Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Centauro’

Centauro Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

The Centauro soundtrack includes music by Carlos Jean, Juni Ramone and John Martin. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Daniel Calparsoro’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Centauro stars Àlex Monner as Rafa, a Barcelona biker who transports drugs to pay off a debt. Begoña Vargas co-stars as Natalia, the protagonist’s ex-girlfriend who stashes money for underworld figures. The storyline follows Rafa as he strategizes against a gangster and his greedy henchman. Composer Carlos Jean (Sky High) scored the 89-minute Netflix film, which includes seven credited tracks. Here’s every song in Centauro.

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Centauro Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

Centauro Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

  • “Dame La Mano” by Carlos Jean and Juni Ramone (00:10:00): The Centauro soundtrack song scores a street sequence. Rafa walks with his son, Mateo (Abraham Pérez Fernández), and inquires about Natalia’s relationship status. The music continues during a dance sequence. Natalia performs with a group of women.
  • “Riot” by Carlos Jean (00:51:00): Rafa transports a drug shipment worth 50,000 euros. A group of people riot in the streets. Rafa drives past police officers and then crashes. He recovers and flees from two men.
  • “Ride” by John Martin and Carlos Jean (01:23:00): The Centauro soundtrack song plays during a chase sequence. Rafa helps the police catch a drug transporter. “Ride” continues during a transition sequence as the protagonist cruises down an open road, a moment that aligns with the lyrics “I have the heart of a rebel / Looking for shelter / And riding on these roads alone.” The track scores the film’s final moments and end credits.

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The Centauro soundtrack also includes:

  • “La Marseillaise” by Abaco Music/Konga Music
  • “Fadel” by Carlos Jean
  • “Arcades” by Cavendish Music/Konga Music
  • “Dance in the Park” by Carlos Jean

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