Understanding the Reveal: True Detective ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ (Recap)

“Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the “reveals” of True Detective.”

Laughter in the Dark: John Cassavetes’ Comedies

Part 4 of “Tightrope Cinema: John Cassavetes’ Highwire World” by Phuong Le

Recap: Hannibal ‘Contorno’

“As the plot of Hannibal continues to move forward, it also won’t stop looking back.”

VOD Review: Patrick Brice’s ‘Creep’

“An interesting, indie-minded horror, Creep’s simplicity adds to its effectiveness as a taught, jarring film.”

We Failed This Film: David Fincher’s ‘Zodiac’

Part Two of a Series by Dylan Moses Griffin

Review: Charlie Manton’s ‘Beneath Water’ (Short Film)

“Charlie Manton (The Imitation Game) shows incredible promise as a filmmaker with Beneath Water, as the visual techniques and character staging project someone in command of their own personal style.”

The Readiness Is All: True Detective ‘Night Finds You’ (Recap)

“As a creative whole, the second episode of True Detective was darker than its predecessor, and Nic Pizzolatto’s blatant dialogue ensured that casual viewers would get the hint.”

Review: Josh Lawson’s ‘The Little Death’

“Billed as a comedy about sex, Josh Lawson’s The Little Death only manages to explore a small margin of the current sexual landscape.”

Review: Kenny Riches’ ‘The Strongest Man’

“A subdued comedy with some truly inventive gags, The Strongest Man is the culmination of an original voice on the rise more than the triumph of a writer-director already on top.”

Recap: Hannibal ‘Aperitivo’

“This week’s hour was the first of the season not directed by Vincenzo Natali, and his aesthetic sensibility/attention to detail feels missing throughout the episode.”

How Louis Feuillade’s ‘Judex’ and Georges Franju’s Remake Created the Cinematic Language of the Caped Crusader

An Essay by Dylan Moses Griffin

Guns and Dreams in John Cassavetes’ Noirs

An Essay by Phuong Le

Intimate Observations: True Detective ‘The Western Book of the Dead’ (Recap)

“This is Los Angeles pulp fiction — not a mystical world of sky monsters and poetic speeches.”

Review: Mia Hansen-Løve’s ‘Eden’

“It’s an era epic that’s both euphoric and melancholy, riveting despite running on the ever fleeting. It’s the new best film from one of the world’s greatest new directors.”

Review: Rick Famuyiwa’s ‘Dope’

“Despite the well-worn territory and jumbled narrative, Dope is proof positive that Hollywood needs diversity and needs it NOW.”

Review: David Gordon Green’s ‘Manglehorn’

“Seldom more than a vehicle for Pacino to exercise his considerable (and still active) talents, Manglehorn is a string of engaging and breathtaking images that, when strung together, become a subdued meandering plot devoid of any real meaning.”

Recap: Hannibal ‘Secondo’

“Hannibal’s origins become comparable to the Joker in The Dark Knight: there are possible explanations for why he is the way he is, but none of them seem to be wholly accurate…”

Review: Miroslav Slaboshpitsky’s ‘The Tribe’

“The film is nothing if not an audacious directorial debut; a grand, horrifying cinematic mission statement that might particularly appeal to the likes of Michael Haneke and, especially, Gaspar Noé.”

This House Is Not a Home: On John Cassavetes’ Troubled Families

An Essay by Phuong Le

Game of Thrones Recap: ‘Mother’s Mercy’

“Game of Thrones may disappear from the conversation for brief lulls, but it always returns with full force — it is doing something right.”