Know the Cast: ‘Toscana’

Toscana Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Toscana cast features Anders Matthesen, Cristiana Dell’Anna and Ghita Nørby. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Mehdi Avaz’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Toscana follows a Danish chef who inherits a Tuscan castle. Theo doesn’t intend to keep the property, especially after a confrontational first meeting with an Italian woman named Sophia. As the two characters prepare for a wedding, they identify a strong romantic connection. Here’s every main performer and character in Toscana.

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Toscana Cast: Anders Matthesen as Theo

Toscana Cast on Netflix - Anders Matthesen as Theo

Character Profile: A Danish chef who aspires to develop his dream restaurant. He travels to Tuscany and makes plans to sell Castello Ristonchi. Theo develops romantic feelings for a bride-to-be while coming to grips with his difficult childhood.

Matthesen’s Resume: Stewart Stardust/Danny/Randi in Jul på Vesterbro (2003), Terkel/Arne/Jason in The Trouble with Terkel (2004), Alex Klein in What Goes Around (2009), Niels in Out of Tune (2019), Psyko-Bo in Kamikaze (2021)

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Toscana Cast: Cristiana Dell’Anna as Sophia

Toscana Cast on Netflix - Cristiana Dell'Anna as Sophia

Character Profile: A long-time employee at Castello Ristonchi. She asks Theo to help with “a wedding” but doesn’t clarify that it’s her wedding. Sophia clashes with the Danish chef but knows that he’s dealing with unresolved personal issues.

Dell’Anna’s Resume: Patrizia in Gomorrah (2016-19), Caterina in Mr. Happiness (2017), The King of Laughter in Trust (2018), Luisa De Filippo in The King of Laughter (2021), Sorella Armando in The Hand of God (2021)

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Toscana Cast: Ghita Nørby as Inge

Toscana Cast on Netflix - Ghita Nørby as Inge

Character Profile: Theo’s mother. She appears at the beginning and end of the movie. Inge reveals a crucial bit of information about Theo’s childhood connection to Sophia.

Nørby’s Resume: Rosha Cohen in Freud Leaving Home (1991), Rigmor Mortensen in The Kingdom (1994-), Marie Hamsun in Hamsun (1996), Ingrid Deleuran in What No One Knows (2008), Lily in Nøgle hus spejl (2015)

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Toscana Cast: Lærke Winther as Merle

Toscana Cast on Netflix - Lærke Winther as Merle

Character Profile: Theo’s business partner. She worries about the professional consequences of his standoffish behavior. Merle arrives in Tuscany to assist with Sophia’s wedding.

Winther’s Resume: Anne Skov Larsen in Dicte (2013-16), Nina in 3 Things (2017), Lisa Markham in Rellik (2017), Marlene in Hunting Season (2019), Nanna in Mellem os (2019)

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Toscana Cast: Andrea Bosca as Pino

Toscana Cast on Netflix - Andrea Bosca as Pino

Character Profile: Sophia’s fiancée. He is the executor of a will prepared by Theo’s father. Pino doesn’t realize that Sophia is having second thoughts about their future together.

Bosca’s Resume: Gigio in We Can Do That (2008), Méte in Drifters (2011), Andrea in Quantico (2018), Luca in 3 Caminos (2021), Marco Pannella in Romanzo Radicale (2022)

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The Toscana cast also includes Sebastian Jessen (Love Is All You Need, While We Live), Christopher (Centrum), Karoline Brygmann (Yes No Maybe, Chemo Brain), Ari Alexander (Try Hard, Borgen) and Thue Ersted Rasmussen (Sunday, F9: The Fast Saga).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.