Cast - Luc Roderique as Scott Kelman

Character Profile: Gina’s partner. He appears during an opening party scene and also during a car crash sequence. A tragedy involving Scott makes Jenn even more suspicious of Dr. Meade.

Roderique’s Resume: Penn in The 100 (2014-20), Harrow in The Dragon Prince (2018-19), Bryce Foster in The Crossing (2018), Arca in See (2019), Ian Sutton in Siren (2019)

Hypnotic Cast: Devyn Dalton as Tabby

Hypnotic Cast - Devyn Dalton as Tabby

Character Profile: Dr. Meade’s OCD patient who pulls out her hair. She speaks with Jenn in the opening act. Tabby later attacks Detective Rollins.

Dalton’s Resume: Trixy in The Orchard (2016), Angry Boy in Legion (2017), Cornelius in War for the Planet of the Apes (2017), Shasa Guten in Beyblade Burst (2017-18), Púca in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2019-20)


The Hypnotic cast also includes Jessie Fraser (Van Helsing, The Man in the High Castle), Darien Martin (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Love on the Wings of Eagles), Madeleine Kelders and Stephanie Cudmore (The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, Maid).

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