Know the Cast: ‘Don’t Kill Me’

Don't Kill Me Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2021 Movie

The Don’t Kill Me cast features Alice Pagani, Rocco Fasano and Silvia Calderoni. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Andrea De Sica’s 2021 movie on Netflix. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Don’t Kill Me follows an Italian teenager named Mirta. She dies in the opening sequence and then remerges as a vampire. Mirta learns about her new existence while being chased down by a secret society known as the Benandanti. Here’s every main player in Don’t Kill Me, otherwise known as Non mi uccidere.

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Don’t Kill Me Cast: Alice Pagani as Mirta

Don't Kill Me Cast - Alice Pagani as Mirta

Character Profile: A 19-year-old Italian woman. She lives with her parents and dies in a first-act tragedy. Mirta reawakens in a cemetery vault and learns about her new existence as a member of the “Overdead.”

Pagani’s Resume: Ludmilla in Il permesso – 48 ore fuori (2017), Viola Chiaretti in Classe Z (2017), Ludovica Storti in Baby (2018-20), Stella in Loro (2018), Violet Gregory in The Poison Rose (2019)

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Don’t Kill Me Cast: Rocco Fasano as Robin

Don't Kill Me Cast - Rocco Fasano as Robin

Character Profile: Mirta’s boyfriend. He’s a thill-seeker and drug user. Robin hides a secret about his backstory and relationship with Mirta.

Fasono’s Resume: Dickie in Tender Eyes (2014), Niccolò Fares in SKAM Italia (2018-20), Ryan Mcneal in Magnolia: Hearts on Fire Vol. 1 (2018), Shirley in Shirley and Baby (2018), Gianluca Bruzzone in Hotel Portofino (2022)

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Don’t Kill Me Cast: Silvia Calderoni as Sara

Don't Kill Me Cast - Silvia Calderoni as Sara

Character Profile: A member of the Overdead. She rescue Mirta from the Benandanti. Sara educates the protagonist about her new existence and how to survive.

Calderoni’s Resume: Kaspar Hauser in The Legend of Kaspar Hauser (2012), Anna Lux in Stories of Love That Cannot Belong to This World (2017), Gemella in Bloody Richard (2017), Romeo Agate in The Stolen Caravaggio (2018), Anna in Last Words (2020)

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Don’t Kill Me Cast: Fabrizio Ferracane as Luca Bertozzi

Don't Kill Me Cast - Fabrizio Ferracane as Luca Bertozzi

Character Profile: A leader of the Benandanti. He tries to capture Mirta.  Luca uses force to prevent the Overdead from eating.

Ferracane’s Resume: Vito Maranza in Il capo dei capi (2007), Luciano in Black Souls (2014), Pippo Calò in The Traitor (2019), Primo Di Maggio in School of Mafia (2021), Salvatore in Una Femmina – The Code of Silence (2022)

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Don’t Kill Me Cast: Sergio Albelli as Piero

Don't Kill Me Cast - Sergio Albelli as Piero

Character Profile: Mirta’s father. He makes disparaging remarks about Robin after his daughter’s death. Piero looks after his traumatized wife while learning about Mirta’s new existence.

Albelli’s Resume: Soldier of La Scala in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001), Rodolfo in Miracle at St. Anna (2008), Signor Lenzoni in Leopardi (2014), Andrea Nava in Made in Italy (2019), Amerigo Benci in Leonardo (2021)

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Don’t Kill Me Cast: Giacomo Ferrara as Ago

Don't Kill Me Cast - Giacomo Ferrara as Ago

Character Profile: Robin’s friend, a cocaine user. He breaks down while reflecting about his late friends at a cemetery vault. Ago reunites with Mirta and tries to hook up with her.

Ferrara’s Resume: Spadino Anacleti in Suburra (2015), Teco in Guarda in alto (2017), Angelo in Il permesso – 48 ore fuori (2017), Maurizio Monteleone in Alfredino – Una storia italiana (2021), Giorgio in Ghiaccio (2022)

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Don’t Kill Me Cast: Anita Caprioli as Amalia

Don't Kill Me Cast - Anita Caprioli as Amalia

Character Profile: Mirta’s mother. She wants her daughter to be buried next to Robin. Amalia suffers a mental breakdown when Mirta reappears after her death.

Caprioli’s Resume: Michela Nardini in Non pensarci (2007), Sara in We Can Do That (2008), Rita in Corpo Celeste (2011), Eleonora in The Immature (2011), Annalisa in Vita da Carlo (2021)

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The Don’t Kill Me cast also includes Marco Matteo Donat-Cattin (Figli, When Mom Is Away… With the Family), Kateryna Aresi (Plate, Futura), Francesca Antonini (Gomorrah, The Legend Hunters), Massimo Nicolini and Marta Anna Borucinska.

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