Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Apollo 10 1/2’

Apollo 10 1⁄2 Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

The Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack includes music by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash and Pink Floyd. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Richard Linklater’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Apollo 10 1/2 stars Milo Coy as Stanley, a 4th grader at Ed White Elementary School in 1968 Texas. Jack Black co-stars as Grown Up Stan, the narrator who reflects about his late 60s upbringing and a fantastical trip to the moon. The storyline examines the cultural norms of the time as neighbor kids adapt to a changing world. The 98-minute film features over 40 needle-drop tunes, courtesy of music supervisors Michael Higham (Captain Phillips) and Randall Poster (No Time to Die). Here’s every song in Apollo 10 1/2.

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Apollo 10 1/2 Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

Apollo 10 1⁄2 Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

  • “Barabajagal” by Donovan with The Jeff Beck Group (00:00:00): The Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack song scores the opening title sequence. Stanley plays kickball at school. A grown up version of the character reflects about his experiences at Ed White Elementary School in El Lago, Texas during 1969.
  • “Out of Limits” by The Marketts (00:02:00): Bostick (Glen Powell) and Kranz (Zachary Levi) observe Stan playing kickball. They invite him to join a top secret NASA mission. The music picks up at 00:04:00.
  • “Down on the Corner” by Creedence Clearwater Revival (00:10:00): Grown Up Stan narrates about Moon Bowl. He describes the “true action” at the arcade. Stan narrates about pinball machine experiences.
  • “Going Up the Country” by Canned Heat (00:11:00): Stan narrates about the “allure” of the bowling alley. A group of men show up at Moon Bowl. The Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack song continues as Stan admires the “swagger” of local hoodlums.
  • “Riders in the Sky” by Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra feat. Neil Levang (00:22:00): Stan’s father finishes a Falstaff beer while driving. He talks about the difference between a “redneck” and “white trash.” Stan narrates about drinking and driving norms in 1969.
  • “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)” by The 5th Dimension (00:25:00): Stan narrates about a changing world in 1968. He recalls the famous Apollo 8 photo of Earth. The music fades as Stan talks about his school’s playground.
  • “The Horse” by Cliff Nobles (00:34:00): The Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack song accompanies a basketball sequence. Stan narrates about his neighborhood. He remembers inventing a baseball game with his brother Greg (Sam Chipman).
  • “Soul Finger” by The Bar-Kays (00:38:00): Young Stan sits in the back of a truck on the Gulf Freeway. The narrator discusses the dangers of the experience and how nobody seemed to care. Stan struggles to eat a popsicle at a pool.
  • “So You Want to Be a Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” by The Byrds (00:40:00): Stan narrates about bike adventures. He learns how to fix tires.
  • “Hurdy Gurdy Man” by Donovan (00:44:00): Stan says that Vicky (Natalie L’Amoreaux) had “the coolest taste in music.” The Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack song scores a bedroom sequence. Vicky breaks down the lyrics for The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”
  • “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash (00:46:00): Stan and his siblings sing during a car ride. The narrator recalls loving the song ending.
  • “Wichita Lineman” by Glen Campbell (00:47:00): Stan narrates about an elaborate prank call. His brother calls a woman named Martha. Stan plays a record.
  • “Peter Gunn” by Henry Mancini & His Orchestra and Chorus (00:48:00): Stan chases foul balls at a baseball game. He receives a free snow cone. Stan gets another snow cone by picking up trash as the Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack song continues.
  • “A Taste of Honey” by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (00:51:00): Stan narrates about New Year’s Eve 1968. Local kids play outdoors while the grown ups have fun inside. Byron lights customized fireworks.
  • “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe (00:53:00): Young Stan gets sick during space training. The narrator talks about the “vomit comet.” Stan studies and trains underwater.
  • “Journey to the Center of the Mind” by The Amboy Dukes (01:05:00): Stan speaks to colleagues during a mission. He  talks about a “magnificent ride” as the Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack song plays. Grown Up Stan narrates about his trip to the moon.
  • “Come On Down to My Boat” by Every Mother’s Son (01:08:00): Stan narrates about being alone in space. He recalls a one-hour trip to the beach in 1969.  Young Stan and his friends have fun in Galveston.
  • “San Francisco Girls” by Fever Tree (01:17:00): Young Stan approaches the moon. NASA gives him the green light for a “power descent.” Stan alerts his colleagues about a 1202 alarm.
  • “Who Do You Love (Part 1)” by Quicksilver Messenger Service (01:20:00): Young Stan gets closer to the moon. His parents watch the broadcast at home. The Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack song drops as Stan turns off his engine.
  • “Grazing in the Grass” by Hugh Masekela (01:21:00): Young Stan gazes at the moon horizon. He learns about the moon landing while riding the Astro Way. Stan watches television with his family.
  • “Astronomy Domine” by Pink Floyd (01:24:00): Neil Armstrong stands on the moon. Young Stan imagines the experience. Armstrong describes the moon surface as “fine and powdery.”
  • “Season of the Witch” by Vanilla Fudge (01:29:00): Walter Cronkite broadcasts about “a dream come true.” Young Stan retreats into his craft.
  • “Shape of Things to Come” by Max Frost and The Troopers (01:30:00): Young Stan sleeps in his bedroom. He dreams about seeing his footprints on the moon. Stan’s craft leaves the moon; the music accompanies a history-themed epilogue.
  • “Rocketman” by Kathy McCarty (01:32:00): The Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack song plays during the end credits.

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The Apollo 10 1/2 soundtrack also includes:

  • “Music to Watch Girls By” by Bob Crewe Generation
  • “If You’re Happy and You Know It” by Joe Raposo
  • “Time Is Tight” by Booker T & the M.G.’s
  • “Drums Are My Beat” by Sandy Nelson
  • “Pop-Eye Stroll” by The Mar-Keys
  • “No Matter What Shape” by The T-Bones
  • “Calcultta” by Lawrence Welk
  • “Spanish Flea” by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
  • “60’s Comedy Theme” by Gaetano Malaponti
  • “Baja” by The Astronauts
  • “Hawaii Five-O” by The Ventures
  • “Frozen Neptune” by Russ Garcia
  • “Twisted Nerve (Main Title/Cues)” by Bernard Herrman
  • “Midnight in Moscow” by The Village Stompers
  • “Penetration” by The Pyramids
  • “Psychotic Reaction” by Count Five
  • “Soul Experience” by Iron Butterfly

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