Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Corrective Measures’

Corrective Measures Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Tubi Movie

The Corrective Measures soundtrack includes music by The Dead South, Ben Bostick and Richard Farrell. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Sean Patrick O’Reilly’s 2022 Tubi movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Corrective Measures stars Bruce Willis as The Lobe, a notorious criminal at a maximum-security penitentiary called San Tib. Michael Rooker co-stars as Overseer Devlin, a prison warden who looks after superhuman inmates. The narrative focuses on The Lobe’s efforts to outsmart everyone from his cell. Composer George Streicher (Total Badass Wrestling) scored the 107-minute Tubi film; music supervisor Mike Burns (Gotti) assembled the featured needle-drops. Here’s every song in Corrective Measures, an adaptation of Grant Chastain’s 2008 graphic novel.

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Corrective Measures Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 Tubi Movie

Corrective Measures Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Tubi Movie

  • “Black Lung” by The Dead South (00:04:00): Payback (Dan Payne) executes a man in a parking garage. The Corrective Measures soundtrack song plays as the police arrive. “Black Lung” continues during the title sequence.
  • “Don’t Blame Me” by Jacob Bunton (00:09:00): Devlin prepares for a new group of prisoners. Diego (Brennan Mejia) rides a bus and looks out a window. He spots Payback in the back seat.
  • “Mozart’s Requiem” by HiDefD (00:34:00): Diego visits with The Lobe. The music plays from within a cell. The Lobe asks for Diego’s assistance.
  • “Miss Lindy” by Larry and the Lamplighters (00:38:00): The music scores an exterior San Tib sequence. Dr. Isabelle Josephs (Hayley Sales) cries in her vehicle. She composes herself when Devlin arrives.
  • “My Cup Is Nearly Empty” by David Jack Marshal (00:40:00): Dr. Josephs finishes a confrontational conversation with Payback. She walks away and tells a guard to keep an eye on the prisoner. The Corrective Measures soundtrack song scores a prisoner montage.
  • “In Hell I’ll Be Good Company” by The Dead South (01:03:00): Officer Danny (Matthew Kevin Anderson) whistles to himself. The moments overlaps with whistling from the song. Diego receives a photo; Captain Brody (Kevin Zegers) twirls a police baton.
  • “Feeling Mean” by Ben Bostick (01:13:00): Payback plans a party for Captain Brody. The music continues during an interior San Tib scene. Diego exercises in his cell.
  • “Midnight Special” by Jack Manyus (01:33:00): Devlin (The Lobe in disguise) names Felicia (Celia Aloma) as the new Overseer. The Corrective Measures soundtrack song scores a hallway conversation. Payback screams on top of several prisoner bodies.
  • “Ain’t Looking Back” by Richard Farrell (01:36:00): Felicia throws a chess board in a garbage can. She sighs and receives a phone call from Officer Liz (Kat Ruston). Brody leaves San Tib; Diego boards a bus.
  • “Ode to Joy” by Elysium (01:38:00): The Lobe (as Devlin) enters a vehicle. He plays his preferred orchestral music. “So much better,” The Lobe says.

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The Corrective Measures soundtrack also includes:

  • “Mozart’s Requiem Introitus” by Momentomusic
  • “Mozart Lacrimosa from Requiem in D Minor” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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