The Bride Wore Black Movie Essay - 1968 François Truffaut Film

The Moreau Files: ‘The Bride Wore Black’

“‘The Bride Wore Black’ has a rather deft sense of humor that raises it above many of the other brightly-lit neo-noirs of the 1960s.”

Review: David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps to the Stars’

“While Cronenberg’s visuals and Bruce Wagner’s dialogue left me speechless early on, the pacing and tone of the final half inspired a couple face-palms. Even so, Cronenberg has plenty to say with Maps to the Stars, and the film’s best moments are powerful.”

Vandal Movie Review - 2013 Hélier Cisterne Film

Concealed Fury: Hélier Cisterne’s ‘Vandal’

“Cisterne poses important questions about adolescent identity and touches on the blossoming of artistic expression in ‘Vandal,’ but the concealed fury of each character ultimately remains an enigma (along with their understanding of the real world).”

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