Know the Cast: ‘A Perfect Pairing’

A Perfect Pairing Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The A Perfect Pairing cast features Victoria Justice, Adam Demos and Luca Sardelis. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Stuart McDonald’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

A Perfect Pairing follows a Los Angeles-based wine connoisseur who develops her own distribution company. Lola Alvarez travels to Australia to pitch a potential client and ends up landing a temporary job at a sheep station. In the process, she forms a bond with a grizzled stockman who reveals little about his past. The narrative examines Lola’s attempts to find personal and professional happiness during her stay at Waratah Station. Here’s every main performer and character in A Perfect Pairing.

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A Perfect Pairing Cast: Victoria Justice as Lola

A Perfect Pairing Cast on Netflix - Victoria Justice as Lola

Character Profile: A marketer for Mythos Wines. She’s a former valedictorian who quits her job and develops a wine distribution company. Lola falls for an Australian stockman and hopes that he will be truthful about his past and motivations.

Justice’s Resume: Lola Martinez in Zoey 101 (2005-08), Tori Vega in Victorious (2010-13), Janet Weiss in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again (2016), Brooke in Trust (2021), Cassie Garcia in Afterlife of the Party (2021)

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A Perfect Pairing Cast: Adam Demos as Max

A Perfect Pairing Cast on Netflix - Adam Demos as Max

Character Profile: The “boss cocky” at an Australian sheep station. He befriends Lola and offers her a temporary job. Max develops romantic feelings for his new employee but hides a few secrets about his identity and family history.

Demos’ Resume: Ross in Cooped Up (2016), Nate Baldwin in Janet King (2017), August Walker in UnREAL (2018), Jake in Falling Inn Love (2019), Brad Simon in Sex/Life (2021-)

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A Perfect Pairing Cast: Luca Sardelis as Breeze

A Perfect Pairing Cast on Netflix - Luca Sardelis as Breeze

Character Profile: An employee at Waratah Station. She rooms with Lola and educates her about life in their Australian community. Breeze hopes to climb the sheep station ladder by impressing Max with her work.

Sardelis’ Resume: April Fox in Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (2014), Niccolina “Nicco” Pandelis in Nowhere Boys (2016-18), Regan in Barracuda (2016), Sadie in Deadlock (2018), Zoe in The Hunting (2019)

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A Perfect Pairing Cast: Samantha Cain as Hazel

A Perfect Pairing Cast on Netflix - Samantha Cain as Hazel

Character Profile: The head of Vaughn Family Wines. She seeks a reliable and well-known U.S. importer. Hazel keeps a close eye on Lola as she builds a relationship with Max.

Cain’s Resume: Lauren Davies/Brittany in Stingers (2002-03), Kelly O’Rourke in Blue Heelers (2000-06), Shandi Ayres/Daria Hennessy in Home and Away (2010-11), Sian Parry in Packed to the Rafters (2012-13), Detective Carr in Wentworth (2021)

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A Perfect Pairing Cast: Craig Horner as Calder

A Perfect Pairing Cast on Netflix - Craig Horner as Calder

Character Profile: A Mythos Wines executive. He upsets Lola with his arrogant demeanor and lack of wine knowledge. Calder travels to Australia to strike a deal with Hazel.

Horner’s Resume: Jackson Campbell in Cybergirl (2001-02), Richie in See No Evil (2006), Richard Cypher in Legend of the Seeker (2008-10), Count of Monte Cristo/Edmond Dantès in Once Upon a Time (2016), Sunny Gray in Rock Island Mysteries (2022)

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A Perfect Pairing Cast: Antonio Alvarez as Carlos

A Perfect Pairing Cast on Netflix - Antonio Alvarez as Carlos

Character Profile: Lola’s father. He’s an easy-going man who leads a book club with friends. Carlos’ background in insurance inspires Lola to become an entrepreneur.

Alvarez’s Resume: Officer Hicks  in Edge of Normal (2013), El Diablo in MFKZ (2017), Rodolfo in We Bare Bears (2018), Roberto in Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (2020), Asterot/Dom Abenante-Smith in Self Center (2022)

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The A Perfect Pairing cast also includes Lucy Durack, Emily Harvea, Natalie Abbott, Jayden Popik and Alex Neal.

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